Linode Hosting Review. Everything You should know about Linode Web Hosting.

Linode Hosting Review By Hosting Review Now ExpertsContents Of This Review Are You looking for a Linode Hosting Review? We have got many questions regarding Linode web hosting. Peoples are…

Updated on March 15, 2018

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Linode Hosting Review By Hosting Review Now Experts

Contents Of This Review

Are You looking for a Linode Hosting Review? We have got many questions regarding Linode web hosting. Peoples are constantly asking about Linode server locations and about its performance, uptime etc. We are about to host a test website to check the performance of Linode web hosting and that’s when I got a call from my blogger friend and I have discussed this with him. For my luck, one of his websites is still running on Linode servers and it is there for last two years. So this Linode Hosting review will be a perfect review since I got a plenty of data about it.

Linode Hosting – A Look Back

The Linode is an American based SSD Cloud Hosting provider company and its Head office is located in Galloway, New Jersy. The name “Linode” is not just a name. It has a meaning that is easy to understand. Li-node means Linux and node. A node is a basic unit used in computer science.

The company was founded by Christopher Aker in 2003. They have been in The Web hosting Industry for last 14 years. The specialty of Linode is their style of allowing users to choose the plans. The way Linode operates isn’t by providing ‘web hosting plans,’ but instead, Linode provides plans based on server specifications. Those specifications will also let you know the bandwidth for each Linode plan. You are also able to host more than one website on the same server by utilizing Name-based Virtual Hosts. There are many other things you should know before deciding whether to choose them or not. Read our Linode Hosting Review further to Know more.

About their Bad Days….

Every successful company might have faced some bad situations. Linode is one of the most targeted web hosting companies by hackers. In 2013, some of the hackers have stolen 40000 Bitcoins worth $70000 from a client website. They have attacked many times later and the last DDoS attack happened in 2016. But DDoS attacks are very common in the web hosting Industry and even hundreds of websites owned by EIG international group also hacked in 2014.

Linode Hosting Plans & Pricing

Linode Web hosting has two categories of plans named as Standard Plans and High Memory plans. The Standard plans cost ranges from $5/month(Linode 1gb plan) to $640/month(Linode 80GB plan). These plans features have enough capacity to run a high volume website. But if your requirements are too damn high, go for the High Memory plans.

High Memory plans of Linode hosting are range from $60/month(Linode 16GB Plan) to $960/Month(Linode 200GB).

Linode Standard Plans

Linode Hosting Review

Linode High Memory Plans

Linode Hosting Review

Linode Uptime and Load Time

For giving our readers a legitimate Linode Hosting Review, we have tested their uptime for last six months and we have closely analysed their Load time for different websites. We are sure, you will get enough information after reading this Linode Hosting Review. Please read further.


Linode web hosting offers 99.99% uptime and they are very close to what they offered. For the last 6 months, we got an average uptime of 99.97%, and there are only three downtimes happened till now. For the last month, our website achieved 100% uptime and it was the first time we are getting 100% uptime after hosted with Linode Web Hosting.

Server Speed/Load Time

Usually, we are using our test websites to test the speed of hosted server but it was a common method used by all web hosting reviewer. The problems of checking speed by using a newly made test website are,

  • There is very less data volume in test websites and it will help to get a good speed in speed test results. But in real life condition, websites will have a page size between 1MB to 5 MB (This is the average value) and this is different from test websites.
  • Test websites will not include heavy java scripts, CSS or Images, and Videos. This will help them to load faster
  • Many Hosting reviewers asking for free test websites directly from the hosting providers itself to reduce their reviewing cost. Most of the time, Free test websites are hosted in shared hosting plans and you will not get the actual speed while doing the speed test.

That’s why we choose a heavy website which is familiar for many peoples to write this Linode Hosting Review (This is only for the load test. for uptime test, we have used three other websites). This time we have chosen creative commons website which is also running on Linode servers. Let’s have a look at our speed test result.

Linode Hosting review

You can see the page size is too heavy. The creative common homepage has a page size of 4.6 MB, but the time taken to load the page is only 1.84 seconds.

Customer support

Linode provides 24×7 call, email support to its customers. They also have a ticket system to provide hustle free support to their customers. We got irritated for not getting a live chat support and that’s why we raised a ticket. within five minutes, we got an email which saying, they have resolved the issue. They are very quick to respond to your problems. We prefer you to choose ticket system to get a detailed resolution for any technical issue.

Linode Hosting: Pros & Cons


  • Linode Web Hosting Provides Custom Pckages
  • You always have an option to Choose what you need
  • Easy Scaling Option. User can improve their storage or bandwidth according to their needs.
  • Many Features are Up-gradable without any cost
  • Reliable and Good Uptime Value. Linode offers 99.99% uptime and they are providing an uptime very close to their promised uptime value. 
  • Good Customer Support. They are very responsive and The customer support agents are technically skilled to resolve any issues.


  • Not Soo Cheap. Linode Hosting Plans are Costly while comparing with other web hosting providers of same category
  • They only provides VPS Hosting. If you need to buy a Shared Hosting or Dedicated server Hosting, You need to search anywhere else.
  • Developers may feel uncomfortable since Linode not offering a Managed Hosting Plan
  • Linode doesnt provide a C-panel and this will cause some trouble for new comers.
  • Security Concerns. Since Linode servers are attacked by hackers many times, safety is a question mark till now.


Linode VPS Hosting is a little costly while comparing to others. But their heavy price is worth while considering their web hosting features. They are good in uptime and load time, but not providing a full money back guarantee. They only provides a money back guarantee if you cancel their service within 7 days after purchasing. This is a very low duration to check the performance of a web hosting.

The other problem is their security. Their servers are attacked many times by hacker groups and that’s the main problem that we found non reliable. We Hope you have got enough informations after reading this Linode Hosting Review.

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