10 Biggest Web Hosting Mistakes You Should Avoid – 2018

Everything is hard at first time. This is the case with Blogging too. I started my first website in blogger platform and after a while, one of my friends suggested…

Updated on April 20, 2018

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Everything is hard at first time. This is the case with Blogging too. I started my first website in blogger platform and after a while, one of my friends suggested me to port it to WordPress. It was a new knowledge for me. I visited many websites which are running on WordPress platform. It was a huge surprise for me. I couldn’t wait. I asked him about the procedures to transfer my blogger site to a WordPress website. He registered a domain name for me and hosted my website with a local hosting provider. I was very happy. How could I stop cheering while I could start a website with very few dollars?

Web Hosting Mistakes

Everything went fine for few days. But after one or two weeks, my website started to went offline repeatedly. I thought it is because of me, maybe I have done something wrong and that may affected my website. But after checking for a while and with the help of some bloggers forums, I found the reason. It is nothing other than my web host. For saving some money, my friend chooses a local web hosting provider to host my website and they ruined my dream in few weeks. This was my first mistake after entering into the world of websites and web hosts. But that is not the only one. Yes I am the guy who always says “I learned from mistakes” 😉 Here is my complete list of mistakes; it will help you to stay away from it. So Here I am back with my new article, “10 Biggest Mistakes Every Newbie’s Should Avoid”

#1 Mistake : Choosing a Free Web Host

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Free Hosting

This was not done by me but by my friend. The same guy who prefer a local web hosting to me. When he started his first website, we were on 9th grade. At that time, getting money for buying a web hosting is a huge task for both of us and my friend decided to host his website with a free hosting provider that we found while searching in Google. We hosted the website without any hustle but we couldn’t find the website most of the time we were searching. Instead of providing 99% of up time, they provided 99% down time.

There are many other reasons to not choose a free web hosting. While you are hosting your website on a free server, you didn’t even know where they are located. It can be anywhere with IP number.

The other reason is the heavy risk of hacking and spamming. It is like you are giving a free ticket for hackers to enter into your website.

#2  Mistake : Trusting the Big Brand Names

Hosting providers

This mistake is done by most of the newbie’s, including me. Not only in the case of web hosting, for every product, we will blindly trust popular brands and we will not try to check its quality. Advertisements are the reason for this. If you made a decision by trusting the brand name, you will suffer later. Before buying a hosting from any company, you should analyze you web site. You should have a idea about Website data, expected visitors count etc.

There is no doubt big brand hosting companies having very good features and performance and that’s why they have come this far by beating every competition. But that is past. Every company has a tendency to provide less quality products once they gained a solid name in market. So before blindly buying any web hosting thoroughly check its features, uptime, load time etc.

#3 Mistake : Not Comparing Hosting Packages

Few years before, I bought a shared hosting plan from a reputed web hosting company. After the payment done, I got an e mail from another well known hosting provider which saying, they have same package for comparatively less price. I have checked their website and found they are offering the same. If I bought from the second company, I can save around an $80. Since I used both hosting earlier I know they have same quality. So I cancelled my Hosting with first company and got a refund, then I joined the second one. But Before joining them, I made sure that they are giving the best by checking other hosting providers too.

Hosting Comparison

Always prefer to roam around internet and go to every web hosting provider’s website for checking the best plans and offers.

#4  Mistake : Paying for a long Period

You might have seen many hosting providers will give you a discount if you have selected a long term billing option. In my opinion, you should not pay for more than one year in advance. I will tell you why.

  • It will take few months to completely understand the Pros and Cons of your web hosting. If you are not satisfied after few months, you could stop their service and you can host your website with another hosting provider.
  • If you paid for a long term, for example “3 Years”, you will lose a lot of money if you change the hosting provider.
  • After one year, you might have a chance to get the same benefits for lesser amount from another provider.

And more than these, by getting a chance to test most of the hosting provider, you can start a Web Hosting review website as we did.

#5 Mistake : Falling for Starting Offers

You might have found many offers from each hosting providers. Once found one, people will not think further and they blindly go for it. Did you check the renewal cost? If no, you also did the same mistake that I did few years back. I once bought one hosting for very cheap rate since they have provided me one promo code and after one year, I was about to renew my plan, the price was 3 times more than what I paid in the starting. So decided to ask them for coupon codes and they said, they will not provide coupon codes for plan renewal. Always try to check the renewal cost of your hosting plan.

#6 Mistake : Choosing a New Company

There are new web hosting companies are coming to market every day. They will be having a very minimum server space since it is their starting. But they will advertise like they are huge and they will attract customers by giving huge discount and offers. There are two possibilities about the future of these types of web hosts. Either they will not gain many customers and they will shut down within months or they will get a huge number of customers and the server will run out of space. There is other chance of going well too. But in most of the cases selecting a new hosting provider will affect you badly.

#7 Mistake : Not Reading Web Hosting Reviews

Before deciding to buy a web host, you should at least check 10 user reviews about that hosting. Or you can read reviews by technically knowledgeable persons from legitimate websites. While checking the review, you should consider reviews written very recently. Ever web hosting will have some negatives, but comparing it and finding the best one is according to you. You can also find some best hosting reviews below.

#8 Mistake : Not Changing The Username and Passwords for a long time

After you started your web hosting, you will be provided with a username and password to login on your control panel. In most of the cases, people will often change their passwords, but there are some newbie’s, they will make their password easily guessable like “Password@123” “their name@123” etc. They think it is very tricky password and the truth is, it is not.

According to Google’s study, more than 70000 websites are hacked in a year only because of the weak passwords. Even if you have a strong password, try to change the password at least once in a month. If you could, I prefer to change the username too…

#9 Mistake : Trusting on Automatic Backups

These days, most of the hosting providers are giving a feature called “automatic backup”. What I personally found was, they will make a backup for your website data to recover if any bad things happened, but daily back up is needed for every website especially for blogs and business websites.

Even if your Web host provides daily backup, it is good to have a routine check up on all your back up data. Don’t ever completely trust on automatic backup.

#10  Mistake : Not Selecting an SEO Friendly Hosting

SEO Friendly Hosting

Most of the peoples don’t know the effect of Hosting on SEO. If you choose a bad hosting company which providing very less up time, what is the point of SEO then? Your visitors will not reach your website or they will go back if you have a slow website. There are many other websites providing better information’s than yours, then why should they struggle to read your website? Don’t ever go for a web hosting which having very minimum up time. Always prefer a hosting which having an up time above 99.95% or above. There any many other things to consider to find best SEO friendly web hosting, you can read it from the below link.

Hope you learned from my Web hosting mistakes and hope you will choose the best web hosting here after.