MochaHost Review 2020 : Is This Web Hosting Really Worth any Award?

MochaHost Review: The Unbiased MochaHost Web Hosting Review 2020Contents Of This Review While searching on Google, I found this web hosting company, self-proclaiming that, they won many awards this year…

Updated on June 13, 2020

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MochaHost Review: The Unbiased MochaHost Web Hosting Review 2020

Contents Of This Review

While searching on Google, I found this web hosting company, self-proclaiming that, they won many awards this year and in the previous year. I was really shocked. HostMocha was not a new name for me and for my friends who all are in the web hosting Industry for many years. But I decided to check its legitimacy. I don’t know how I got that tend to act like a Sherlock Holmes while I am finding something fishy about any web hosting company.

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All About MochaHost Web Hosting Company

MochaHost is actually a very old web hosting company which started in 2002. They are well established and keeping a pride of own data centers. They have won some awards in recent years for their performance and quality. The awards include the one from the well-known tech publication like CNet.

MochaHost is based in San Jose, California and their data centers are located in Chicago, Illinois. Data centers of MochaHost having a high standard and which means, they have a Most advanced technology with USP backup, Diesel generators, Security alarming system, Hand Scanners, 24/7 Monitoring and they are maintaining a tape library.

Did they have the same performance as of previous year? Did they get any awards in 2017? Read our MochHost Review further to know more.

MochaHost Uptime & Reliability

We have seven years of experience in web developing and web hosting and we never met a web hosting company which provides a 100% uptime. According to MochaHost website, they are offering a 100% uptime. But we know that 100% uptime is not possible for any web hosting company.

There is one thing that can be good for MochaHost customers. There will be a deduction of 3% of total monthly billing amount if they failed to provide 100% uptime up to 3 hours. If the downtime continued after three hours, you will get a credit percentage of 5% for every additional hour after first three hours. This guarantee is only for shared hosting. If you are using a VPS or Dedicated servers.

MochaHost Server Uptime Guarantee Excludes;

  • Down Time due to Scheduled Maintenance.
  • Problem outside their Network
  • Service Denial due to Malicious Usage
  • Third-party Software Errors.
  • Third party Uptime Monitoring calculations will not be accepted

We have discussed with many MochaHost customers and, they never got a credit percentage even after much downtime. The fun fact is, our test site is down while I am writing this review.

# The MochaHost Load Speed

MochaHost is providing a very appreciable load speed and after 10 different speed tests, which is giving an average load time of 1 second. You can see a Pingdom test result below.

MochaHost Review

They are very good while considering their high-speed loading. The test site has a page size of 1.6 MB and we have tested from many locations.

Mochahost Hosting Plans and Pricing – Shared Hosting

MochaHost has three shared hosting plans and they are named as, Soho, Business, and Mocha. Soho plan is for very small websites and the Mocha plan can maintain an averagely sized website. The best thing I have noticed about MochaHost hosting plans was, they are not cheating customers by taking a huge money for renewal. The renewal costs are same as the purchasing cost.

Soho plan costs $1.95/month and it will give you the ability to handle unlimited monthly traffic, Unlimited disc storage, International standard Cpanel. You can host only one website with MochaHost Soho plan. Details about the other two plans are as given in the mochahost billing picture above.

The MochaHost Support & User Satisfaction

In my personal opinion, every business will have a common area which needed to be perfect for its future growth. A well-qualified support team is an unavoidable part of web hosting companies. HostMocha is having a very poor customer support and that’s the key factor that making their customers flew to other web hosts. They are taking a long time to respond to our queries. and even when they answered, we are not fully satisfied with the answers. The agent really needs to study some basic lessons about web hosting.

Mochahost Review Conclusion – Average Performance at Cheap Rate!

MochaHost is very cheap and it will be a good choice for peoples who are looking for a cheap web hosting for their static single page website. If you are looking for some basic qualities like Technical support, sudden solutions, MochaHost is not for you. But they are giving a decent value for the money you spend (only if you have a very low sized website). Don’t be too excited after seeing their awards. Even you can get an award by spending some money. MochaHost should focus more on customer satisfaction to grow further.

Hope you liked our MochaHost Review. It’s very hard to write bitter truths about some hosting providers. But we value our readers and will bring you legitimate reviews in future too. Make use of the comment box below to make this review interactive