Why Google Love WordPress Websites So Much? Secret Revealed

There are a hell lot of stories that we have been hearing since our childhood. But we grow up and if you are reading this post, You are definitely a…

Updated on April 18, 2018

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There are a hell lot of stories that we have been hearing since our childhood. But we grow up and if you are reading this post, You are definitely a blogger. I know there are many jobs to be done today and people will not get time to read a lengthy article. But this is not an article. This is a Story. A story about the love between Google and WordPress.

Why Google Love WordPress?

Contents Of This Review

Do you ever think why google Ranking many WordPress websites easily for many tough keywords? There should be a connection right? Many of the companies started to build their website in WordPress Platform aiming to rank in google. There are many SEO freaks giving the advice to start a blog on WordPress to rank your keywords easily.

What will make your WordPress website more SEO friendly? We have previously written about the connection between Your web Hosting and SEO. I know what you are thinking now. You came to this article by thinking this was a story and I am dragging you towards the same old SEO topics. Let’s get into the real story.

A Litle History

There was a time, websites are made by coding geniuses and a web designer was considered as an Internet God. But things started to change after the coming of our Hero, The WordPress. This guy is simple and powerful. He changed the Internet world forever and Web Designing and Blogging become an easy task (It is not an easy task, but You got my point right?).

In most of the Indian movies, the hero will be very helping minded and he will be helping poor people to escape from the villain. That’s why Heroin, as well as the audience, love the Hero. This is the case with WordPress too. It helped people with basic computer knowledge to start their own website and poor peoples like me ( By god, I don’t even know the basics of any fucking computer language and I am bad in English too*). *Reading further is subjected to your own risk. The language used are purely not grammatically corrected

There are three main reasons that make an unbreakable connection between WordPress and Google. Let’s look into that part. Before that, I have to tell you one thing. This part of the story is called “Serious” or “Technical”.

Let Me Make You Bored 🙂

As I told in the previous paragraph, there are three main reasons for the love between WordPress and BlueHost. Let’s see what Google thinking about our Hero, WordPress.

  1. Oh, My God, WordPress is so Cool. He did Content Optimisation very easily.
  2. WP is very much friendly, even with Mobiles.
  3. He always Has a Solution Handy. He calls it as Plugins.

Yes, I Know there are many other reasons, But these three are the most important reasons for Google to rank WordPress websites very easily. Don’t you want to know? I will tell you about each reason in detail. 1. Content Optimisation is easy in WordPress.

Content Optimisation is easy in WordPress.

WordPress is specially made for content marketing and that’s why it is so helpful while it comes to content optimization. Content marketing is considered as the top marketing technique in 2017 and that’s why Google is giving so much importance to quality content. only quality content won’t help you to reach on top of Google. You need it optimize it according to Google.

WordPress is Mobile Friendly.

WordPress websites are more friendly towards mobiles. According to Google, 90% of its users are using Mobile devices to browse, interact and for entertainment. If you are making a WordPress website, you will get the assurance that it will be friendly towards devices with any display configuration.

Many Plugins for Making the Task easy.

Need to optimize your post? Yoast SEO plugin will help you. Is your website loading slow? Want to make your website run faster, then you can use any cache plugins. There is always a solution for our every need in WordPress. Few years before, I started a WordPress website for e-commerce usage and my friends asked me to Install Magento. I was not comfortable with Magento and decided to work with WordPress. I developed a trendy looking e-commerce website within few hours by Installing a Woo Commerce website.

There are many other reasons too. Finding the best web hosting is very much important for making this love much stronger 😉 We are sorry to end this story without a proper climax. I am concluding this article by hoping their love will stay forever (If you are a WordPress Blogger, You should also pray for it ) 🙂

Hope You like this article. We will be happy to see your comments on the below comment box.