HostRocket Review 2019 – A Complete Web Hosting Package?

All your requests have always been fulfilled so will be this one. Here, we are with the honest Hostrocket review 2019 that you have been waiting for so long. All…

Updated on May 31, 2019

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All your requests have always been fulfilled so will be this one. Here, we are with the honest Hostrocket review 2019 that you have been waiting for so long. All your worries and questions will be now covered by us. So stay tuned and know the right and wrong about the hosting company today.

Host Rocket Review

Contents Of This Review

Host Rocket Features

Let’s Get Started by checking about the HostRocket web hosting company!

​A Few About HostRocket

Host Rocket Logo

HostRocket was launched back in 1999 with great dreams and forecasting. It might be that you haven’t come across the name in the previous few years. However, lately the company has gain good reputations and has made its mark in the market. There is no doubt that you will find the right product for your site at the correct price.

Speaking about the official website, it might turn out to be a bit dull and not attractive but if we talk about the packages and the price they offer their plans at is quite attractive and reliable. HostRocket being an old model in the market maybe failed to attract the customers on the basis of their website, however, their own plans and performance would surely encourage thousands to go with it. This is the only reason why HostRocket is successfully providing services to more than 50000 websites today.

HostRocket Plans and Pricing

The plans provided by HostRocket are different from other companies and basically varies according to the time period you choose to use their service for. So, in case you want the cost to be the lowest, you have to plan for something that is going to last for long enough.

Web Hosting Plans
Monthly Plan Semi-annual Plan Annual Plan Biennial Plan
$11.98/Mo $8.99/Mo $7.99/Mo $5.99/Mo
Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts
24/7 Tech Support 24/7 Tech Support 24/7 Tech Support 24/7 Tech Support
N/A N/A Free Setup Free Setup
N/A N/A +3 Months free service +6 Months Free Service

HostRocket Reseller VPS Hosting

The reseller VPS hosting feature provided by HostRocket is quite different and definitely difficult to list it on a table. Thus, to avoid any of the confusion we would recommend you to visit the official website of HostRocket itself to get the perfect knowledge about the reseller vps hosting properly. However, for your convenience we have provided the link to the visit and the cheapest reseller VPS hosting plan available on the site.

  • Package – 1 Block
  • Cores – 1
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • SSD RAID Storage – 20 GB
  • Bandwidth – 500 GB
  • Monthly Price – $9.95

Apart from it, if you want cPanel for your customers, you have to pay additional $14.95/Mo to make it accessible for them.

Speaking of the Dedicated Hosting Plans, they are same as you have found earlier at other platforms. Check the list of the plans below.

Dedicated Web Hosting
16 GB Intel E5-2620 32 GB Intel E5-2620 16 GB Dual Intel E5-2620 32 GB Dual Intel E5-2620
12 Visible Cores 12 Visible Cores 24 Visible Cores 24 Visible Cores
16 GB Memory 32 GB Memory 16 GB Memory 32 GB Memory
2×500 GB HDD or 2×120 GB SSD 2×500 GB HDD or 2×120 GB SSD 2×500 GB HDD or 2×120 GB SSD 2×500 GB HDD or 2×120 GB SSD
15 TB Bandwidth 15 TB Bandwidth 15 TB Bandwidth 15 TB Bandwidth
100 Mbit Uplink 100 Mbit Uplink 100 Mbit Uplink 100 Mbit Uplink
Free RAID 1 Free RAID 1 Free RAID 1 Free RAID 1
$119/Mo $129/Mo $159/Mo $169/Mo

Next moving to we have Shared SSD Hosting plan that is being provided by the company. The plans are basically divided into four distinctive parts, i.e.,

  • Monthly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annually
  • Biennially

Under each of the following, you will find 3 different plans with different features. The three sub heading under the following would be the same for all, there would just be a slight change in the price charged for the services.

SSD Shared Hosting
SSD Premium SSD Professional SSD Executive
5 GB SSD RAID Storage 20 GB SSD RAID Storage 40 GB SSD RAID Storage
200 GB Bandwidth 300 GB Bandwidth 400 GB Bandwidth
1 Free Domain 1 Free Domain 1 Free Domain

Other services like Web Designing, Co location and Domains are even available at the official website of the company. You can visit it at any point of the time, you are free to do so and get the best of the service suitable to you.

HostRocket – Server Locations

Server location of the company greatly affects the uptime and the loadtime for your website. Thus, it is necessary to note it down before choosing it as your hosting provider.

Hostrocket datacenter

Well, HostRocket has its only datacenter located in Clifton Park, New York. With the DataCenter size more than 10000 Sq. Ft. And building size around 52000+ Sq. Ft., the datacenter is good enough to provide the best of the services for both large and small sized businesses.

More About HostRocket Datacentre

HostRocket Uptime and Load Time

After a brief test on the hosting service provided by the company, the uptime for 2018 has found to be quite good till yet. Approximately, the uptime is found to be 99.93% when lowest and 100% as highest. The four months review on the uptime for HostRocket is being listed below.

  • Average January Uptime: 99.97%
  • Average February Uptime: 99.93%
  • Average March Uptime: 100%
  • Average April Uptime: 99.97%

Load time is something that the company lacks behind. This is the main factor due to which several competitors have taken lead of. Over the last 4 months, the server is found to be 18% slower than their competitors which are definitely not a good sign. The news even gets worse when we get to know that the load time is continuously deteriorating with time. Average Load time provided by the company for the last four month is:

  • Average January Speed: 978ms
  • Average February Speed: 1052ms
  • Average March Speed: 1129ms
  • Average April Speed: 1084ms

Security – How Secure Is Host Rocket?

Security for your data is what everybody should get. Looking forward to the necessity nowadays, the company has taken care of the systems is a decent manner to check out whether there is no fault in it. Reductant firewalls are being attached to the servers to protect the systems from DOS and DDOS attacks at place. It has become way to necessary nowadays to keep your system up to date in order to avoid any of the loss of data.

Apart from it, to save you from losing your data, HostRocket back up your files and data on a regular basis to make it available to you when needed.

The HostRocket Customer Support

Customer Support in the 21st Century is the most need after sale service to encourage keeping your customers with you forever. If there is anything that you lack in the customer support, it can be a disastrous turn for your company. Keeping the point as the first priority, HostRocket promises to provide a good to do 24/7 Tech Support and other helps whenever it is required. Thus, we can say that we can trust the company when it comes to customer support.


  • Good Uptime- This is the part where the company can boast proudly when compared to other service provider. HostRocket has done a tremendously good work when it comes to maintaining a flawless uptime and will surely never let you down at his part.
  • Choose your server location – Usually no such facility is provided by any of the company but speaking of HostRocket, you can choose between the two data centers it has. The one is in Chicago and other is in New York. It is totally your choice picking the most suitable for you.
  • Different Apps – To boost on its sale, the company has brought in around more than 250 integrated app to support its services. Apps like Drupal, Magento, Zen Cart, Open Cart, WordPress and others becomes the part of your plan everytime you choose it. Well, there is no doubt how small changes bring in something big.


  • Slow Load time – Unexpectedly, HostRocket has failed to maintain a good load time in the recent times. Whenever compared with its competitors the loadtime was found to be 18.99% slower than others.
  • Relatively Expensive: There is no doubt on this topic that it is expensive than most of the hosting provider. However, the service is also something that makes a changes when it comes to HostRocket.
Host Rocket User Reviews

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Host Rocket Review 2019 -Conclusion

The company has always tried to bring in the best for the customer but there are certain things that the company needs to change. Like they are still charging some money as ‘Setup Fee’, well no other company does so in the 21st Century and thus it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Hope you got every details about the company after reading my HostRocket review. Do share your thoughts by commenting it below!