WestHost Review – Is West Host Web Hosting A Good Choice For Your Website?

To begin with westhost, lets dig out hosting from scratch. In the present era of internet, everyone wants to promote everything and anything on internet. Probably the best way to…

Updated on July 4, 2018

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To begin with westhost, lets dig out hosting from scratch. In the present era of internet, everyone wants to promote everything and anything on internet. Probably the best way to promote business is. Now to present yourself on internet, one need to have website or web pages.

Suppose you have that website with domain name. now, it is the time to make the website available on the internet where it is present already if your computer is on network. But running that website by just keeping on your computer will not work as there will be several issues like power outages, slow connections, hardware maintenance etc.

Westhost Review 2018

This is where web hosting companies comes into picture. Imagine somebody is taking care your all your issues, how easy it will be to focus on your business. Thus web hosting companies provide you with web host (computers) that will keep your website & take care of all the technical niches for the smooth availability of your website every time – everywhere.

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Basically there are 3 hosting options- Shared, Dedicated and Cloud. Option you should choose really depends upon your requirement. Once you are aware of your requirement, start reviewing various hosts that are best in providing your type of requirement. Try to have a closer look on company reviews as company do not give actually what it promises. Now let’s try to dig out about westhost hosting provider.


Contents Of This Review


Westhost has been around from 1998-2008 got merged with UK2 group which also owns companies like Midphase. The company is well respected by over one million customers worldwide for their affordability & consistent reliability.

Services offered include:

  • Shared WebHosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce Tool

Best host offers a wide variety of features that include- free domain name for life, free migration from previous host 30days money back guarantee, instant activation & enhanced security with daily backups. The company offers cutting edge data centres, full service support & a rich feature set is available for plans at every level, striking an attractive balance between power & affordability.

Shared hosting plans comes with features bundled up including- softaculous, cPanel, Support for ecommerce, free SSL certificate, multimedia streaming etc. To cater the need of greater webserver control, VPS plans with 3 different flavours are available. Dedicated hosting feature includes 24GB ram, ITB storages along with 4 free SSL certificates.

WestHost Server Locations

Tier 3 data center are available at Salt Lake City, Utah. All shared hosting servers are run from their C7 data center near Salt Lake City, Utah. If you upgrade to a Cloud account, you may be located in one of several locations. Almost all of the dedicated servers with WestHost are also served from the same C7 data center.


  • Multi network carriers that provide top of the line reliability & performance.
  • Redundant Power sources.
  • On-site professional technician monitoring & providing assistance.
  • Optional managed firewall & data backup services.
  • Tier 3 classification.
  • VESDA smoke detection system.
  • 24*7 security & digital video surveillance.

WestHost Uptime & Reliability

West host offers their clients an industry standard 99.99% uptime guarantee. But in practical, they are only able to provide an average uptime of 99.83%. All-in-all there is no guaranteed uptime. Although, their servers are running throughout without any interruptions.

The company uses top-in-line equipment’s with latest technology at their datacentres. On the top, they have best skilled technicians in the industry, monitoring servers 24/7 and all set to fix technical issues to avoid any interruptions to avoid site performance. All websites hosted by the company are hosted at a tier3 datacentre, offering the highest level of security that is normally found in major banking and financial institutions. According to FEMA’s national emergency management information system, their datacentres are located in disaster safe zone.

WestHost Load Time

The average page load time is 922ms which is 3.6% worst than the industry average of 890ms.Hence, they are slow than the top rated hosts. The company should put hands in this niche as it forms an important aspect of any website. Customer may go back getting irritated with such a slower speed.

About WestHost Support

Customer support, which is an important feature while selecting any host, provided here is 24/7 US based support. The offer a plenty of methods for you to reach a support agent that include both direct and indirect methods. The direct method includes:

  • Toll-free telephone, US number
  • Live chat support

Whereas indirect methods include:

  • Support ticket system
  • E-mail

Let’s have an overview of support methods.

Direct Support: The quality of support and response times are ambivalent. At one instance, you may need to wait for minutes to get in touch with the agent. Whereas on another instance, you may get connected in fractions of seconds. But the gap between long wait times is bridged by the knowledgeable, humble and professional support agents who are clearly US based and not just over sourced from any call centre agency. They are well trained without any language barrier. Support representative are quite knowledgeable and are able to solve problems in a professional manner. Also, offer a toll-Free number to contact person from US, an another feather added.

“Despite West Host’s Claim that half its staff speak more than one language, support is provided only in English.

Indirect Support: Response times for emails are also ambivalent that varies from minutes to hours. WestHost has an impressive knowledgebase with some useful guides and tutorials. They also have a FAQs section, in which questions are organised by popular topics that include cPanel, ecommerce, general hosting etc. In case, you need more information, you can have access to their online forums. Users can even find a good amount of information on site builder & cPanel of the website. Customers need to log into the member’s area to submit support request. WestHost claims to be business focused, that means plenty of technical information should be available in its knowledgebase, but actually on cpanel and other niche are mainly focused. Documentation is not good as it could be.

All-in-All, although the response times of all types of support are having mixed reviews, yet the knowledge provided after connection is worth.

Westhost Plans & Pricing

WestHost offers a wide range of hosting plans which are tailored according to the needs of customers. Their hosting plans include shared web hosting, VPS cloud hosting and dedicated servers, just to name a few. The plans you can opt really depends on the needs, whether it is a simple blog or a big business website. Although, all the plans include the following:

  • Free night backups
  • Free website migration
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7 US based customer support
WestHost cPanel

WestHost cPanel


It is the perfect hosting option for those who are new to website building or need to build a small simple site that doesn’t need hundreds of thousands of site visitors. The different plans available are:

Personal 50GB 1000TB Unlimited $4.00
Preferred 200GB 2.4TB Unlimited $8.00
Business unlimited unlimited unlimited $12.00


When shared hosting is not enough to cater your needs for security and room for growth, probably you need a dedicated server hosting. The unique part of dedicated hosting with westhost is, it serves it in two flavours i.e. managed and managed dedicated server hosting. Plans available are:

Atom 500GB 2GB $95.00
Quad 500GB 8GB $160.00
Hexa 1000GB 12GB $254.00
Dual Hexa 1000GB 24GB $330.00


With VPS cloud hosting, you’ll get instant flexibility, security, scalability and self-healing. Unlike other VPS plans, you don’t get option to choose OS because westhost only support the Linux platform. Various plans available are:

Burst 20GB 1.00GHz 1GB 500GB $50.00
Storm 50GB 3.00GHz 2GB 1TB $100.00
Monsoon 90GB 5.00GHz 3.3GB 2TB $150.00

Cron Job Interval of WestHost

WestHost Cron Job Interval

Most of the web hosting has a fixed Cron Job Intervals which you cannot change. But, Westhost allow its users to set their required Cron Job Interval. If you don’t know about it, you can check here to know how to set a cron job interval.


WestHost embodies many of the important tenets that a host can include viz.-competitively priced hosting plans tailored around the needs of customer, plenty of disk space and bandwidth on lower plans, free setup, free backups, free domain name, free migration, free cPanel, friendly and knowledgeable support etc.

Still there are many tenets that turns its face from a good host to an average one. The bad includes- unlimited email accounts on higher plans is only available on your main domain, no windows hosting, costly unmanaged dedicated server hosting, inconsistent support, average uptime and load time. Some of their plans are too restrictive, for example-their WordPress hosting plans only allows 1 domain name per server, which can be made better. While looking at their prices, seems affordable but those prices can only be attained with a 3-year commitment. The unlimited options mentioned are not truly unlimited.

WestHost provides a free domain, a dedicated IP address and Cpanel without any licence fee. They have a lot of install ready solutions, so if you are planning to host a network of websites, management will be easier with this host. Also their clouds are good for small to medium web projects.

So, at the end we can conclude WestHost to be an average host. The type of business needs that use westhost as a hosting option can use FastComet, as the type of services it delivers forms similarities with westhost along with coverage to the negative shadows of westhost. You can have a look on our review of Fastcomet before pressing buy button for WestHost.