Webnode Review: An Indian Web Hosting provider With Decent Features

  Are you looking for a legitimate Webnode Hosting Review? Then you are at the right spot at the right time. It has always been human nature to find an…

Updated on January 26, 2018

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  Are you looking for a legitimate Webnode Hosting Review? Then you are at the right spot at the right time. It has always been human nature to find an easier way to do simple tasks, hence the invention of most of the everyday tools we take for granted such as the spoon or the pencil. We strive to make our lives easier and continue to innovate, reinvent and create new ways of doing do. In 1990, the internet was one of these innovations that have forever changed our lives. The internet has made the world a smaller place, now we can learn about anything, talk to anyone, see any place and do a number of things all from our homes. Every sector has something to benefit from the internet, especially the businesses.

Webnode Hosting Review: A Real Surprise for Indian Bloggers

Contents Of This Review

The internet allows businesses to reach a wide number of clients not only locally but worldwide. People can now view and shop in online stores and have the products shipped to their homes. People can search for services or businesses that they require all from their computer. That is why having a website for your business significantly increases your returns. However, making or building a website usually requires a programmer or web designer which can be very expensive to hire.

Webnode Makes Site Building Easy

Learning how to web design is even harder than starting your own business. Thankfully, DIY web builders are now offered that allow you to create your own website without the need for coding or web designing.One of these is WebNode Hosting, established in 2008. Webnode Hosting review 2017 Webnode web Hosting is a point and clicks website builder that was founded by Vit Vrba and their headquarters is located in Zug, Switzerland.Webnode review website has been around for more than 7 years now and it’s currently one of the fastest-growing website builders. They have recently introduced Webnode 2.0, the new and improved version of their website builder. After over two years of hard and dedicated work by their team of developers and designers, they are finally able to present their straightforward and intuitive tool to help users create their own website. They are continually developing and adding new functions and features to the new editor. First and foremost, they would like to know what will be the most useful to customers. Webnode Hosting review 2017 Webnode 2.0 is a brand new product and the structure of Premium Services and their pricing is a little different. Webnode’s website builder tool has helped over 22 million users from all over the world to create their own websites. Is WebNode hosting review the answer to your website building problems? We will take a closer look to help you find out.

Webnode Hosting Plans and Pricing

Webnode presents its premium plans. If you start out with a free website, however, you’ll be guided into one of three subscription paths. At the beginning of the site creation process, you’re asked: “What type of website do you need?” The three possible answers to this question are Personal, Business, and Online Store. The choice of Personal or Business doesn’t affect the templates or design choices you’re given. The Online Store, by contrast, is an entirely different product than the website builder offered in the Personal and Business options. It’s based on an older (and uglier) version of Webnode’s site editor, and its subscription packages are entirely separate from the website builder packages offered. Webnode Hosting review 2017 As the eCommerce package is a standalone product distinct from the website builder (you can’t add eCommerce to your Personal or Business site), I won’t be reviewing it here.Webnode’s plans and pricing have been mercifully simplified since last I checked, though they are still offered for terms of one, two, five and ten years. Like we’ll even be alive in ten years. [wpsm_comparison_table id=”51″ class=””]

Features of Webnode Hosting

Webnode offers a variety of features to develop personal, business, and e-commerce websites. The most prominent function of all is, of course, the drag and drop website editor. With this tool, you can literally create a website in minutes and not have to deal with any special code, unless you want to. Whatever category your particular site falls in, Webnode offers three paid plans to choose from mini, standard, and pro. While the packages vary in terms of bandwidth, storage, and functionality, all include a form builder, password protection, premium templates, custom domain names, personalized emails, as well as site backup and recovery. Webnode Hosting review 2017 One unique feature you will find with higher tier plans when using Webnode to design a website is multi-lingual support. If you’re looking to create an international website, Webnode can translate your website into 20 languages. Webnode does offer a free package if you want to create a personal e-commerce site. Although it is quite basic, you’ll still get your own domain name, full access to the site builder, 100MB storage, and 1GB bandwidth. [wpsm_comparison_table id=”53″ class=””]

Built-in SEO Features and Mobile Friendliness

Optimizing your website for search engines with Webnode is quite simple. Page titles, URL fields, Meta tags, and image ALT tags are all editable. The blog function is very basic with no support for RSS or commenting. Nonetheless, it’s a handy addition for website owners who want to publish optimized content that will increase rankings in organic search results. As an added bonus, Webnode allows you to track site stats with the help of Google Analytics. Webnode lets visitors access your site on mobile devices. All plans provide mobile friendly templates, even the free version.

Stunning designs for your website

When it comes to pre-designed website themes, Webnode does not disappoint. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, all offering full CSS access. If you dig deeper in the themes gallery, you’ll find some great looking fully responsive designs.The Webnode site builder puts plenty of design elements at your disposal. You can use typical tools like text boxes, social media widgets, web forms, image galleries, or embed YouTube videos. With tools to insert Google and Bing maps on your site, Webnode allows you to give customers directions to your business address. Webnode Hosting review 2017 The site builder also integrates with Box.net files and Survi if you’re looking for some rare elements to include on your website. Working with photos in Webnode’s site builder is fairly easy. You can use the slideshow or lightbox options when creating a photo gallery. The light box option enlarges photos when users click on them, which is a great way to show close-up photos of products that customers intend to buy.

Webnode Hosting Pros and Cons

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Webnode Hosting is Easy to Manage

The process of launching a new site with Webnode starts with creating an account. New users simply need to fill out their email address, website name, and password for accessing Webnode’s back end. After entering these details, simply hit the “Sign Up” button. From there, the registration wizard will take you through the sing up process step-by-step. The first course of action on the registration wizard is choosing the type of website you wish to create, with options being e-shop, business, or personal website. Next, Webnode will take you to the themes selection page. There are navigation buttons at the top to help you browse through the wide range of site templates that Webnode has to offer. Further style editing can be accomplished by clicking a settings button that appears in the top right corner of whatever section you move the cursor over. Unfortunately, this button only allows you to change the background of the content block you’re in. Webnode provides a good selection of free images, colors, patterns and even videos for this purpose, lets you apply filters and color overlays to the background, and even allows you to choose whether you want the background to remain fixed or to scroll the page. It would be a decent image editor but for the fact that you can’t edit all the images on your page this way – only the background images.

Webnode Hosting Customer Support

Webnode features a community forum and FAQs pages on its website to help users find answers to common questions without having to contact the customer support team. The knowledge base has plenty of help articles as well, which helps beginners with valuable insights on how to use the site builder. Webnode Hosting review 2017 On the downside, there’s currently no phone and live chat support. If you have to get in touch with a customer support agent, Webnode offers email support but you need to create an account for this service. [wpsm_comparison_table id=”54″ class=””]

Webnode Hosting Money Back Policy

When you order Premium Services for the first time, they offer a 15-day period when you are able to request a refund with no questions asked. Refunds are not possible for any renewal or for an order paid with a voucher. Refund is not applicable for a domain registration. Once paid, it is not possible to cancel the order of a domain. More information can be found here.

Conclusion: Webnode is Really a Gem!

With all the numerous features that Webnode has to offer, it comes as no surprise why many people choose this site-building platform. Webnode is generally a solid site builder that’s worth trying if you do not have any web design skills and have little funds to hire a professional web developer. It’s easy to use even for beginners and comes with a ton of features such as SEO integration, mobile-friendly templates, a multilingual site editor, plus custom domain names even for the free package.