HostMetro Review – An Impressive Web Hosting For Your Website?

Hi Reader, if you are looking for a legitimate HostMetro Review, Your search ends here. We have been keeping an eye on these people for last four months. Many of…

Updated on May 22, 2018

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Hi Reader, if you are looking for a legitimate HostMetro Review, Your search ends here. We have been keeping an eye on these people for last four months. Many of our friends and even on the internet, we have found a complaint about their speed and uptime and that’s why we decided to test them our own.

HostMetro Review – A Trustable Web Hosting?

Contents Of This Review

Before going deep into the HostMetro Review, we will look into its company details. HostMetro is a newbie to the web hosting Industry. They are just five years old and the company having a very minimum number of employees. They started in 2012 and till now they are only providing Shared web hosting.

HostMetro Review – What Makes Them Unique?

hostmetro review

There are no such facts that are making them unique but they are one of few webs hosting companies which provide only Shared Hosting. The lowest priced hosting plans attracting peoples, especially newcomers to HostMetro. While most of the web hosting companies providing a huge discount in the first year and while renewing, we have to pay a huge amount that may be double the bill amount of the first year. HostMetro is slightly different from them and they are informing about their renewal charges through their website itself. as of now, we couldn’t find any hidden charges.

HostMetro Plans & Pricing

HostMetro doesn’t have a large variety of web hosting plans as many other web hosting companies. They simply have two plans which can handle 99% of your shared hosting needs. The two plans are named as, Mega Max Plan and Super Max plan. It is pretty easy to find which one is you are looking for. Both plans are almost similar and hence We will take a look at the comparison. The only difference between the two plans is mainly its e-commerce features. The Business plan has additional commerce features since it is specially made for business.

  • The Mega Max Plan

The Mega Max plan is specially made for bloggers and personal website owners. But by my personal opinion, it can bear a small business website. They are not providing an Unlimited Disk space. The word “Maximum Hosting Space” is a bit confusing and after contacting their customer care, we felt it as an unloyal trick to upsell their hosting. Unlimited hosting plans also have some limitations, but, there is a huge difference between Maximum Hosting Space and Unlimited Hosting Space. If you are buying a hosting from HostMetro, You can’t use more than 15% or 2GB of Disk space.

While considering the price, HostMetro Mega Max Plan having an average rating. While we asked them about the disk space issue, they said only 5% of its customers are reaching more than 15% of 2GB data storage.

  • The SuperMax Plan

The Business hosting plan Includes Free SSL, Site Lock feature, and a Free SEO Package. These are the main differences that causing an additional price than the Mega Max plan. If you are buying it for 3 years In advance, the plan will cost $6.95/month. If you are buying it for 1 Year, you have to pay $8.95 per month. It is a bit costly while compared to other web hosts at this price range. In facts, BlueHost has a better plan for a price lesser than HostMetro.

HostMetro Speed Test Review

HostMetro servers are not so good in speed. We are getting a speed that is little higher for a test website which having only 1 MB page size. We have tested the speed in Both GT Metrics and Pingdom. But both results are showing a value above 3 seconds. You can check the Speed test results in the image below.

If you wish to test the speed of HostMetro, Use our client’s website, to do a Pingdom Speed test.

HostMetro Customer Support

HostMetro is genuine to its customers when it comes to supporting. They offer 24×7 customer support via live chat,  direct call, and email. They are fast enough to satisfy you. We have tested all their customer support services and we suggest you use chat support for getting a sudden response from HostMetro.

The Average support delay of HostMetro is 6 minutes and it is a great value for a Hosting company.

HostMetro Review – Conclusion

A Super Hero Costume Won’t Make You A Super Hero

HostMetro is actually not a cheap web hosting. It is a little costly while compared to other web hosting companies of the same category. The real problem what we felt was their hidden agenda to cheat customers. While checking their plans, we have noticed a word “Maximum Hosting Space” which they used to describe their Disk space allocation for each plan. What is meant by “Maximum Disk Space”? Let’s see what they are offering by telling Maximum Disk Space. 

For a 1 year Hosting plan, we have paid $4.95, which is almost same to many other web hosting companies like BlueHost and HostGator. They are providing Unlimited Disk space while HostMetro is strictly providing only 2GB Disk space but hiding the facts from customers.

Another problem is their site back up. You have to back up your data your own and if your site got hacked, for restoring all your site data, HostMetro will charge you $39.95.

We will not suggest you go for HostMetro due to their hidden policies. But, if you need a personal website, which needs minimum disk space and bandwidth, you can choose the Mega Max plan.

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