Kinsta Hosting Review 2019 – The Hidden Facts About Kinsta Web Hosting!

Before going into the Kinsta Hosting Review 2019, Let us give you an introduction about Kinsta Hosting. We know that, the name “Kinsta” might be a new name for you since they are very new to the web hosting field. Kinsta wiki providing managed WordPress hosting with premium features since 2014. But they become famous recently because of the quality and features of hosting them proving.

So, my review of Kinsta hosting will put all facts about the company into the daylight. We have tested Kinsta uptime, Load time, Kinsta server security and lot more to bring you the best review.

Kinsta Hosting Review - Introduction

Contents Of This Review

Kinsta Hosting is founded by Mark Gavalda, a WordPress expert and PHP Coder. Kinsta Web hosting is built on Google Cloud platform, allowing your website to deal with unlimited visitors at a time. There are more things about Kinsta Web Hosting. Read our complete Kinsta Hosting Review 2019, to know more about Kinsta, before spending your money.

If you are looking For a Budget-friendly Shared hosting or WordPress hosting, Kinsta Web Hosting will be a wrong option for you. But don’t worry, we will lead you to the right place to find budget friendly Web Hosting’s in 2017.

Are you looking for a search engine friendly Web Hosting in 2017? We will guide you to get the Best.

Kinsta Data center Locations

Most of the hosting providers are providing this feature to their customers to make the hosting more customer friendly. Kinsta also giving the ability to its customers to choose the Data center according to customers wish.

Since Kinsta is running on Google cloud platform, you can choose from the three server locations that google has providing. the three locations are

  • US Central
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Kinsta Hosting Features

Kinsta is known for their better, smarter and faster Managed WordPress hosting. Here is the main features offered by Kinsta Web Hosting and we will check its legitimacy and functioning.

Kinsta Features
  • Kinsta Free Site Migration

This is one of the most loved feature of Kinsta web hosting. Website migration will not be a stress for you since, Kinsta experts are taking care of it. They will provide a temporary domain to your migrated website and let you check everything is perfect before pointing your domain to kinsta server.

  • Staging Areas

If you are running a WordPress website, or other platform websites, this feature will let you make a copy of your website to test advanced features, new theme and new plugin without affecting the main website. If you are a WordPress user, you might need to install an extra plugin to avail this feature, while hosted with other web hosts.

  • Kinsta Admin Dashboard

Kinsta uses a new type of admin dashboard, instead of a c-panel. For beginners, it seems to be less functional but it is more capable than usual C-panels. The c-panel also provides analytics details about bandwidth and visitors.

Kinsta Pricing and Plans

Kinsta Plans and Price

Kinsta Managed WordPress hosting has three categories of plans ranging from $100/month to $1500/month. Their plan categories are,

Kinsta Business Plan - For Small to Medium Websites

  • Business1 ($100/Month)
  • Business2 ($200/Month)
  • Business3 ($300/Month)
  • Business4($400/Month)
Kinsta Hosting Plans

Enterprise Plans - For Large and High Volume Websites

  • Enterprise1($600/Month)
  • Enterprise2($900/Month)
  • Enterprise3($1200/Month)
  • Enterprise3($1200/Month)
Kinsta Hosting Price

Kinsta Hosting Uptime - 100% Uptime?

While we hosted our test website in Kinsta Business 1 Plan, we never thought we will get an 100% uptime. But for our surprice, after 35 days, we have checked the result and found 100% up-time. This is the first time we are getting 100% uptime with any hosting provider. We have tested the uptime using Uptime Robot.

Kinsta Hosting Load Time Test

Kinsta Speed

My Kinsta Hosting review will expose the load speed of their server. While undergoing any load speed test, we mostly using a test website with medium size home page, That is more than 1MB. This will give a tough test to the website while we are testing. we used pingdom and GT metrics to test the page speed of Kinsta Hosting. You ca see our result below.

Kinsta Load Time

While undergoing any load speed test, we mostly using a test website with medium size home page, That is more than 1MB. This will give a tough test to the website while we are testing. we used pingdom and GT metrics to test the page speed of Kinsta Hosting. You ca see our result above.

Kinsta Customer Support

Kinsta Customer Support

Kinsta Web Hosting providing two types of customer support and they are, Live chat and Ticket system support. The biggest positive we have found was, there is almost no delay to connect you to support team. They are fast and responsive. According to Kinsta website, they are offering a very knowledgeable persons support, but personally, we didn't felt so. Sometimes we have guided that guy to find the exact options from dash board.

Kinsta Web Hosting FAQ

Does Kinsta Offering any Money back Option? Kinsta Money Back Policy

This question must be answered in this Kinsta Hosting review. The Kinsta offers a special type of money back policy. You will get any time refund. if you wish to cancel, they will refund the amount after deducting the amount for used portion of the entire plan.

What are the payment Methods?

You can make the payment by using any Credit card or Debit card. Kinsta accepts Debit cards with, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Logos. Kinsta will not accept payment via PayPal.

What if my website exceed the Bandwidth Limit?

If your Website exceeds the bandwidth limit, you need to pay 1$/1GB. You will not affected by any down time.

Kinsta Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Of Kinsta   Hosting

  • It is Powered By Google Cloud Platform. The servers are running on a cloud infrastructure.
  • Allows your website to easily handle any number of visitors. if you got a very heavy traffic, you dont need to worry. You website will not go down anymore.
  • Kinsta offering 100% uptime, according to our uptime test.
  • They have a fantastic Page Load speed while compared with many other premium hostings.
  • Continues Malware scanning prevent your website from any malware threat.
  • Staging area feature is a big help for developers.
  • Kinsta Offers 15% Discounts for non profit websites.

Disadvantages Of Kinsta Hosting

  • Kinsta Hosting's smallest plan starting from $100/Month, making it non affordable for small business websites and bloggers.
  • Even while they are taking a high price, they don't offer any free domains.
  • Page Load speed is comparatively less than Bluehost and Hostgator. We have got an A+ page speed for bluehost.
  • You cannot install some plugins like, EWWW image Optimizer, word-fence etc.
  • You cannot pay by PayPal Account.

Our Final Verdict

Kinsta hosting does its job very nicely. Their uptime reliability and minimum load time are impressive. But the cost is very high while compared to other managed WordPress hosting providers. Kinsta hosting is only focusing on special types of customers who having a very heavy website.

Woo commerce websites can be hosted with Kinsta, since they will not affected with heavy traffic issues, while hosted with Kinsta. Hope you liked my Kista Hosting Review. Share your thoughts below.

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