HostWinds Review 2019: Is This Web Hosting Good For WordPress Sites?

HostWinds Review - Is This Web Hosting Company Worth Buying?

Contents Of This Review

Hi Readers, Here is our HostWinds Review 2019. HostWind web hosting is a gem that we found during our long walk through the web hosting world. It is one of the best web hosting providers that we met in previous year. After few months of testing and examine, here is my latest HostWinds Review. 

hostwinds review 2017

We usually aim at the negatives of a web hosting first and that’s why we are conducting very deep tests before reviewing every hosting providers. While we first read about HostWinds company in a web hosting journal, we didn’t think they are good enough to compete with other premium web hosts. Now let’s go through our HostWinds Review and It will take 2 or 3 minutes since we have added every pros and con of HostWinds Web hosting. But, It will be valuable for you since we can make sure you get every data before you spending money in a web hosting company. Have a Great Read.

#Introduction to HostWinds Review

HostWinds web hosting company was founded in 2010 with an Aim to provide affordable web hosting to the word. They have literally learned from mistakes that every web hosting companies are usually doing. Hostwinds is focused towards their aim and that’s why they built an empire in hosting industry within seven years. They are so friendly with their customer and they even allow you to directly contact with their CEO, Mr Peter Holden by emailing him to

Hostwinds web hosting company is based out of Seattle, Washington, which offering VPS, Shared, Cloud and One dedicated server hosting. They have data centres with well-equipped space. Which include a 24x7 power supply, power backups, network connectivity and they have secured their data centre with digital security systems and armed guards.

There are a lot to be said about HostWind Web Hosting. Read this HostWinds Review further to know everything about them.


What are the factors that making this web host so special from other web hosts? Before going into the HostWinds Review, Let’s have a quick look through their advantages;

Best Uptime

HostWids Promised to give us 99.99% uptime but for the past two months, we haven’t affected with any down time. We have got an average uptime of 99.98% for last six months. If they failed to give you their promised uptime, they will deduct an amount for that inconvenience while you are paying the bill.

60 days money back guarantee

While most of the web hosting companies stick with the 30 Days money back policy, HostWinds providing 60 days for you to take a final decision.

Great Customer Support (24x7)

HostWinds Provides 24x7 Customer support via Live Chat, email, Phone call and they made it easier by using support tickets.

Very Low Price

Their Shared Hosting plans start at $4/month. Doesn’t it seem very low? What if you get unlimited Bandwidth and disk space for just $4 for a month? Their ultimate plan costs only $6.50/month, which give you the benefits of “Unlimited Everything”

Monthly Billing Option

Most of the web hosting providers have a minimum payment period of three months. You have to pay for next three months in advance. But Hostwinds allow you to pay monthly as well as yearly.

Direct Contact Option to the CEO.

If you are not satisfied with the response from their customer support, you can contact the CEO of Hostwinds through his email ID. They have provided it on their website. It shows their efforts to make user 100% satisfied.

100% Satisfaction Promise.

While every hosting provider is giving a guarantee for their uptime, Hostwinds gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee. In last 2 years, only 3% of its customers transferred to another web hosting provider.

Well Equipped Data Centers

They have data centres with well-equipped space. Which include 24x7 power supply, power backups, network connectivity and they have secured their data centre with digital security systems and armed guards

Free Website Transfer

Hostwinds offers free website transfer for their customers.

Daily Back Ups

Once you hosted your website with Hostwinds, you will feel safe about your data. They automatically back up your website every night without making it a hustle for you.

About HostWinds Uptime and Reliability

Hostwinds uptime guarantee shows their boldness and confidence about their uptime. They are promising 99.99% uptime for their every customer.

  • Editors Note : While Calculating Total downtime, pre-informed Maintenance Shutdown will not be counted.

We have hosted one of our website with Hostwinds in September 2018. It’s been seven months now. We have registered our website with up-time robot to get exact up-time value. For last two months, we are getting 100% up-time while we have got a total up-time average of 99.98%. Since we have got a lesser value than they have offered, we have got a small deduction in our Invoice. 

Plans & Pricing Of HostWinds Web Hosting

HostWind Offers three category of web hosting plans which includes Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server hosting plans. We will look into one by one.

#1. HostWinds Shared Hosting Plans

HostWinds has three Shared hosting plans which named as Basic, Advanced and Silver. All plans includes Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. You will also get benefits of dedicated IP Address for free. 


Unlimited BandWidth

Unlimited Disk Space

  • 1 Domain

$4.50 / month


Unlimited BandWidth

Unlimited Disk Space

  • 4 Domains

$5.50 / month


Unlimited BandWidth

Unlimited Disk Space

  • Unlimted Domains

$6.50 / month

We have added plan details on the table above. You can also visit HostWinds for more details about their Shared web hosting plans.

#2. HostWinds VPS Plans

If You are looking for a VPS Hosting, Hostwinds has a well packed plans for every type of its customers. Their plans are named as Budget Linux, Premium Linux, Windows, SSD Linux, SSD Windows and Minecraft VPS. These plans covers all user needs to satisfy its every types of customers. 


Windows VPS plan stsrts from  $13.50/month which gives you single core, 1GB RAM and 50 GB Disk space. This plan also offers an unlimited bandwidth usage and data transfer speed of 100 Mbps. 

To get more information about plans and pricing of Other Hostwinds VPS Plans, Click Below.

#3. HostWinds Dedicated Server Plans

Hostwinds Dedicated servers are giving priority to user needs and they are customization friendly to provide more user friendliness. You can buy their dedicated server starting package at a base cost of $100/month. It includes  a Intel E3-1271V3 CPU with 1 TB Hard drive. You can add features and specifications according to your needs, but you have to pay some extra amount for that. 

HostWinds Customer Support

HostWinds has a 24 x 7 Customer support options through direct phone calls, Live chat and they also have a token system. In a long run with HostWinds, we have many occasions which needed a technical support from their side. Each time we have interacted with their support agent, they are providing good information and support to make our website free from web hosting errors. 

HostWinds has a very skilled technical support team based in USA. They know how to treat customers and even if i asked a hundred queries in one flow, they are able to answer my every questions without taking much time.

60 Days Moneyback Guarantee

While most of the hosting providers are sticking with a 30 Days money back guarantee with fishy cash back policies, HostWinds offers a 60 Days money back policy. 

​But You have to be careful to cancel their plans before 30 days and other ways, if you continued after 30 days and cancelled before 60th day, You will be charged for 1 month usage and rest of the money will be refunded. 

Pros & Cons of HostWinds Hosting


  • Unlimited Policy: Unlike Other webhosts, HostWind will not terminate your account for using excess storage or Bandwidth
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: HostWinds gives a guranteed customer satisfaction. They allow you to contact their CEO, if you need a big help. 
  • Linux & Windows Hosting: HostWinds Provides both Linux and Windows Hosting.
  • Plan Choices: HostWinds have lots of plans which giving more freedom to customers to choose from a vast plan section. 


  • New Comer in Hosting field: HostWinds is a new comer in Web hosting industry. they are just seven year old.
  • MoneyBack Policy: Even if they provides 60 days money back guarantee, If customer cancel their service after 30 days, there will be a deduction for the 30 days usage.
  • Lack Of Managed WordPress Hosting: Even if they have many plans, They didn't have a managed WordPress plan
  • Less Data Centers: HostWinds Only have two data centers. It doesn't have a data center in Asia.

HostWind Alternatives

HostWinds Review - Bottom Line

HotWinds is a premium web host which offers an adequate features which can compete with any other web hosting providers in the industry. We have tested their abilities and performance for the past seven months and we are extremely satisfied with their up time, load time and support. 

While considering the Plans and Pricing, HostWinds is almost equal to other premium hosts like BlueHost and HostGator. You can also make use of our promo code to get 99% off for the first month billing.

You can definitly give them a try and if you are not satisfied, you can make use of their cashback option before 30 days to get a full cashback.


Hope You liked our HostWinds Review. Let us know your thoughts about this review. We hope you will spend a few seconds to write a few words about this HostWinds Review in the Comment box below. 


  1. Michael Mosley says:

    We have had no technical issues, we had one billing question that was quickly handled and easily explained by Chris L. Their unlimited resources with 25 % off are great for me I have recommended this site to others and plan on doing so again.

  2. Amo Baeza says:

    They always have promos and discounts.
    I like their domain registration tools, they also offer nice free bonuses. Happy with everything about them.
    Can also add that their hosting services are professional – so many useful features for running wordpress, Joomla, e-commerce sites – I like it.

  3. Leopoldo Zeitler says:

    I am with Hostwinds for 3 months and yes, it is not as reliable as my other hosting which I use for business. Their customer support explained me everything I needed to know and helped me with setup. Now I run my site and happy. Support is available 24/7 and you can contact them any time you need.

  4. Frederick Germann says:

    I chose Hostwinds because of their policy which fits well with our policy. I was pleased to find a serious company where we could experience a problem-free service for a change. Any issues I have had have been speedily resolved by Hostwinds’s friendly staff and I have been completely satisfied with the service given.

  5. Toby Field says:

    Great host to have a deal with. I have never had a problem. Servers are stable and reliable.

  6. Gerald Branning says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service I have received from Hostwinds. In fact, their patience in trying to solve a mistake that I MADE was exceptional. So thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. Saul Bellantoni says: …. After a long and stressful search to find a better hosting service provider for my web solutions….This is the place I kept my feet. Nearly unlimited web space, great bandwidth, and an unlimited number of email, all backed by a knowledgeable customer support team. What else we ask from a hosting service provider…. Not only having this hostwinds grows day by day!!

  8. Lizzie Croese says:

    They provide fast and fantastic service. I did a mistake and they fixed it. Absolutely fantastic!

  9. Layla Sherriff says:

    I have my server and hosting with them for a while. Great speeds and always expanding services.

  10. Cliff Clemens says:

    My previous hosting company went bust, I signed to Hostwinds and have no regrets. They helped me through the transition from my old hosting to theirs. Helped me set up a new e-commerce site and put up with all of my “non techi” emails and questions regarding the set up without talking down to a keen but non experienced person. I thoroughly recommend them if you need to get a site up and running and you are not totally confident. You will receive all the help you need.

  11. Napoleon Santi says:

    You guys are the best, and I tell that to anyone who will listen to me. Our new WordPress website has been easier to manage than ever imagined.

  12. Mikayla Cleland says:

    HostWinds has provided me with excellent support. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new web host. I really like how they have 24/7 online support because sometimes I cannot be bothered calling. Online chat is a big plus in my books

  13. Jamar Barham says:

    I have been very satisfied with Hostwinds thus far. I have 3 domains with them and have experienced a total of about 5 minutes of downtime in over 5 months. I have had 2 customer service issues that were resolved in a matter of minutes.
    They provide online backups, IT services – their team is really professional. They specialize in managed hosting solutions, software development, website design, website marketing, database integration & programming, & e-commerce solutions.

  14. Antonio Thomas says:

    I am very pleased with HostWinds. Wonderful/dependable customer service who are always online. They have no hidden fees-very upfront about prices.

  15. Amelie Camus says:

    Hostwinds is amazing, they have all the best features and quality that any individual would want when looking for a hosting company.

  16. Frank Neiman says:

    I was so thrilled to be recommended Hostwinds 6 months ago by a friend. I couldn’t believe my luck to find a company who had a package which enabled me as the customer to create and edit my own website without the costs that most other website providers charge. I love the fact that I can make changes at any time to my website without having to involve another person and extra money. This company have always been so friendly, helpful and customer orientated, that I would without hesitation recommend them to others. Thank you, Hostwinds team, you have been great!

  17. Neal Nawrocki says:

    Everything with hostwinds has been tied up well to minor details. Speed and uptime proved that this company is seriously in business and not part time workers. I probably don’t know as much as I should about the ins and outs of having a large website, but with this decent host by my side, I never worry about that anymore.
    It is excellent in every way.

  18. Julio Strine says:

    Hostwinds did all the work for me – they offer a free migration service – and, apart from a quick check that everything looked as it should, there was not much for me to do. I had no website downtime nor lost any e-mails.
    I’m super grateful and this is why I would and could NEVER use another hosting service.
    I recommend this company to everyone I know!

  19. Eloise Nixon says:

    It’s very easy for beginners to get online very quickly, then learn quickly as you go. Customer support is excellent.

  20. Jean Timko says:

    I’ve been hosting with hostwinds for a long time. I run two internet businesses that require extensive work. I can always count on hostwinds to keep my website running and to give me the support I need. I’ve had many nightmares involving different hosting companies. I’m glad that I’ve finally found one I can count on. Thanks Hostwinds!

  21. Claudia Rodd says:

    Technical support is supper fast. I don’t have any problems when I do business with them. Overall, I am happy with services.

  22. Noah Crick says:

    Hostwinds is most definitely the best host out there, the quality is unsurpassable. There is some real gold out there like Hostwinds! Endless features, reliable, high professionalism. I really am impressed.

  23. Robert A. Reed says:

    Hostwinds is one of the most reliable providers I’ve came across. Their billing support is amazing, their pricing is so affordable and uptime is 99.9%. They are a very dependable host.

  24. Malik Foucher says:

    I appreciate hostwinds’ quality of service, from the reliability of their servers to their live chat support, and enthusiastically recommend hostwinds hosting to my clients and colleagues. There are still some quirks, the uptime is good, but there are still a lot of hiccups compared to the dedicated service.

  25. Neil Larry says:

    I can see the website when I surf using the Hostwinds hosting.
    Great, just great, I have dozens of paid subs. The most important for me are their reliable hosting services combined with an extremely competent support personnel. They provide an outstanding and prompt help.
    Oh well, thanks for Hostwinds great service again, I doubt I’ll get the same level of service from the another guys.

  26. Doyle Thorsen says:

    I am a lifetime Hostwinds customer! The reason is simple. No matter how many times I query Hostwinds customer service of technical support, I always receive prompt, courteous, professional responses and immediate satisfaction to any problems I might experience with my hosting services. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s my inexperience or lack of knowledge that’s the problem…and still, Hostwinds comes to the rescue every time. Recently, I had a problem with creating a web form and trying to get it operational. The people at hostwinds patiently guided me through half a dozen email iterations until I got it right. What more could anyone want from a web hosting company? Thanks, Hostwinds, for exceptional customer support!

  27. Harry Rene says:

    Reliable and fast! Oh my goodness, they are very fast. I’ve had complaints about load times before but not since I switched to them.

  28. Giovanni Marcus says:

    Well, hostwinds provide a high quality service along with multi redundant network at nice price. Their professional techs respond really fast to any issues and solve them within 20 minutes and more complicated ones in 1-3 hours . Customer service and tech support is second to none. Average uptime is about 99.97% – I like it. All in all, I am quite satisfied with the service they provide, as well as the customer service and customer support and all the team.

  29. Maria Ehrlichmann says:

    My website is always up I’ve never had any issues with service. FTP and everything else works great and their technicians are really skillful and knowledgeable.

  30. Benjamin Griffith says:

    Hostwinds support is the best and by the way he helped me he made me decide not to deal anymore with any other companies. We have a great deals with great companies but could not believe the way he helped me, and job he did and the answers he gave. For almost one hour and thirty minutes he kept replying my questions, helping as far as he is able. Hostwinds have professional staff. Never to deal with any other companies from now on. Special thanks to this guy. We are going to close accounts with big companies cause we finally found the best company and the best people to help us in our deals in the future.

  31. Tia Bailey says:

    It is really hard to find the right hist from the very beginning but luckily I have faced such a company – Hostwinds. They have answered all my questions immediately and helps me much in fixing all my issues which I face from time to time. Thanks.

  32. Lanny Tranmer says:

    I like Hostwinds web host. Whether it was asking them to install Litespeed, or a wordpress blog, or to help me after my vBulletin sites were hacked (vBulletin vulnerability), or numerous other requests – the response has always been fast and the service exemplary. I have a couple of sites and Data Bases hosted there.

  33. Cary Hazard says:

    As it turns out, Litespeed server provides me with really fast speed which was ultimately interested me in this low-cost ssd web host and it is not failed to meet my expectations. As for their helpful tools, they give you a lot of tools in the dashboard. You won’t need half of them.. but they are all nice to have just in case.
    My recommendation is to give Hostwinds ssd hosting a try – highly suggest this host to other webmasters.

  34. Roy Kittredge says:

    I do believe Hostwinds is that company which satisfied all my hosing needs completely. They are helpful for 24 hours and answer all my questions in time. Great host with unmatched services.

  35. Leon Raap says:

    Guess Hostwinds is really the best hosting provider for me as well as for many other successful webmasters because of their top-notch services, high uptime, fully-redundant network and quality support.

  36. Edgardo Pinnix says:

    My experience is positive and I wanna thank their team for the great hosting service. Their Customer Support was very helpful and responsive. I like this host and my experience dealing with them is great. They are a lovely bunch of people, quick to serve and extremely helpful, i recommend them in a heart beat! You won’t go wrong with them.
    Hostwinds is superb web host!

  37. Normand Klinge says:

    I had to contact support in the process of moving, and they got back to me within minutes especially at 1 am at night and 8am the next morning on a Sunday! All sorted within minutes too. That’s service. I am very happy I moved, especially with the level of support I have received, and will recommend Hostwinds from now on!

  38. Anton Sivertsen says:

    Probably the most affordable hosting plans that are available. I am more than happy with everything that Hostwinds included when I bought from them and I am happy to say that this host is the best!

  39. Özgür op 't Hof says:

    Hostwinds have been a breathe of fresh air compared to my last hosting company. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Many thanks.

  40. Cesar van der Put says:

    Great and trustworthy Hostwinds plans are! They work with no glitches for me. Servers work smoothly and reliably. Prices are modest for my tight budget. Appreciate your services!

  41. Garland Twellman says:

    I have been happily hosted with Hostwinds now, support is great, the servers are excellent and the price is… well.. it speaks for itself! I moved from a competitor of yours who offered unlimited hosting, I was beginning to think slow host was the norm when meters weren’t in place but after a week with you it is clear that I just made a poor decision in choosing my previous web hosting. I couldn’t be happier I moved to you guys, thank you so much!

  42. Eugenio Rosenzweig says:

    The services offered by Hostwinds are far superior to my previous hosting service, which I had for more than a decade. Contact with sales, technical support, and billing has been prompt and pleasant. It is very easy to get a hold of them.

  43. Lon Maggard says:

    Hostwinds is amazing! I was experiencing some server outages. So I called them up and they told me that they could move my site to another server that has more demanding apps running and cater to higher loads. The support team is great, two thumbs up!!

  44. Sal Wahlen says:

    I have signed up with Hostwinds and would like to tell you about the quality of service they provide. It has been a great host for me. It is very difficult for me to find words to express my feelings about their excellent support – these guys are very friendly and responsive. I have been using their services for about a month and they meet my expectations. I’d to add that the price is really cheap for web hosting plans and I am also happy with the availability of the features which are included into the plans. I am really happy using their service and will remain a long-term customer I think.

  45. Mason Laura says:

    Hostwinds is good! They have always had the technology I have wanted in a package that is fairly new and up-to-date. Their technicians are always on-time and help me much for 24 hours. Prices are also not very high.

  46. Alexis Pichette says:

    I love how even with their affordable prices, Hostwinds still loads all of their plans with amazing features. Not many companies will give you unlimited resources and free access to other features at a low price. My plan included a website builder and I was able to create a beautiful site quickly and it barely cost me anything.

  47. Bennie Jablonowski says:

    Been very happy with Hostwinds web hosting provider. I’ve been hosting with them for about 8 months now. No downtime, speedy connection. According to the support, they are very prompt and giving 100% perfect answers to the customer. They have always been okay for me when hosting personal web pages. I was also impressed that they advised the lowest cost package according to my needs first, not the highest cost.

  48. Keenan Mcgavock says:

    The live-support was most of the time very satisfying, I had only once a bigger issue with transferring a domain from a US registrar to Hostwinds what appeared to be a language problem and I needed to sit in the “middle” to translate, what was pretty annoying. Some of the bonus features sound good, but when using them (e.g. WP-installation) there are rarely the latest versions available.

  49. Kevin Decker says:

    VPS package is good value. Machine has good speed and support is fast and friendly.
    Experience to date, excellent. And many thanks.

  50. Abel Urman says:

    I have been with Hostwinds ssd host for about 5 months now and have to say their reliability is great. My sites are in trusted hands. Hostwinds is cool! Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don’t think I’ll ever be looking for a new web host.

  51. Hugo Rissanen says:

    Their service levels are top notch. If/when they ever have an outage(which is next to never) its rarely their fault and they do everything they can do to get your site back up in running even very late in the evening when most other hosts have sent everyone home. It is often that I recommend friends and colleagues to Hostwinds Hosting for their hosting needs.

  52. Flynn Hales says:

    Better then my last provider, and that’s all I wanted. I have had some pretty terrible experiences in my past with other ‘number 1 companies’. I am satisfied with the support and features this company provides.

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