MaxBounty Hosting Review – Plans, Price, Uptime & Load Time!

If you are looking for a detailed MaxBounty Hosting review, you can just relax now. Grab a cup of coffee and have a good read. From a long time, every…

Updated on June 15, 2018

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If you are looking for a detailed MaxBounty Hosting review, you can just relax now. Grab a cup of coffee and have a good read. From a long time, every other individual is asking for the perfect and true review on MaxBounty Web Hosting. After a whole lot of discussion with our technicians and teammates, the topic is finally counted in the list we need to cover. 

MaxBounty Hosting Review

Contents Of This Review

Thus, here we are with the true review of MaxBounty Hosting that would be legit enough to get the true face and the truth of the hosting site. All your doubts regarding the company will be clear; you can make the best of the decision for yourself. Whether it is worth investing your money or not, whether it is the one for you or not, all will be clear today.

About MaxBounty Hosting


Speaking of the company, it is not something new in the affiliate marketing industry. The company was launched back in 2004 and since then has tried to provide the best of the service possible. This is a CPA network or in simple word cost per action network. It has gained a hell lot of good reputation for its service and thus it marked as #1 CPA Affiliate Network. Apart from it, MaxBounty has also won several awards for it out of the box performance, quality service and for being the highest revenue generating platform for marketers.

MaxBounty hosting comes with the high speed performance promising nature and it price ranges in such a wide nature such that both individual and large size business can opt for it and surprisingly, the service for both will be the best without any discrimination. eCommerce, servers, domain registrations and every other internet services required are available right here.

MaxBounty Hosting Server Location

Checking the server location of the hosting service provider is something that you check before opting for it. They may promise a good loadtime and a promising uptime but the server location does affect both the factors. So, in order to make the choice the best, knowing the server location is necessary. For the best of the service possible, MaxBounty Hosting has their server located in Southern California, USA which makes it possible to serve the best of the service possible. Having their own hardware and network gear like other companies make it even easier for the company to stand at the top and rank as #1 CPA Network.

The MaxBounty Hosting Plans

All the plans and services ever provided by MaxBounty Web Hosting are being well prescribed below. Apart from it, representing it in the tabular form would make it easier for you.

Web Hosting
Basic Plus Pro
$3.95/Mo $5.95/Mo $6.95/Mo
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
50GB Storage Unmetered Storage Unmetered Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
Standard Performance Standard Performance High Performance
1 Free Domain Name 1 Free Domain Name 1 Free Domain Name
5 Parked Domains Unlimited Parked Domains Unlimited Parked Domains
25 Sub Domains Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited Sub Domains
5 Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts
N/A Private SSL Private SSL
N/A Dedicated IP Dedicated IP
N/A N/A Unlimited Domain Privacy
N/A N/A $150 Marketing Credits
WordPress Hosting
WordPress Starter WordPress Pro WordPress Ultimate
$5.95/Mo $7.95/Mo $9.95/Mo
1 Website 10 Websites Unlimited Websites
50GB Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
Standard Performance Standard Performance High Performance
N/A Private SSL Private SSL
N/A Dedicated IP Dedicated IP
N/A N/A $200 Marketing Creditsf
Cloud Hosting
Lite Cloud Pro Cloud Business Cloud
$6.96/Mo $8.95/Mo $10.95/Mo
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
2 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores 8 CPU Cores
2GB Memory 6GB Memory 8GB Memory
50GB Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimted Storage
1TB Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
N/A Private SSL Private SSL
N/A Dedicated IP Dedicated IP

These are the plans and the prices charged for it. MaxBounty hosting basically deals in providing Web, WordPress and Cloud Hosting services. However, you can even buy domains here. The cost per domain depends on the variety you choose.

.Com $14.95/Year
.Online $14.49/Year
.Me $14.49/Year
.Site $14.95/Year

​The price for the sites varies in the following way mentioned above.

MaxBounty WordPress Hosting Features

  • Easy Management – Frankly speaking, MaxBounty Hosting was initiated with the aim to provide the best of the WordPress hosting possible since then apart from being the #1 CPA network, it also provides the best of the WordPress hosting possible. In order to make it easier for the users, the WordPress management has been made as easy as possible.
  • Best of the Speed – Whenever you go for a hosting plan, the thing you look for from the service provider is the best of the speed possible. Well, if the loadtime is way too long than it is would not be appropriate for you and your audience as well. Pages taking hell lot of time to load is the worst thing any customer would ever want. Thus, making it possible and the best for you, MaxBounty WordPress hosting promise you the best of the speed possible for your site.
  • Secured – The last thing that any of the website owners would want is to lose their data to someone else. Well, let’s just leave it behind and never think about it again because once you are planning to choose MaxBounty web hosting company, there isn’t anything that you need to worry. All your data is kept with full security and can’t be accessed without your permission.

​Probably, MaxBounty Hosting is the best hosting service provider. If we examine the review that the company has received in the past few years, it shows how great and loyal the company stands for it’s customer.

Maxbounty Cloud Hosting Features

Selecting cloud hosting for your site maybe out of the budget that’s why whenever you plan to go for something like this, you must be aware of the things that the company does bring in for you. Well, there is no doubt how beautifully the company serves the best to its customer and always tries to make the best of the product possible for them. But there are something that needs to be checked by the customers itself. Feedbacks are the things that make up the company a real one. The more support it has from its customer, the more is the power in their hand. Well, various fake reviews can be build but the one provided by us won’t let you down. Below are the features of MaxBounty Cloud Hosting. Check them out!

  • Integrated Caching – Caching is something all companies are worried. Well, clearing cache is necessary in order to make the web run faster and load with high speed. If one’s site is full of cache, it will be become damn slower than ever imagined and thus will lead to the downfall of the number of people visiting your site daily. To totally eradicate the problem, MaxBounty hosting has made this necessary feature complementary for its customer. Caching now comes in built with MaxBounty cloud hosting.
  • Way faster than Before – The load time the new hardware of MaxBounty Hosting Company has made possible is something we can barely trust with our eyes. Approximately, the load time is 2X faster than before due to the new low-density servers and all thanks to the new premium hardwares. The hardware is well maintained and set to work harder for integrated caching.
  • Scalability – Losing your data after getting good amount traffic is the last of the thing that any owner would want. In fact, this is a tragic thing to happen with any of the individual. Thus, it becomes the duty of the company to take care of it. With the cloud hosting plans offered by MaxBounty server scalability becomes 4X times easier for the owner.
  • Automated Failover – To be honest, this is something that can’t be find anywhere else. There are very less companies who do offer something like this. If ever the hardware get crash, you can switch to a new one as soon as possible. However, if we compare other companies, all they would do for you are repair the existing one and tell that you have to wait for your website to recover. This is something that won my heart.
  • Easy Management – The management is something that takes the maximum of the time of the owners. But what if it is the one that can now be handled with the least effects. The first thing that comes to you is ‘It’s a myth’. To be true, management has now been made ever easier than before. Valuable tips and tools are provided to you by our consultation services.
  • Backup – Losing your data is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. In order to help you deal with the situation, MaxBounty Hosting Service has brought up the idea of Data Mirroring. With the help of it, your data will be distributed to 3 mirrored copies which will ensure that you never lose your data in the future. Even if you lose the main batch of data, you still do have others to build up the empire once again.

The MaxBounty Hosting cPanel

MaxBounty Hosting cPanel

To be true, after comparing MaxBounty cPanel with others, it can easily been said that MaxBounty cPanel is the greatest and the best panel web hosting that we have came across. This helps the site to load faster and their max speed one technology adds up to it and make the server response quicker than ever before. Finding someone providing more than usual is what we are excited about and MaxBounty hosting has been added to the list.

Maxbounty Hosting Uptime

Uptime is something that the company does promise to provide and has to keep up to it. Maxbounty server comes with a promising 99.99% uptime which shows how much they want to help their customers with without many any fuss about it. Immediate response is made to the request put forward by any of its client and is dealt with as soon as possible. It hardly do happen when our system is under maintenance for a high time. To make sure, you doesn’t lose any of our customer the things are been made simpler than before and thus taken care at its best.

Maxbounty Hosting Load Time

When compared with other hosting providers, MaxBounty WordPress Hosting made its stand very well. Undoubtedly one can opt for this system because it does have great premium hardware and technicians who will make it possible for you to get the best of the load time possible. Apart from it, integrated caching and data mirroring are some of the stuffs that you would love. Well, all of these adds up to bring the best of the load time possible to you. Hope, you got to know why MaxBounty Hosting is said to be #1 CPA network.


Maxbounty Hosting Customer Support

After FastComet, Maxbounty web hosting is the company that we trust for customer support. MaxBounty website promises to provide a 24/7 hours support for its customer and would definitely keep up to it. On making a check on the review rather feedbacks by individuals, they all came up with saying that Maxbounty is something spending your money on. MaxBounty does provide you valuable time and make your money worth it. Their motto is not just to earn some good amount of money rather they prefer to make customers who stays with them forever.


Concluding the MaxBounty Hosting review, we can say that the company has gained something since it was launched. Faith, trust and loyalty is what the company has gained with time. The plans and price at which they are offered for is also something that anyone can afford. MaxBounty is not something that has turned up to our face in the recent times; the company has made its mark since it was ever launched. Daily backup, Data mirroring, integrated caching makes it even better. Users have reported switching from other service providers to this has really helped them in the past times. In case, you want us to put forward review on any other hosting site, Let us know in the comment section.