HostNine Review – The Untold Secrets Behind Their Web Hosting Performance!

A Few Words About HostNine HostingContents Of This Review Originally founded in 2006, the company is one of the fresh fares in web hosting. In 2012, the company was acquired…

Updated on December 17, 2018

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HostNine Review 2018

A Few Words About HostNine Hosting

Contents Of This Review

Originally founded in 2006, the company is one of the fresh fares in web hosting. In 2012, the company was acquired by Endurance International Company group(EIG), who also owns some of the biggest hosting brands like Hostgator & Bluehost.

Services Offered: Reseller Hosting, shared web hosting, Cloud VPS, Dedicated hosting.

Data Centers available:

  • US
  • UK
  • bookmark



It is the measure of the time for which your website will be available on the network, which is measured in %. Although the company claims to have an award-winning 99.99% uptime which is on 99.94% in actual.

Page Loading

Page load time is the time a website takes to display or download the entire content of a webpage, which depends upon the hosting server, bandwidth being offered, webpage design also on the number, type & weight of element on the page. The speed offered by nine host is pretty good & consistent.


Dewlance Hosting Support

Customer support is an important factor to look in both at presale & post-sale. Three different channels to connect to agents  available are:


PHONE: – This support is available zero wait time & knowledgeable agents who provide detail answer to every question.

LIVE CHATS: – It is available for presale with a long wait time.

EMAIL: – Although provides answers but in hours.

All-in-all support provided is decent but not good.

HostNine – Features

  • FAST PAGE LOADING: Hostnine delivers pretty fast page loading times, 12% faster than the rest of competitors. Also, they offer a consistent loading time.
  • USER-FRIENDLY HOMEPAGE: Most of the major web host establish around the 1990s or early 2000, have outdated, difficult to use and unappealing website that is tough to navigate & gather simple information. This mobile version is even more problematic. Hostnine in comparison has a website with a clean hierarchal organization of information that is easy to use by customers.
  • FREE SITE MIGRATION: If you have your website being hosted by any other host, rest easy. Hostnine will migrate it to free of cost.
  • 45-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Before locking in the deal, many of the famous host provide a 30days money back, Hostnine in comparison giving up an extended period of a month & a half.
  • CHOICE OF DIFFERENT DATA CENTERS: Data centers are available at 6 different locations US, UK, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Amsterdam. The customer has the option of choosing data center but the cheapest shared hosting option can be hosted in US data centre. Also, the customer can switch data center anytime.

Limitaions – The Wrong Sides On HostNine

  • UPTIME: Although, the company makes a bold claim about its 99.99%, award-winning uptime. But the scenario is pretty different when it comes to practicality. The company even fails to deliver uptime of 99.94% which is industry average & provide only 99.96% i.e. .28% less uptime. Unfortunately, the company lacks the most important feature a host should deliver.
  • SUPPORT: customer support is always measured on the basis of time delay, knowledge & politeness of the support agent. Fortunately, there is the zero-time delay, which is a pretty good &knowledgeable support that provides the answer to all questions with detail &even links to additional resources in no time. But all turns bad if the website goes down. Nothing remains in their hand’s &in spite of being decent, they also sink with the ship.

Furthermore, live help is so poor that it cannot do anything except a couple of things like password recovery or open a help ticket that too in hours.

HostNine Review – Conclusion

We can imagine a store that delivers all the necessary tenets like every household item, affordable price & recommendable quality to its customers. But what if the store remains closed most of the time? Will you be going to shop from there? Of Course not! Until you are insane.

The same is the problem with HostNine. Although embodies a commendable page loading & knowledgeable support with a user-friendly panel, but all goes in vein with its uptime, which is no less than a nightmare.

The very first thing a customer needs from a web host is the availability of its website & there come after other tenets. What to do with speed & support, if the site is not available. In case of Hostnine, a problem even not ends here, the company even lacks in providing any phone support and notification or data center migrations even if site go down for months.

All-in-all this host can be someone’s choice if and only if all tenets are necessary while uptime is not, which can never be someone’s choice. So the company really needs to work on its uptime in order to become customer’s choice.