Time4VPS Hosting Review 2020 – The Real Truth Revealed!

Welcome to my in depth Time4VPS hosting review. The Time4VPS hosting is a branch of the company ‘interneto vizija’, which was founded in 2003.  From there, it quickly grew to…

Updated on April 21, 2020

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Welcome to my in depth Time4VPS hosting review. The Time4VPS hosting is a branch of the company ‘interneto vizija’, which was founded in 2003.  From there, it quickly grew to serve more than a hundred thousand clients all across Europe. Their patience and hard work got them to the position of the largest web hosting provider in Lithania, by 2005, and now they are proud to have experienced more than fifteen years of experience in hosting business.

Time4VPS Hosting Review – A Reliable Web Hosting Company?

Contents Of This Review

By combining their factors of being affordable, having scalable options with enterprise level technology, they were able to supply their customers with internet registration, web hosting and VPS services. Time4VPS as a brand was finally established in recent 2012.

Time4VPS Hosting Review

Their VPS nodes are hosted on servers based on these specs.

  1. Intel® Xenon® CPU 2 X Gold 6132 @ 260 GHz (56 cores)
  2. 384 GB DDR4- 2666 ECC REG RAM modules
  3. High performance 10 X 960 GB SSD RAID storage
  4. 4 Gbps dedicated uplink

They own their own data center and they are based in Lithuania, which is a great place for EU traffic.

Time4VPS Hosting Plans

Given below is an overview of the two most popular hosting types that they offer.

  • Linux VPS Plans of the Time4VPS

VPS plans by Time4VPS are self managed, which means that you will have to manage and maintain the VPS yourself. Not to mention, they pricing actually comes pretty cheap as compared to the other leading unmanaged cloud hosting providers.

Listed below are the specs of their cheapest VPS plan.

  1. CPU: 1 X 2.60 GHz
  2. RAM: 1024 MB
  3. Storage: 20 GB
  4. Bandwidth: 2 TB
  5. Port Speed: 100 Mbps
  6. Virtualization: KVM
  7. Price: 3.99 EUR per month (Which is about $ 4.50)

If you are lucky enough to use a discount, or a longer bill cycle it will be even cheaper.

All the major OSes with their hosting plans are offered by them. They even offer cPanel/ WHM, DirectAdmin, or Plesk as an addon.

You could get extra IPs as a paid addon on getting IPv6 IPs with all their hosting plans.

They also offer Container VPSes, as an alternative to their Linux VPS plans, and Time4VPS windows plans. The windows license is free with all their plans.

  • Storage VPS Plans of the Time4VPS

The Storage VPS plans are quite popular, especially in communities like LowEndTalk and WebHostingTalk.

Listed below are the specs of their cheapest storage VPS plan:

  1. CPU: 1 X 1.70 GHz
  2. RAM: 512 MB
  3. Storage: 512 GB
  4. Bandwidth: 4 TB
  5. Port speed: 100 Mbps
  6. Backups: Unavailable
  7. Virtualization: OpenVZ
  8. Price: 3.99 EUR per month (Which is $4.50)

The important specs in this one are the bandwidth, storage and price. All three are remarkable.

You could get full root access to your storage VPS so you can install and set up anything you want.

These plans work well if you use it for self hosting software like Nextcloud, or using it as a backup server.

Time4VPS also offers VPN plans that start at 1.99 EUR per month, which is no doubt pretty cheap.

Time4VPS Speedtest Results

At Time4VPS, customers are encouraged to test their servers themselves. They offer a free seven day trail, so they can test it out for free. As usual, they don’t set up or configure anything. They only update the system and run the benchmarking script. The scripts were reviewed accordingly.

As with all the reviews, we did a couple of basic speed tests too. A WordPress site was installed with caching enabled using EasyEngine. Nothing besides these were configured or added.

We received great results with both, the trial VPS and 2 GB RAM. The other managed WordPress hosting providers were even compared providing satisfactory results.

The Tiime4VPS Dashboard

The Time4VPS is nothing fancy or unique. It is what you would expect from a standard VPS provider. You would probably most of your time in the CLI, outside of the dashboard/ control panel.

The web console is quite easy to access. You can reinstall your server whenever you want with just a couple of clicks. You can monitor your server using their usage graphs and usage history. You could even add your SSH keys, upgrade the server, open up a support ticket, handle your billings and a lot more. Everything that you would need is one click away.

The Time4VPS Community and Support

The Time4VPS Community and Support is definitely one of the top strong points of Time4VPS. Considering the fact that they offer self managed services, their support is exceptional. We asked them a question via chat, and had received the answer to the question in a matter of minutes. We even opened a ticket and got a proper answer all within five minutes or less. This kind of support is very rare these days, and you don’t get it from fully managed services. It is good that their support is always available and friendly.

It also comes with company forums where people ask questions and get answers pretty quickly.

The Pros and Cons of Time4VPS

Like every reliable and good company, Time4VPS too has its set of pros and cons.

Pros of Time4VPS

  1. It has great 24/ 7 support.
  2. It is pretty cheap and affordable.
  3. It is recommended by WHT and LET members.
  4. A free trial is available for customers.
  5. The company had about a fifteen plus years of experience.

Cons of Time4VPS

  1. Unfortunately only Lithuanian servers are available.
  2. It is HDD by default, the SDD is a paid on.

Note: When browsing their website, the listed prices are added for a longer billing cycle. They may be cheaper than the actual month to month pricing. Some of the cheaper prices are not mentioned in the website, and are available when ordering through a client. Same as the billing cycles, it is not listed in the website, but can be instructed by a client. It is available when ordering.


Having done the Time4VPS review, it can be said that it is a great choice for a European server provider. It is known to be one of the best. It is no surprise that they are a favourite among the LET and WHT members. On using their free trial, you will not lose anything by simply trying them out first and checking how good they are first.