How to get rid of high web hosting renewal costs? Getting a web hosting for a very low price is not a big task today. There are many web hosting providers who are offering a price very less and sometimes very near to zero. While I started my first blog, I got a hosting for a very low amount. I was very happy since I have saved many dollars. But that happiness doesn't stay long.

Web Hosting Renewal

Best Tips & Tricks To Escape From High Web Hosting Renewal Cost

One year passed very fast and the renewal email came to me, which told me to pay a huge amount to continue their service. But with a friends suggestion, I tricked them and paid a lesser amount as I paid earlier. This article will tell you about the ways to escape from the high renewal cost of any web hosting that you are using.

How To Become A Smart Web Hosting Shopper

You might have seen some tips to choose a good and SEO friendly web hosting from our previous article. We have already told you not to go for a web hosting plan beyond one year. If you choose one-year payment, it will feel like you are getting a very less offer, but in fact, you are getting heavy benefits that long duration payment customers can't achieve. There are few things you can do to reduce the renewal price and they are

  • Finding a renewal Promo code for your web hosting
  • Contacting your hosting provider to ask for discounts
  • Changing the web hosting provider every year

These are the common things to do for getting a renewal by paying less money. The fist option is to get a promo code for renewal. But it is hard to get a renewal promo code for web hosting plans and if you got one, there are very less chance to get it validated.

The second option is little more complicated. You can directly contact your web hosting provider. It can be via phone call, email, or chat support option. You will get an additional discount if you are lucky and if you can convince them that you are too poor to continue their service. 😉

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But in most of the cases, your web host's customer support guy will act like a dumb man and he will tell you a "NO" in very nice and soft manner. Sometimes they will act like giving an helping hand for you and after a long conversation war, you might get some discount.

What if the above two options not worked and the only option left is, Changing the web host.?

A sudden decision may affect your website negatively, but by some simple precautions, You can make it easier and smarter.

Beginners Guide To Web Hosting Renewal

  • 1
    Always make sure that you read and understood the tricky holes in your web host's Terms and condition page.
  • 2
    Always make sure that you read and understood the tricky holes in your web host's Terms and condition page.
  • 3
    Try to notify yourself about the renewal at least one month before the last date. You can make use of the calendar and you can save a date to the reminder and your android phone will remind you about renewal on that fixed date.
  • 4
    When you are reaching near to the last date, you can remove the credit card information's, that you have entered during the first purchase. It is a smart move to prevent an unwanted automatic renewal.
  • 5
    You can move to any other web hosting to get a starting offer. But make sure that, you are choosing a loyal hosting provider this time. Some web hosts provide price lock features. Which allow you to pay the same price that you paid during the purchase.

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