StableHost Review – Does Stable Host Deliver What They Promised?

As requested we are up with a new StableHost review. Well, this can be rated as the most demanded review that we are ever been requested about. StableHost is definitely…

Updated on June 11, 2018

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As requested we are up with a new StableHost review. Well, this can be rated as the most demanded review that we are ever been requested about. StableHost is definitely a popular company and has won the hearts of many but a true review reflecting both the positive and negative sides of the StableHost web hosting company is necessary. 

StableHost Review

Contents Of This Review

This is a kind of eye opening moment for all the users who prefers to go for StableHost. Well, reviews can always been bought but we are here to serve you the best and will surely do it as far as possible.

StableHost Review

​”Our company makes sure that no false review is provided to you. Thus, you can trust us blindly.

About StableHost 


​The company began with 10 professionals with the aim to provide affordable hosting solutions for companies worldwide. It has worked hard down the line to reach the heights it has gained till yet. Many companies tried to take position made by this company, however none of them succeeded.​

StableHost is quite popular in the web hosting market and doesn’t let its customer down. Tracking down the record, the company may seem you to be a bit costlier but the performance it promises to offer is something truly unbelievable and value for price. You might find companies providing almost everything for free at just $1 but the question is “Does they promise a good to do service?” Well, the answer is something which I should not say. This company’s package starts for $3.95/Month.

The one motto with which the company has climbed up the stairs is to provide the most powerful performance that can be available in the budget you choose. Whether it be a new company or a company with large database, StableHost focuses on provided the best of the services to all kinds of businesses.


When it comes to the team members who helps to run the company, the amount of employees is way too less. However, these employees are dedicated and passionate about web hosting and make it sure that the customers gets the best of the care and support when they go with StableHost. This is the fact which we can trust upon while choosing StableHost. Apart from it, the company is well determined to provide user-friendly and the best performing hosting plans to their customers. Along with it, industry-standard control panels and best of the hosting plans are what you get with the company.

​Stay tuned with us because we got a hell lot of things to talk about the topic.

The StableHost Plans

To ease out the work of its customer, the company has other plans as sitebuilder also. Here, it helps you to build your site as fast as possible. All you need to do is select the template which you liked the most and then choose some of the applications that you wish to have in your website. There are 3 different packages under the sitebuilder option.

  • Starter – This package is available for USD 3.50/Mo and is recommended for people who have just started their website in the recent time.
  • Pro – This package is available for USD 7.50/Mo. According to the company, this Pro package is recommended for the audience who have multiple websites to deal with.
  • Platinum – Speaking of the last of the package is ‘Platinum’ with us which is available for USD 28.50/Mo and is usually opt for by large websites with powerful hosting plans.
plans and price
Web Hosting
Starter Pro Platinum
USD 3.50 USD 7.50 USD 28.50
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
500 Accounts Per Server 500 Accounts Per Server 50 Accounts Per Server
No VIP Support No VIP Support VIP Support Available
250000 Max. Files (Inodes) 250000 Max. Files (Inodes) 500000 Max. Files (Inodes)
1 Full CPU Core 1 Full CPU Core 2 Full CPU Cores
99.99% SLA 99.99% SLA 99.99% SLA
Reseller Hosting
Basic Pro Plus
USD 9.95 Usd 19.95 USD 29.95
20GB Disk Space 40 GB Disk Space 60 GB Disk Space
Host upto 10 clients host upto 50 clients Host upto 100 Clients
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Online Web Builder- Available Online Web Builder- Available Online Web Builder- Available
LiteSpeed PHP Caching LiteSpeed PHP Caching LiteSpeed PHP Caching
cPanel Available cPanel Available cPanel Available
VPS Hosting Plans
1024MB of RAM 2048MB of RAM 4096MB of RAM 8192 MB of RAM 16384 MB of RAM
1 Core CPU 2 Core CPU 4 Core CPU 6 Core CPU 8 Core CPU
40GB of Storage 60GB of Storage 100GB of Storage 200GB of Storage 300GB of Storage
Transfer – 2TB Transfer – 2TB Transfer – 4TB Transfer – 8TB Transfer – 16TB
1000Mbit Network 1000Mbit Network 1000Mbit Network 1000Mbit Network 1000Mbit Network
USD 9.95/Mo USD14.95/Mo USD29.95/Mo USD59.95/Mo USD119.95/Mo
Dedicated Hosting
Professional Premium Ultimate
USD 145/Mo USD 165/Mo USD 245/Mo
Intel Pentium G3450 3.4Hz 2C Intel Xeon E3-1240L v3 2.0GNz 4C Intel Xeon E5-2603 v3 1.6GHz 6C
4 GB of RAM 8GB of RAM 16GB of RAM
HHD 2 * 300GB SAS HDD 2*300GB SAS HDD 2 *300GB SAS
Traffic 2TB Traffic 3TB Traffic 4TB
RAID 0 or 1 RAID 0 or 1 RAID 0 or 1

The above where the plans and pricing of the products provided by StableHost. There are no other plans or products which are made available by the company yet. However, in the recent time if we find any new product to be launched by the company than we will surely cover it up.

StableHost Features 

Coming to the features of StableHost, we have got a lot of things to speak about. Well, not all but maximum of them has been listed below, check them out.

  • The company has a separate sitebuilder plan under which an individual can choose from 100s of templates varying from Business, Staff, Store, Blog, Portfolio and much more. All of these templates are built in HTML5 and are specially taken care by the expertise working at StableHost. Apart from it, the layout can be changed as and when required by the user.
  • Coming to the web hosting, the necessary question is why should we choose it? Well, you might find the package to be a bit expansive but on a serious note, the company provides 24/7 customer support with easy installation of Java script and others. Apart from it, unlimited bandwidth is what you get along with the package and to maintain the best of the performance possible, only high quality equipments are being used including enterprise-grade SSD drives.
  • Reseller does play a good part when it comes to the income of the company. In order to provide the best of the lot possible, under the reseller hosting plans, the company brings up unlimited bandwidth with LiteSpeed PHP Caching and cPanel. This is not where the deals end, sites are being backed up on daily basis and can be restore whenever the user feels to do so.
  • Whenever somebody is choosing VPS hosting at StableHost, they get premium spam filtering along with 3 different locations where one can easily host their website. Amsterdam, phoenix and Chicago are the locations. Apart from it, the industry expert support is the thing which they do boast on like anything.
StableHost Contol Panel

The StableHost Data Centers 

​The company has their data centers well spread all around the globe in order to get the best of the service possible for the users.

StableHost Load Time

​Load time is something that definitely affects the number of audience visiting your site daily. If the load time won’t be good enough than you will end up losing to many of the users per day and that’s definitely what you can’t handle along.

Thus, StableHost comes with promising performance and finally makes sure that none of your customer leaves your website being unsatisfied. Apart from it, on making a test of the load time of StableHost a promising speed of 296 ms was found out to be provided by the company which is something tremendously good at points.


​About StableHost Uptime

Load time and Uptime are the two things that goes hand to hand whenever it comes to provide the best of the service to the customers. If any of the one lacks behind then the perfect performance for the audience won’t be possible. However, the uptime StableHost promises about has been met by them quite frequently whenever we did conduct the test. There is no doubt that any server problem will be fixed as soon as it is deducted. Your website won’t be lacking behind in any of the measure field.

StableHost Customer Support 

Stable Host is the company which comes with the best of the customer support possible. They offer a 24/7 customer support for 365 days in a year. This support can be met by using the email contact feature but in case you are choosing the premium package, you can even contact the executives of the company on dial number. This is something very fascinating and good as customer support is necessary to keep the customers happy, throughout the time. Even the reviews received by some of the customers at StableHost, it is clear that they are providing some brilliant service since 2009.

StableHost Pros & Cons

Stable Host Advantages


  • Affordable PricingThe budget is what affects the major portion of the plan. If the budget is too low, the facility you are planning to provide your customer would be low too. However, at Stable Host the plans are available at quite cheaper rate if we check the facilities provided by them.
  • Reliable UptimeThe uptime is what the company boast on daily. It is the major part when it comes to provide the best of the service possible and thus the company manages to do so within your budget. An uptime of 99.99% is what comes in hand when you choose StableHost as your hosting provider.
  • Fast and Responsive Customer SupportCustomer support is what builds the base of the company. If we check out any of the top companies, their basic motto will be found to be customer support and the best of the service in the market. Stable Host has also made it possible and thus have grown to great heights since 2009.

​Stablehost Disadvantages


  • High PriceSome of the plans provided by the company can be said to be high priced for some of the users because the same plans can be available in the market at cheaper rate. However, if we bring in the free stuffs provided by StableHost, all your doubts will be cleared.
  • User SatisfactionUsers are being well satisfied since the launch of the company but if we see the feedbacks in the recent time, they were basically negative and was on the negative side of the company. Well, this can’t be the thing that we expect from a company with such great heights and motto.

StableHost Review – Conclusion 

Concluding the topic we can say that the company has always tried to provide the best that they can and will surely do so in the future too. Competing with the top companies wasn’t easy for them yet they managed to make their position in the market and today can be count as one of them. The load time, uptime and the plans and pricing are some of the best part when we choose Stable Host as our hosting provider. Apart from it, the free stuffs that are added up to the list with the plans is tremendous and something which can make us fall for choosing the company over others.

In fact when we compared StableHost with GoDaddy, BlueHost and other bigger companies it made it stand and proved that it can be called among them.

Hope you got enough information through my StableHost review. In case, you want us to review any other hosting site, let us know in the comment section. We will meet up with your request as soon as possible without any failure.