Bes SEO Friendly Hosting In 2021? The Crucial Facts Revealed!

Finding an SEO hosting in 2021 is a little confusing thing since we have thousands of hosting providers in the web world. You may have read many hosting reviews on…

Updated on July 24, 2021

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Finding an SEO hosting in 2021 is a little confusing thing since we have thousands of hosting providers in the web world. You may have read many hosting reviews on the internet and might blindly buy any hosting by reading some hosting reviews.

There are lots of things to consider before buying an SEO hosting. If you want to stay on top of Google and make your business successful.

How To Find An SEO Hosting In 2021? The Ultimate Guide

Contents Of This Review

Many peoples don’t realize the importance of selecting an SEO hosting yet. Hosting has an important role in customer/ visitor friendliness and search engine ranking. If your website is very slow and unresponsive, Google will not be happy and it will affect your ranking too.

This article will tell you all the things you may not aware earlier about selecting a best hosting plan. Now, you will find the best hosting for making your website on top of Google. This article will help you to find the best SEO hosting in 2021 and this not takes more than three minutes. Have a good read.

What Is SEO Hosting ? – Types Of Hosting

What Is SEO Hosting
  • What kind of website are you running? An information website or a business website?
  • How much visitors are you expecting per day?

These questions should be answered first to get an SEO hosting. If you are running an information website, you may have very low data on your website and you may need medium requirements. Shared hosting will be the best option for these types of websites. But if you are running a business website and have a lot of visits in your website (More than 500000 visits per month), you can also opt for dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated server is considered as the safest hosting option since an entire physical server hardware location is located on your website. Your hardware is not shared with anyone. More than that, you can choose the hardware as well as software for your hosting server.

Other benefits of using a dedicated server are :

  • High Performance
  • High Security
  • E-Mail Stability
  • Full control over Server

The disadvantage of Dedicated server hosting;

  • Using a dedicated Server hosting is quite costly. Only large websites having a lot of traffic and earnings can only opt for Dedicated Server hosting’s due to the high price.

Mainly Used In: Banks, Security force Offices, Hospitals etc…

VPS Hosting

What if you are running a website having visitors count in between 100000 to 500000 visits per month? Don’t worry, VPS hosting can be a good option for your website. These are the advantages of VPS Hosting;

  • Less Expensive than a full Dedicated Hosting
  • You can Customize your VPS Hosting plan according to your need
  • You can increase the performance later according to your need.
  • Have root access and ability to use scripts.

So, what are the disadvantages of VPS hosting?

  • You are paying more than shared hosting, but most of the hosting providers are providing the same customer support as of shared hosting
  • More expensive compared to Shared hosting.

These Factors Should Be Tested For Getting An SEO Hosting

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How can you select the best SEO friendly hosting? It is always good to know some technical factors before buying a hosting. These factors should be checked and proved before buying any hosting plan. Check every factor closely.

Server Operating System

Server software is not important for SEO, so you can select any operating system according to your need. Windows and Linux are the operating systems used in servers. You can choose windows OS if you want to run certain apps that is supported in Windows. Windows allows a very little number of apps for installing on it.

Linux will be a better option for your server if you want to install many apps. It will allow you to get more configuration options.


Bandwidth is the factor that decides the stability of website during heavy traffic. Every time a visitor visiting your website, an amount of data is downloaded. If you are using a shared hosting, you will have a very minimum bandwidth. If your site experienced a heavy traffic, your site will go down immediately if you have the minimum bandwidth. An SEO hosting means, hosting with unlimited bandwidth.

Always prefer a hosting which doesn’t have a bandwidth limit. So you don’t have to worry about the heavy traffic.

Server Uptime

Most of the hosting providers are advertising about 100% uptime, but that is 99% impossible and fake. Your server uptime should be more than 99.94% for the premium experience. Many hosting providers such as FastComet, ChemiCloud are providing the best uptime as they guarantee.

Physical Location Of Server

It is always good to choose a hosting provider having server located near to your area. If you are in India, you can host your website in any hosting provider whose server located in India. Recently many premium hosting companies started their hosting servers in India and Bluehost is one of them. But before selecting a local server, you should check for the other factors too (speed, reliability, support, pricing).

IP Address Of Your Hosted Server

You are going to share same IP address while you are using shared or VPS hosting. But you will get a unique IP address if you are going for a dedicated hosting.

There are many free hosting companies or cheap hosting companies are available, but if you check their IP Address, you might find many spam websites associated with it.

Check for spammers before making a decision.

Tips To Transfer A Website Hosting Without Affecting SEO

Create A Total Website Backup

Creating backup before any update, troubleshoot and changing your hosting is very important to save all your data from deletion. When you backup your data’s, your data’s can be restored even after any failure in the update.

If you are migrating from Linux hosting to windows hosting or vice-versa, data backup will help you to restore data, even if it was a complex procedure. If you have a static website the data restoring will be easier, but if you are running a daily updating website (E-business, Tech blogs etc), data restore process will take some time.

Launch A Test Before Making It Live

We have changed one of our website hosting to a new hosting provider recently. It was an online fashion store. We need to make sure that the new hosting is trustable and good for transferring our fashion-store website into it. For testing the efficiency of the new host, we set up a new website using a subdomain of our existing website and hosted it with the new hosting. We uploaded all data and checked it for three days before making our new website live on the new hosting.

Selecting A Best Hosting Provider

We have discussed this earlier on top and there is nothing more than that.

Lower Your TTL (Time To Live)

TTL is a value that determines the duration which the current DNS cached in internet browsers. Usually, caches will update in every 24 hours and your DNS will be saved in every browser for 24 Hours. If you change the name servers while changing your hosting, Internet service provider will take 24 hours to understand the new name servers. For making the process quick, you can reduce the TTL to 5 minutes or 30 minutes (According to Your wish).

Porn Hosting Guide

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This process can only be done if you have access to TTL option on your control panel. Even if you do so, it is better to keep both the old and new sites live for at least 48 hours for not losing valuable customers/ visitors.

5 Best SEO Hosting In 2021

The hostingrevienow team constantly checking every hosting providers to find the best hosting providers out there. Here are the top picks for best SEO hosting in 2021.

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We hope this article helped you to improve some knowledge even this is a boring article . if you have any doubts or new thoughts about finding SEO hosting, do share your comments in the below box.