Squidix Review – A Good Web Hosting For Your Website? Complete Review!

Squidix Review

Squidix Hosting Company is quite the popular one right now in most of the part of the country. Well, there is no doubt they have worked hard to reach the position they are at right now. However, a true review on the company is as necessary as praising them. Thus, here we are we the honest Squidix Review as per your request.

Everybody out there was waiting for a true review on the company and that’s the reason we are here. All your request have been taken under consideration and now we will take care of it. All necessary information regarding the company will be provided below beginning from the plans and pricing it ends at the uptime and load time provided by the company.

Squidix Review 2018

Well, speaking of the company Squidix comes under the lot which spend most of their budget on the performance and service over advertising. Even without so much of advertisement, Squidix has well managed to make their position in the market since 2013. It might sound similar to the case with MDDHosting. Well, you might find it to be so because their services are relatable to a great extend.

Coming to the service plans it comes with, then the company is well famous for its VPS hosting and shared hosting. It offers other plans like the following mentioned below.

  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
Squidix Server Locations

Squidx Server Locations

Contents Of This Review

Server location is an important factor to look upon when you are choosing a hosting service provider. Well, there is no doubt that the hardware the company is using definitely affects the performance but if the server location is near your place, it can be a good to do performer for you when it comes to cope up with uptime and load time. Speaking about the Squidix Hosting provider, it has it’s headquarter and server data center both located in Indianapolis, IN. The service would definitely be a good one for the individuals residing there.


Squidix has brought up some of the craziest features that one can ever expect to have with his hosting service. Well, this is definitely a sale boost for the company and a point for customers to be attracted to the company too. All it plans comes with something special making it different from the others. The way the company is moving with its plan, there is no doubt they are planning to aim big and will definitely have it one day. All companies do promise big things but all doesn’t meet up with them. Speaking of Squidix, since the day it has been launched, the workers here are focused enough to provide the best possible. Competition is however getting tougher day by day and the company is managing well enough to cope up with them. The offers that each plan brings in something that is due to the influence by the market.

The features adding up to the plans are also a part of the marketing strategy. Grab the features below.

Squidix Hosting Speed

Promising Speed – At the beginning of the article, it is well mentioned that the company has always chosen performance over advertisement. Well, this is something true and thus they have met with the words they do speak about. The best in the speed is tried to get for your visitors since each and every customer do count. Ultra Fast speed is what they promise to provide on their official website.

Squidix Hosting Customer Support

Best of the Support Possible – Customer support is nowadays considered as an after sale necessity. To be on the safer side, every other company is now up with the customer support thing. Well, after considering all the feedback's, the company did actually stood up to their words. 24/7 customer support is provided to the customers in order to make them feel privileged. For the best of the customers, US service agents are hired.

Squidix Hosting Free Add Ons

Free Applications – Applications nowadays have become the complementary part of the plan if you go for any of the hosting provider. The same did happen with Squidix, hundreds of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, cPanel and many more can be deployed to your site with just a single click.

Squidix Hosting Panels

Quick Setup – Websites do take a hell lot of time to settle down. Well, the beginning gets even more difficult if you aren’t a pro. For the convenience that you expect, the company offers instant setup for its semi-dedicated, dedicated and shared hosting plans. Everything will be covered by them within 15 minutes or less.

Squidix Reliability

Reliability – Trusting a new hosting provider is bit of a trouble for everybody. Reliability is the ultimate motto of the company and this is what they work for. The company promise to provide an up time of 99% without any failure.

Squidix Free Transfer

Totally Free Migration – Moving to a new hosting provide usually charges you a lot. Well, the company doesn’t charge a single penny for the work. If you are moving from an old cPanel to this company’s one, all your data will be safely transferred by them without any loss. This is something good and they will surely make it seamless for you

Squidix Uptime

Uptime and Load time (Uptime 99.99%, load time 657ms)

Uptime and Load time are two most important factor that do affect your website both on short and long term. It is obvious if the load time isn’t that promising than you will  eventually start losing the customers you have gained over time. Well, no user would wish to face this situation. Many companies do promise to provide a load time near 300ms but ends up providing a load time of something around 1000ms. Quite the fact, Squidix is not the same when we compare it on the basis of load time. The load time provided by the company is much better than others and is around 657ms. Speaking of the uptime, well, the uptime is also the best for the customer and is definitely 99.99% as per mentioned on their official site.

Web Hosting Discounts

Replace It With Load Time Test Results

"Note – All the review on the uptime and load time is made after considerable amount of observations and experiments."
Squidix Web Hosting Plans

Plans and Pricing

Beginning with the plans that Squidix provides, we have Shared Hosting at the top with two of the plans that are the only one available on the official site. The plans and pricing are mentioned below. Apart from it, there are certain things that are offered by Squidix along with the plans. The things are –

  • 100+ Applications
  • Free Domain
  • Developer Friendly
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • CloudLinux and CageFS
  • Pure SSD Storage
  • Powerful Email
  • Spam Filtering
  • PHP Selector
  • SSL W/Free Certificates
  • SSH Access
  • Offsite Backups
Starter Squid
Super Squid



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

cPanel and Softaculous

cPanel and Softaculous

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unlimited Premium Bandwidth

Unlimited Premium Bandwidth

1 Web Site

Unlimited Websites

The second of the product provided by the company is Semi-Dedicated Hosting. Well, the term would be new to maximum of the users thus for your clarification, Semi-Dedicated Hosting can be said as the platform between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Whenever a website outgrows the plans of shared hosting, all the service provider make them move to the dedicated hosting plans. But it isn’t the same in the case of Squidix. Squidix has provided another plan named as Semi-Dedicated Hosting to make it convenient and under budget for their customers. Well, the plans under Semi-Dedicated Hosting are listed below.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting
Semi-Dedicated 25GBSemi-Dedicated 50GBSemi-Dedicated 100GB
30 Day Money Back Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee
25GB SSD Storage50GB SSD Storage100GB SSD Storage
500GB Premium Bandwidth1TB Premium Bandwidth2TB Premium Bandwidth
1 CPU Core2 CPU Cores4 CPU Cores
Unlimited Web SitesUnlimited Web SitesUnlimited Web Sites
cPanel Control PanelcPanel Control Panel
Reseller Hosting
Reseller 25GB Reseller 50GBReseller 100GB
30 Day Money Back Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee
cPanel, WHM and SoftaculouscPanel, WHM and SoftaculouscPanel, WHM and Softaculous
25GB SSD Storage50GB SSD Storage100GB SSD Storage
500GB Premium Bandwidth1TB Premium Bandwidth2TB Premium Badwidth
Unlimited AccountsUnlimited AccountsUnlimited Accounts
Managed VPS
Fully ManagedFully ManagedFully Managed
cPanel and WHM includedcPanel and WHM includedcPanel and WHM included
48 GB SSD Storage96GB SSD Storage192GB SSD Storage
2 TB Premium Badwidth4TB Premium Bandwidth8TB Premium Bandwidth
Managed Dedicated Servers
Intel Xeon X3440Intek Xeon E3-1230V1Intel Xeon E3-1270V3Dual Intel Xeon L5520Dual Intel Xeon L5639Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650
$104.95 for 1st month, Then $174.95/Month$134.95 for 1st month, Then $224.95/Month$164.95 for 1st month, Then $274.95/Month$179.95 for 1st month, Then $299.95/Month$194.95 for 1st month, Then $324.95/Month$479.95 for 1st month, Then $799.95/Month
Fully ManagedFully ManagedFully ManagedFully ManagedFully ManagedFully Managed
cPanel and WHM includedcPanel and WHM includedcPanel and WHM includedcPanel and WHM includedcPanel and WHM includedcPanel and WHM included
4 Core Intel Xeon X34404 Core Intel Xeon E3-1230v14 Core Intel Xeon E3-1270V3Dual 4 Core Intel Xeon L5520Dual 4 Core Intel Xeon L5639Dual 8 Core Intel Xeon E5-2650
2 X 1TB SATA or 2 X 120GB SSD RAID-12X 2TB SATA or 2X 240GB SSD RAID-12X 2TB SATA or 2X 240GB SSD RAID-12X 2TB SATA or 2X 240GB SSD RAID-12X 2TB SATA or 2X 240GB SSD RAID-12X 4TB SATA or 2X 480GB SSD RAID-1
10TB Premum Bandwidth10TB Premium Bandwidth10TB Premium Bandwidth10TB Premium Bandwidth10TB Premium Bandwidth20TB Premium Bandwidth

So, those were all the plans and pricing ever offered by Squidix. Any update in their planning will be covered by us.

Squidix Hosting Customer Support

Squidix Customer Support

Feedbacks received by the customers are enough to reveal the customer support that the company provide. There is no doubt how beautifully they have managed to bring in the best for the customers and has always tried to help them with their queries as soon as possible. 24/7 Tech Support is made available for the audience. Apart from it, you can even contact them on phone calls on urgent needs.


The company do have many of the advantages over other competitors. Well, they are necessary to be highlighted and thus we are here with you.

  • Free Migration – One of the best features provided by the company is free migration that definitely helps to attract a huge set of audience who are looking for a new hosting provider.
  • Offsite Backup – Whether it be any of the company, backup is necessary for all of them. Backup makes the customer reliable on the company and once you have gain the trust of your customer, they are never going to leave until you break it apart. All this backups are made every 2-3 days to help you keep your data safe and proper without facing any lose of it.

Listing out the cons for the company was quite a tough job for our team. However, after a thorough study, the con that we did find is the price of the products offered by the company. The products could have cheaper to attract the other section of the society.

Conclusion - Final Words On Squidix Hosting

Concluding the topic, we can say that Squidix Hosting provider has always tried to provide the best for their customers since the company has been launched. There are other hosting providers too in the market but none of them will provide you the Semi-Dedicated Hosting feature like the one we have with Squidix. Therefore, there is no confusion that Squidix stands odd one of others.

Feel Free to share your doubts and queries with us.


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