HostPapa Review 2019 – Revealing The Real Facts Behind HostPapa Hosting!

The HostPapa Hosting Review 2019- Know The Facts!Contents Of This Review Are you a small business owner running an online business? Are you looking for the best hosting provider for…

Updated on September 27, 2019

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The HostPapa Hosting Review 2019- Know The Facts!

Contents Of This Review

Are you a small business owner running an online business? Are you looking for the best hosting provider for your website? Then you have just landed in the right place. We have reviewed more than 50 hosting providers this year and next one is Hostpapa Review 2019.

HostPapa Review 2018

Hostpapa is a small hosting company who providing hosting mostly for small businesses. We have got many emails from our readers asking our opinion about Hostpapa Hosting. It is almost impossible to answer each and everyone through e-mails and we hope you will make use of this article. But we assure you, if you have anything to discuss, you can make use of the comment box for the convenience of both of us.  Now let us go for a ride through our complete Hostpapa Review.

Introduction To Hostpapa Web Hosting Review

Hostpapa web hosting company made a big noise during their coming to hosting industry in 2006. They are powered by “Green energy” and back then, green energy is something very innovative thought.  Their Green energy initiative made others rethink about making an alternative for their energy sources.

Hostpapa servers is based in US and Canada but their servers are located in Toronto. Hostpapa is one of the genuine hosting companies who using green energy not just for advertising. They have started it and now their entire system is working using green energy.

The HostPapa – Plans and Pricing

Hostpapa website providing three shared hosting plans according to the need of the user. They are providing a best-shared hosting plan for $3.95/month (according to their advertisement).

HostPapa Plans and Price

Starter Plan: Starter plan costs $3.95/month. You will get a benefit to add two domains, 100 email accounts, 100GB Disc Space and Unlimited Bandwidth.

Business Plan: Here, in this plan, you will get everything unlimited. By the way, it is “near to unlimited”. You can Host Unlimited websites and you can enjoy other benefits like unlimited data storage space, unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited E-Mail accounts and a starter edition website builder. The cost of a Business plan is as same as the starter plan. It is just $3.95/month.

Business Pro Plan: If you are running a website which is little more advanced and using high data, you can opt for Business Pro plan. This plan costs $12.95/month and you will get some amazing benefits like Premium protection and 300% acceleration boost. Most of the other benefits are same as Business Plan.

You only get the benefits for the above-mentioned price, only if you paid the bill for next 36 months in advance.

we have shown the price table below.

















HostPapa Hosting Uptime is below Average

Do you know,  the minimum up-time of a web host should be higher than the average of 99.94%. But what about Hostpapa hosting’s uptime? During our test period (March 2017 to November 2017) we got an uptime value that is lesser than the average. We got 99.92% uptime for the last four months.

The Hostpapa Web Hosting Load time is not so good

Sometimes, we will regret our wrongdoings and we will scold ourselves. This is what happened to us. We usually conduct tests on our test websites. But this time I become more enthusiastic and test this hosting by putting my own blog at risk. I always learned from mistakes and I got my next lesson and my first lesson of this year from Hostpapa. While I hosted my website with Hostgator, I was able to load it very quickly, within the time of one or two eye blinks. Now, if I have to count my eye blinks, I could have possibly fallen into sleep. 😀

HostPapa Customer Support is Appreciable

We are really impressed with their response time. they took an average 4 minute to reply our queries via chat option. Hostpapa also has many support options like other hosting providers. Their most used option is Chat support and they providing 24*7 phone support and E-Mail Support to its customers.

But the best part is, Hostpapa provided many video tutorials to help their customers by providing almost every information’s they needed. We felt like, the agents are technically educated and they have a good language to convince us and they will solve your problem within minutes.

HostPapa Hosting Security is Above Average

 According to Google, more than 35000 websites are hacked daily. this is according to the report that came previous year, now it may have become more than that. Website security is essential for the website owner as well as the website visitors. Hostpapa is doing a nice job by providing more than enough security to their hosted websites. If you are running the business online, their Business Pro plan is enough to give security to your website. Business Pro plan providing premium protection including domain privacy protection, free SSL certificate, and daily backup.

Money Back Guarantee by HostPapa Web Hosting Provider

Hostpapa providing a 30 days Money Back Guarantee to its customer for its all hosting plans. But that doesn’t mean you get a full refund. Some money will be deducted from the 30 days service and the rest of the amount will be refunded. We prefer our visitors to read refund policy of your hosting provider before buying a hosting from them.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About HostPapa Web Hosting

  • The Unlimited is Limited

You might have noticed their advertisement which saying “Everything Unlimited for Just $3.95”. Is that true? I will show you One Picture.

HostPapa Scam

Picture is Taken From Hostpapa Website. You can see some numbers on every offer they provided. What are that numbers mean? there are numbers from 1 to 4. we will look one by one.

HostPapa Review - Disclaimer

HostPapa Disclaimer (As Shown in Hostpapa Website)

1. Unlimited Bandwidth

Hostpapa has some “Unlimited Usage Policy”. that means you will not get what they are saying. They have put certain guidelines for their users. You can use as much as your website needed but if you go above a certain limit, that will affect the performance of the server and that way it affects other customers. If you tried to make use their unlimited bandwidth option for running a website having six-figure daily traffic count, there is a chance of termination from HostPapa.

2. Free Website Builder Software

Free website builder software is not free for every customer. If you are a new shared hosting customer, you will get this benefit and in future, if you want to add another website, you cannot avail Hostpapa’s free website builder software.

3. Free Domain

Free domain is only for the first year of hosting plan. after that, you will get charged for the domain. Domain renews cost will be a little higher while compared to other domain providers like Godaddy. For a long-term usage, you can buy a domain from any cheap domain seller and host it in HostPapa. It will be cost efficient while considering a long period.

4. Unlimited Disc Space

As I said about unlimited bandwidth, the same scenario will be happening in the case of Unlimited disc space. They have hidden policies and guidelines to make sure, you are not using too much.

Do We Prefer Hostpapa in 2019? – Final Verdict

After Reading this Hostpapa Review, You might have taken a decision already. But it is our duty to tell you what we think and suggests you the best. After looking into every feature and benefit from Hostpapa, it is very clear that they don’t have enough quality to run a WordPress website in 2019.  The competition is higher nowadays, so your website should be fast enough to compete with others. Hostpapa providing a very higher load time, that making the website load very slowly.

They are good in customer support and security. but, in two major areas, they have to improve. We have given a top 10 list of best web hosting providers of 2019. You can have a look at it for getting the best web hosting.

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Hope you liked our Hostpapa Review. You can also share your experience with Hostpapa in the comment box below.


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