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Testing Process

Detailed Testing

Evaluating hosting services extensively to provide accurate information for informed decisions.

Trusted Advice

Unbiased Opinions

Transparently showcasing hosting providers’ strengths and weaknesses for informed choices.

Performance Monitoring

Expert Monitoring

Utilizing advanced tools for uninterrupted assessment of hosting providers’ uptime and performance.

Security Assessment

Security Assessments

Assessing the security measures and protocols of hosting providers to ensure the safety of websites and data.

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Meet The Team Behind HostingReviewNow

With diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to provide you with reliable and insightful reviews. From technical gurus and marketing specialists to design wizards and security mavens, each member is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions in your web hosting journey.

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Muhammed Iqbal

DevOps & Tester

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Hosting Researcher

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WordPress Specialist

Matt Heaton

Abin Sheen

Technical Expert

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How We Evaluate Web Hosting

We take a unique approach to reviewing web hosting companies by conducting thorough testing to ensure genuine results. We value your time and money above all else, and our happiness comes from your satisfaction. Our testing criteria apply to both new and established hosting providers. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we thoroughly assess web hosting providers to help you make informed decisions. Here’s an overview of our evaluation process:

  • Features: Scrutinize bandwidth, uptime, and email services.
  • Plans & Pricing: Compare costs, uncover hidden fees, assess discounts.
  • Reliability: Monitor uptime, load speed, verify 99.99% claims.
  • Support: Test response times for prompt assistance.
  • Speed: Measure performance across different types.
  • User-Friendly: Evaluate accessibility, tools, prioritize experience.

Learn more about our evaluation process here.

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