Top 5 Web Hosts of April 2017; Pick the best for Your Website

The Top 5 Web Hosts of April 2017.Contents Of This Review Hi folks, here I’m again with the top 5 web hosts of April 2017. We have already made a…

Updated on April 8, 2017

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The Top 5 Web Hosts of April 2017.

Contents Of This Review

Hi folks, here I’m again with the top 5 web hosts of April 2017. We have already made a list of best web hosts for bloggers recently. Not only for bloggers, we have also made another list of cheap and best WordPress website hosting providers. For those who want to make a low-cost website can make use of it.

The web hosts that we are recommending here is purely for personal and small business websites who need an economy hosting for their website. You can boldly select any one of these web hosts if you are getting a daily website traffic below 5000.

We always see what web hosting companies are hiding from the real world customers. the hidden costs, high renewal price and hidden terms and conditions, fake promises and anything that affecting the customer negatively.

We will not leave any bad web host to enter into our top 5 web hosts lists. This list contains the main features, our rating and our recommendation to the best plan.

The Top 3 of 5 Web Hosts of April 2017

Before going towards the top 5 web host of April 2017, Here are our top 3 web hosts. which we picked from the best.

#1 BlueHost

Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting provider for recent years. A few months back, they have lost their reputation due to their support delay. But in last month they have gained the reputation back by making their support more friendly and speedy towards customers issues.

We have mentioned about their worst support in our recent Bluehost review, but now we have identified they are good enough to stand top on this 10 web hosts 2017 april

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#2 SiteGround

SiteGround is one of our most favorite web hosting providers. They have a high percentage of positive reviews from the customer’s side. We review every hosting packages and providers each month to clarify their performance. Their best customer service is considered as the pull factor for making more customers every year. Not only their shared hosting but also their all other hosting packages like dedicated and VPS hosting also seem to be packed with perfection. 

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#3 HostGtor

By becoming one of the most awarded web hosts in the world, HostGator gained a large popularity among bloggers and web developers. It’s cheap hosting plans and the best customer support making it more affordable and easy to handle. Hostgator recently came up with their one penny hosting plans which are very useful for budding bloggers and small-website designer.

hostgator review

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The Other Best 2 Web Hosts of April 2017

#4 InMotion Hosting

InMotion is one of the largest independent web hosts in 2017. They are active in hosting field since 2001. Inmotion is known for their quality hardware. they are providing SSD storage to all type of plan users. They allow customers to choose their server according to the customer location and need. Inmotion web hosting will be a great choice those who are using WordPress, Joomla and Magento website platforms to run their online business.

Scalability of InMotion web hosting is one of the pulling factors that attracting web designers and small business website owners towards InMotion. By providing 90 days money back guarantee, InMotion hosting proved their confidence about their performance.

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#5 iPage Web Hosting

iPage started their first company in Boston in 1998. Now it is one of the most successful web hosting company around the world which provides unparallel features at the very cheap price. We have recently reviewed iPage and we have mentioned some real factors about this web hosts.

iPage offers Domain Registration, shared, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Till today, they have hosted more than one million websites on their server. i Page stands in the 5th position of top 5 web hosts in April 2017.

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The web hosts mentioned above are purely good and overall performance is too good. We have mentioned this as our opinion. The top 5 web hosts mentioned above are preferred by making lots of tests.

Hope You liked the Top 5 list of best web hosts article. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and comments in the below comment box.