Best Forex VPS Hosting for 2023 – Ensuring Uninterrupted Trading – Expert Picks

Looking to elevate your trading game with the best Forex VPS hosting options? Look no further! Whether you seek enhanced performance, stable trades, or automated trading, we’ve got you covered….

Updated on July 25, 2023

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Looking to elevate your trading game with the best Forex VPS hosting options? Look no further! Whether you seek enhanced performance, stable trades, or automated trading, we’ve got you covered. Our team of seasoned professionals has meticulously researched, tested, and curated a list of premium VPS hosting services, tailored to meet your unique trading needs.

Imagine a trading environment offering unwavering reliability, lightning-fast trade execution, and 24/7 accessibility. That’s precisely what our handpicked VPS hosting providers deliver. Understanding the game-changing advantages of Forex VPS hosting is essential, whether you’re an experienced trader seeking a competitive edge or a newcomer eager to make waves in the forex market.

Before we embark on the journey of exploring the top Forex VPS servers, let’s understand how Forex VPS can revolutionize your trading adventure and offer unrivaled advantages. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your trading strategies as we venture forth together!

What Is Forex VPS Hosting and Benefits

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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) allows traders and brokers to execute their automated trading strategy; regularly on a 24/7 basis, with the fastest possible connectivity to the IC Markets trading servers.

By taking the help of a Forex VPS Hosting or Trading VPS site, you wouldn’t have to spend time and money setting up a computer and keeping it turned on all the time.

The hosting service allows you to employ automated algorithms and strategies, enabling you to trade seamlessly on the platform of your choice, along with trading experts to assist you.

Let’s explore how these services can take your trading endeavors to new heights!

Trade Automation

A Forex VPS Hosting system allows you to automate your trade process by fully computerising it. You can rest assured that your operations run effectively and at a quicker speed, in any event, even during your system power failure.

These Trading VPS sites are more stable and highly reliable for automated trading, with non-stop accessibility and a continuous server monitoring process.

Highly Efficient Security

An undeniable downfall of using cyber systems is that cyber-attacks can happen at any time. However, a Forex VPS Hosting ensures that your data is fully secure. There are extra-specific measures with advanced technologies like firewalls, authentications, DDoS protection, and more.

Globally Spread Server Facilities

Forex VPS server hosting services allow you to choose from a wide range of different server locations spread worldwide. You can easily select the server location that is closest to you and perform trading without any discrepancies or latency issues.

Best Overall Connectivity

With the ever-changing and highly volatile financial market, you must always be connected to your trading platforms and blockers. Even a little downtime of 1 minute can result in a loss of a considerable amount of money.

But the Best Forex VPS Hosting sites provide you with over 99.99% of uptime and stable connectivity so that you can trade day in and day out.

What To Look In Before Choosing A Forex VPS

Before we launch right into the Top 5, let’s have a glance at the significant factors that you need to be looking for to pick out the Best Forex VPS site. 


Uptime is essentially the timeframe over which your VPS is connected and actively working. You are already aware of the ramifications of not staying updated about Forex, which is a highly volatile market. This makes Uptime one of the essential factors to look for in a Forex VPS Hosting site.

For our selection process, we have ensured that the Best Forex VPS has 99.9% of guaranteed uptime.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks, or Distributed Denial-of-Service, are a specific category of cyber-attacks through which attackers may try to overload your system. They would be able to consume the resources in your system through DDoS attacks, such as bandwidth.

For instance, let’s say you run a website with enough resources to host around 1000 visitors simultaneously. What happens if 10,000 visitors, which is ten times your hosting capacity, rush to your website at once? Your website will inevitably go down and become inaccessible for a while

Such an occurrence can take place when a trader is running EAs, causing disconnection. This is something you definitely wouldn’t be wanting. It’s precisely the number one reason you should be using a Forex VPS Hosting system: so that your EAs are connected around the clock.

You might think that a few seconds or minutes may not be a big deal for some VPS users. However, if you run a 24/5 EA, it does make a difference, especially when you have a large trading repository and trading account.

Most VPS providers these days include DDoS protection in their VPS plans. However, the size differs from one plan to another. Some provide 1GB per second, while others give you 20 or even 40 Gbps, but you don’t require this much for your specific trading functions.

You shouldn’t need more than 1GBps because around 70% of DDoS attacks occur in the 1GBps range. About 90% are less than 10GBps. All of our picks for the Best Forex VPS Hosting providers match this criterion to a notch.

Customer Service

As is expected of any service, reliable and professional customer service can solve problems in a blink of an eye. This saves you a ton of time, money, and energy.

Through our search for the best VPS For Forex Trading, many Forex VPS providers were contacted. Several questions about different factors were asked to check how supportive and professional they are. You can rest assured that hours of examination have gone behind every one of the Trading VPS systems mentioned.

Money-back Policy

Having a refund policy can help you decide on the Forex VPS systems with confidence. Regarding not only the VPS service itself, but also about the system and plan, or slice, that is best suited for you.

There are varying money-back policies. Some offer a few days of trial, while others ask you to register first and assure a refund later if you aren’t satisfied. However, some other Trading VPS services give you a few days of trial for a minimal amount of money.

Looking past the refund policies, this becomes an excellent chance for you to find the Best Forex VPS for free or for a meager amount of 2 to 3 US Dollars.

Location (Data Centre)

Most forex traders have data centers in locations like London or New York. So, picking from the Forex VPS Hosting providers with their data centers set up in those locations should be sufficient. However, there are Forex brokers that have their data centers in different parts of the world.

In this manner, you can choose the Best Forex VPS Hosting service for you. It should have sufficient data centers near your own, or your broker’s, data center.

Top 5 Forex VPS Hosting In 2023

These are our top picks for the Best Forex VPS services, with a thorough breakdown of how they work and all their benefits.

AccuWeb Hosting

Accuweb Forex VPS Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is one of the most outstanding Forex VPS Hosting services. It allows the user to untangle the control and power to maintain continuous trade flow seamlessly.

AccuWeb Hosting for Trading VPS services specialists deals with setting up and installing server firewalls based on your preferred VPS plan. Have confidence that both your information and network are in safe and expert hands!

Benefits Of Choosing AccuWeb Hosting

  • Their VPS solution is highly efficient and scalable to higher plans without intervening with your IP address and information or causing server downtime, technical failures, etc.
  • AccuWeb never compromises with its system performance. Their VPS For Forex Trading is equipped with the latest technology by the server arrangement of Dual Xeon E5 series server with a dedicated 256 GB DDR3 RAM, RAID setup, and swift SSD drives.
  • The Forex VPS servers are connected to data centers in 12+ locations worldwide. It comprises the USA, Canada, France, India, Amsterdam, Singapore, Australia, UK, South Korea, Germany, Poland, and Japan.
  • They assure uptime of 99.9%, with solid port connectivity.
  • Their customer support system is highly proficient. They handle all the website-migration-related tasks and issues with 24/7 live expert support.

Liquid Web VPS

Accuweb Forex VPS Hosting

Liquid Web VPS offers managed VPS hosting solutions to provide you with a dedicated server and flexible cloud hosting.

The service has an added edge over its contemporaries through its affiliations with Red Hat Linux, Windows, and other Industry leaders who provide top-notch customer support.

Liquid Web VPS deals with a fully managed hosting system beyond just hosting to ensure total updating and security fully.

Benefits Of Choosing LiquidWeb

  • Faster than AWS and Rackspace, Liquid Web VPS offers a fully managed, cloud-based virtual private server for reliability and powerful root access.
  • Their packages come in a wide range of varying capacities, allowing you multiple choices to choose from for your trading needs.
  • Their White Glove Migrations enable you to migrate from your host with no hassle.

FXVM Hosting

Accuweb Forex VPS Hosting

You can take your Forex trading experience to the next level by making use of their superior, easy to use and highly secure Forex VPS service.

Their intelligent control panel enables exchange execution at record-level speeds. This makes FXVM one of the most premier Forex VPS Hosting services.

Furthermore, they ensure that the customer is as close to their broker-servers as possible to execute trade functions at impressive speeds.

Benefits Of Choosing FXVM

  • FXVM ensures as little server latency as conceivable to enable more efficient, quicker performance. This raises the possibility of your order getting filled faster at a similar cost profit.
  • FXVM supports numerous trading stages like MT4 and MT5. Their global data centers are located in locations that include (but are not limited to) London, New York, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Tokyo.
  • Their network comes with an uptime guarantee of 100%, offering state-of-the-art servers. The servers are monitored with high levels of redundancy that facilitate consistent customer service.

JavaPipe VPS

Accuweb Forex VPS Hosting

With JavaPipe, you do not need to worry about cyber threats. They strengthen your server with strong three-level DDoS protection. This makes them one of the Best Forex VPS service providers.

Their service is easily scalable and can be upgraded depending on when and whether your trading needs to grow.

It enhances online trading capacities on platforms like MT4, MT5, and several others that use the Forex VPS Hosting packages offered.

Benefits Of Choosing JavaPipe

  • They provide packages on VPS For Forex Trading operate on KVM. Hence, the user will get the incredible performance of running apps quickly, reasonably priced, and impeccable security.
  • Their web server is performance-based and has low latency. It functions with little to no network issues. Irrespective of your location, you can easily access their service.
  • They offer up SSD storage space for all of their Forex VPS plans to help you access information with quick ease.

A2 Hosting VPS

Accuweb Forex VPS Hosting

Suppose you would much rather set up a hosting environment that caters specifically to your exact requirements.

In that case, an unmanaged VPS For Forex Trading service provided by A2 Hosting VPS is ideal. You can independently monitor your servers, mitigate any chance of risks and optimize your trading performance.

Their VPS is hosted on a SwiftServer platform, a product of over ten years of refinement.

It uses Solid State Drives, which enable the servers to load through their quadruple network properly.

Benefits Of Choosing A2Hosting

  • With unmanaged VPS hosting, you’ll get the ability to install whatever software packages you want and to manage your server as you see fit. That’s much better than dealing with limitations and ending up more frustrated because of it.
  • A2 Hosting VPS provides 99.9% Uptime commitment, perpetual security, and a dedicated customer-care crew.
  • Their return policies are lucrative and enable you to try out the service at the cost of no risks!

Top 5 Forex VPS Hosting In 2023 – Conclusion

Keeping in mind the market’s high volatility, you need to monitor the transformations and fluctuations in the market space consistently. You should be able to optimise these patterns for your trading policies.

Our final verdict rules that LiquidWeb hosting is undeniably the Best Forex VPS Hosting provider. And AccuWeb Hosting offers forex hosting services with low priced plans and forex optimizations.

Hope this help you choose the best forex hosting provider for your trading needs. If you need any further assistance on choosing the best web hosting provider, drop a mail at