YouStable Review 2019 – The Truth Behind YouStable SEO Hosting

An Introduction to YouStable ReviewContents Of This Review Hi folks, welcome to our YouStable Review 2019. During the Digital Skill Mission, we got many chances to interact with some pro…

Updated on May 29, 2019

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An Introduction to YouStable Review

Contents Of This Review

Hi folks, welcome to our YouStable Review 2019. During the Digital Skill Mission, we got many chances to interact with some pro bloggers in India. We were discussing SEO and effect of web hosting in SEO. During our conversation, a name came in between our talk many times. It is nothing other than YouStable web Hosting. Many pro bloggers in India consider YouStable as the best SEO friendly hosting that an Indian can buy without many efforts.

After that incidents, we thought of writing a YouStable review, since many Indian bloggers are not yet aware of this cheap but best web hosting.

We have tested YouStable shared hosting plans, which is specially made for bloggers of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

The shared hosting lowest plan starts from $1 which comes with Unlimited disc space, unlimited bandwidth and allows to host two domains. If you are choosing an Indian domain name. (.in) , you will get it for free. There is a lot more about YouStable. Read our complete YouStable review below to make a good knowledge before taking a decision.

Is SEO friendly Hosting Really Possible?

Yes. Web hosting has a big influence in SEO of hosted websites. You should choose a web host which provides speed, uptime and an updated hardware for your website. We don’t mean you will get an overnight ranking boost if you hosted with an SEO friendly hosting. But it will definitely affect positively in the long run.  YouStable web hosting made one step forward from the usual SEO friendliness and they will do some basic on-page SEO on your website if you gave them permission to do so. Not only on page SEO, YouStable also provides Advanced SEO along with a business listing for websites which hosted with YouStable professional web hosting plan. We have already given a detailed article about How to choose an SEO-friendly web host. You can also make use if it before making a web host purchase.

#1 YouStable Plans, Pricing, and Billing

as mentioned earlier in this YouStable Review, The web Hosting company offers three types of web hosting and they are, Shared, Managed VPS, Managed Dedicated. Their shared hosting plan with Search engine optimisation costs only $4.99 per month. But you can make use of their coupon code “TRY2GO” for getting it for $1 per month.

YouStable Review - Plans and Price

YouStable offers three types of Shared Hosting plans and they are Local, Business and Professional hosting. The local plan allows you to host 1 website and 5 subdomains. Every hosting plan comes with an SSD disc and Local plan gives you a permission to use 1 GB Disc space and 100GB Bandwidth.

The next plan is YouStable Business SEO hosting plan which costs $9.99 per month. This plan comes with 10GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth and you can host three websites. If you are choosing the business plan, YouStable will help you with Basic SEO and Google my business for reaching more customers.

YouStable Professional SEO Hosting plan costs $14.99 per month with 50GB SSD Disc storage and Unlimited bandwidth. The customer can host 10 websites and unlimited subdomains. You will get a special benefit of advanced SEO with the Business listing.

You can pay to YouStable using both US Dollar and Indian Currency. This will give you more freedom in billing. You can use a credit card, debit card and any other types of online payment like PayPal. But we prefer you to use only a credit or debit card. we will let you know the reason in this article itself.

#2 Youstable Server Uptime Reviewed

YouStable provides an uptime that is not so less than other premium web hosts. We have hosted our two websites to test the performance and uptime of YouStable web host. What we get was a very good value for our money, in terms of uptime. YouStable provided us 99.97% uptime for last three month and in April, we didn’t affect with any downtime yet. This web hosting offers 99.99% uptime during the time of purchase and we are happy that they are giving a very fair uptime for our both websites.

#3 Testing YouStable’s Load Time

We have hosted our website with YouStable to test their performance before writing this YouStable Review and we are very much satisfied with their uptime. Our test website has a page size of 2MB and while we tested it using Pingdom speed test tool, we got a performance grade “A” and “91”. Which means they are fast enough to run heavy websites.

YouStable review - Load Speed

We have experiences with BlueHost and HostGator previously and we got a speed almost similar to this. This means, YouStable has the capacity to compete with premium web hosting companies, while it comes to load speed.

#4 The YouStable Customer Support

This is the worst part of YouStable web hosting. While 99% of web hosting companies are providing a 24×7 support for their customers, YouStable is providing a 9 am to 5 pm customer support. But that’s not the only thing. if you get an issue on a Sunday, you need to wait until Monday morning to get a support from YouStable.

YouStable review

YouStable offers a 24-hour monitoring service for seven days a week. But it doesn’t mean they are available 24x 7. We are getting three same guys every time we were calling to their customer. The average support delay is 10 to 20 minutes. The number is a toll-free one, so if you have a little patience to wait for their response, YouStable review team will provide a good tech support through the phone. they are well educated and you will have a benefit of local language sometimes.

About Money Back Guarantee by YouStable Website

YouStable is little tricky when it comes to the money back policy. You should completely read their money back policy page before making a purchase. If you bought their hosting plan using a third party payment method like PayPal, it is very hard to get a cash back. Here are the other reasons to not get a cash back.

  • If You Purchased Using a Third Party Payment method, You will not get a refund. Only Debit, credit card payment is eligible for a refund.
  • You will not get a cash back if YouStable provided more than 99% uptime on your website. This means, literally you are not going to get your money back.
  • If You used a discount coupon while purchasing, you are not eligible for cash back. This is the reason why YouStable providing a coupon code on their Home page itself.
  • If You purchased a VPS hosting plan, You are not eligible for Refund.
  • If you requested a refund after 30 days, you are ineligible for a cash back.

These rules and terms clearly mentioning that 99.99% YouStable customers are not going to get a cash back even if they discontinued their web hosting service before 30 days of purchase.

The YouStable Review 2019 – Conclusion

YouStable Web hosting is good in terms of uptime. We hear the name of YouStable during the digital skill mission camps. Most of the bloggers are praising this web hosting company. After that camp, we also got an email from YouStable welcoming us to use their service for 1$ / month. We don’t say they are very good for pro bloggers, but it is a good option for budding bloggers.

The other thing is they are highlighting the word SEO for attracting customers. But if you are little familiar with the term SEO, you can see that they are offering simple SEO tricks by highlighting it as a huge thing. On-page, SEO is not a big thing and you don’t need tech guys support to do it. You can use some plugins to amplify your website performance by doing on page SEO. The other things like business listing and google my business can be done even by a child these days. So Website SEO is in your hand and you cannot give its full right to anyone.

If you are running a website with less than 3k visitors per day, YouStable will be a best and budget-friendly hosting for you.

Hope you liked our YouStable Review. You can also participate with us to make our service better by commenting your opinions and thoughts in the comment box below.

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