ProHoster Review – A Value For Money Hosting? Facts Revealed!

This ProHoster review is for those who want to avail a reliable hosting service yet haven’t found one. Many websites out there will promise you stable and fast hosting service…

Updated on September 28, 2019

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This ProHoster review is for those who want to avail a reliable hosting service yet haven’t found one. Many websites out there will promise you stable and fast hosting service but may not end up delivering the promise they made.

As an integral part of your website, hosting ensures that your website is up and running in no time without any glitch. No website can run without fast hosting service.

ProHoster Review – Uptime, Load Time, Security, Support & More!

Contents Of This Review

Today what matters is how much your website is taking to upload. Combining all the cutting-edge technologies, hosting services are ensuring that you can reach to your audience faster than ever. The only thing that seems to be the problem is the availability of hundreds of hosting service providers.

So, how do you know whether paying for a hosting service is worth it or not? As you might have read in many ProHoster reviews, ProHoster is one of the best hosting service providers that ensures speed and functionality. With customer-first approach, they take pride in being able to offer impeccable service round the clock.

ProHoster Review

ProHoster Server Locations 

If you are wondering about the ProHoster hosting server locations, this ProHoster review will answer that question too. Hosting is one of the key ingredients responsible behind your success. Yoru website can be hosted by a server located anywhere in the world. You will be surprised to know that the location of the server plays a key role in improving the speed of a website.

If you want your website to be strong in SEO, you should ideally host your website in a country where your target audience is. In case you are located in a city, consider hosting the site in your country. It doesn’t matter whether you are hosting it in the same city or not.

The whole idea behind choosing the right server location is the logic that your server should be able to minimize the latency time or delay time. Be careful while selecting the server location. Areas with more power failure will take a toll on your website. As a business owner, you can consider giving more importance on Content Delivery Networks as well.

The reason behind that is the fact that CDNs create proxy server with the help of physical data centers. As you might have already found in ProHoster reviews, ProHoster has its servers located in multiple countries like Kharkiv, Amsterdam, Moscow, New York, Tallinn, and Siauliai.

Key Features of ProHoster Hosting

Just like any other hosting services, ProHoster comes with a gamut of hosting services which make it easier for you to reach your target audience. As mentioned in many ProHoster reviews, ProHoster gives a number of features that will leave you astonished.

  • Faster Speed

ProHoster takes care of your website in its truest sense. Their optimized hosting enables you to have a fast-operating PHP. Using CloudLinux and FastCGI, they make it possible for you to accomplish independence from troubles.

  • Great Uptime

Using professional equipment under the guidance of experts, ProHoster provides you with the greatest uptime. Our test websites got an uptime of 99.99% each. It went down for just 4 minutes in the last 30 days.

  • WEB Technology

Another wonderful thing that you must know about the ProHoster Review is the WEB Technology. With this powerful technology, you can automatically install more than 300 programs like phpBB, Drupal, and so on in just one single click.

  • Free 3rd Level Domains

In this ProHoster review, I must tell you the best part of the ProHoster. Once you avail domain service from ProHoster, you will be eligible to receive free 3rd level domains.

  • Free DDoS Protection

Availing shared hosting service from ProHoster means that you will be receiving DDoS protection at free of cost.

  • Website Builder

No matter what plan you choose from the ProHoster website, you will have access to free website builder.

  • SSL Certificate

No matter what hosting plan you choose, you will receive Encrypt SSL certificate without any additional cost.

  • Unlimited Hosting

In this ProHoster hosting review, what you must know is that you will be getting unlimited hosting for any plan you choose.

  • Quick Installation

As you might have already read in ProHoster reviews, ProHoster allows you to Run popular scripts in no time. Whether you want to use WordPress or Joomla, you can complete the entire installation process with a few clicks only.

  • Unlimited Traffic

The high bandwidth network offered by ProHoster lets you handle the incoming traffic easily.

ProHoster HostingPerformance 

Uptime of ProHoster

Offering convenient hosting, ProHoster is known for faster uptime which means that your website downloads faster. The biggest challenge that website owners face today is the increased uptime meaning your website downloads slower. The problem is that uptime determines whether your website will be attracting audience or sending them away.

Load Time

ProHoster also drastically reduces your loading time which again contributes to your business. Having a website that doesn’t load faster will mean customers will bounce. And, with ProHoster, that never happens.


Using cutting-edge technology, ProHoster guarantees that you have a backup of your website. This helps you to protect your data even at the times of technical glitch.


As you must have already read in ProHoster reviews, ProHoster offers special support to those who are planning to migrate their site to ProHoster. During this migration process, you will receive assistance from the experts so that your website doesn’t have to go through any downtime issue.

Support Response Time

Offering superior customer round the clock, ProHoster is known for its impeccable service. Whenever you face an issue, their helpful customer service desk will certainly help you to resolve the issue in no time.

Pros & Cons of ProHoster

Just like any other hosting service provider, ProHoster has both pros and cons as well. While the pros are countless, cons are limited.


  • Magical Speed: Whether you are worried about speed or uptime, ProHoster masters it all. Many ProHoster reviews will tell you how they use CloudLinux and FastCGI to ensure faster speed.
  • WEB Technology: Now you can install complex programs with a single click, thanks to the powerful technology deployed by the ProHoster.
  • Free Domains: Did you know you can get free 3rd level domains once you sign up for a plan? This helps you to reduce the money that you would otherwise spend.
  • DDoS Protection: Willing to receive free DDoS protection? ProHoster makes it easier for you. Once you avail any shared hosting service from them, you will automatically receive free DDoS protection.
  • Website Builder: Whether you are trying to make a website or landing page, the ProHoster website builder lets you do it in no time. You must have already read these pros in the ProHoster reviews. Now it’s time to look at the cons.


  • Online Only: Whether you want to avail VPS server or web hosting, you will have to process your request at their official website only.

ProHoster Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

If you are keen to know more about the ProHoster vps or the cost of ProHoster plans, here are the details for your convenience:

ProHoster Shared Plan

At ProHoster, shared hosting starts from $2.5 per month. Depending on the disk size, the cost may go upto $13.5 per month. With shared hosting, you can get unlimited traffic, MYSQL DB, FTP accounts, DB users, DDoS Protection, and so on.

ProHoster VPS Plan

Having a virtual server hasn’t been easier than this. ProHoster offers VPS service starting at a monthly rate of $2.6. Depending on the CPU, HDD, RAM, Port, and Panel, the cost can go up to $56 per month.Their stable and reliable VPS comes with free control panel, unlimited traffic, and full control.

ProHoster Reseller

Resellers will receive a 10% discount on hosting and 5% off on all other services. As you will find in many ProHoster reviews, resellers get additional advantages like access to 600+ domain zones, whitelabel system, ready API, and so on.

Money Back Guarantee

If are not satisfied with the service provided by ProHoster, you will certainly get your money back. Depending on the service you are availing and the plan you have chosen, the money back policy differs.

Final Verdict 

Still not sure whether to go ahead or not with the ProHoster English? ProHoster dmca is indeed the best hosting service you will ever find online. Having server locations at multiple places including Kharkiv, Amsterdam, Moscow, New York, Tallinn, and Siauliai, they offer impeccable customer service. Their plans start from as low as $2.5 per month.

No matter what plan you choose for hosting, you will always receive free DDos protection, ssl certificate, website builder, free 3rd level domains, and so on. If you are already suffering with your website, this is the right time for you to change your hosting service provider.

For such migrations, they take care of the entire process so that your website doesn’t face any problem. Having a website that is up and running contributes to your business. And, that’s why it is important for you to get the best.

Hope you like this ProHoster review. Comment your thoughts below.