HostDime Review – A Good WordPress Web Hosting Company or Not?

HostDime Review 2018 – An Unbiased ReviewContents Of This Review What is pushing us to write this HostDime Review? It’s nothing other than the motivation from our readers that helping…

Updated on March 7, 2018

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HostDime Review 2018 – An Unbiased Review

Contents Of This Review

What is pushing us to write this HostDime Review? It’s nothing other than the motivation from our readers that helping us to keep writing Web Hosting reviews. Our team is always giving the best and notifying about the Scam web hosting companies to our readers. We always wanted you to be secure and your money should be spending right.

Coming into the HostDime Review, HostDime is a web hosting company based in USA and having Data centers all around the globe. Founded in 2001 HostDime is positioned itself to be on top of the web hosting Industry.

What HostDime Offers?

  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Registration
  • Server Tools
  • Server Sotwares

HostDime Plans & Pricing Review

HostDime offers a plenty of products and services which include Linux and Windows business hosting. It has four different server options that range from $35 to $175 per month. These plans are purely focusing on business websites and the heavy price range is matching with the features they are providing.

HostDime Managed Linux VPS Plans

HostDime Review

Managed Linux VPS plan have three types of plans.

  • Linux VPS 1

This plan will cost you $75/Month which includes 1 Virtual CPU unit (1v CPU) , 60 GB SSD Disk Storage, 2GB RAM, 15 TB Monthly Bandwidth limit and other perks like Latest CentOS with c-Panel.

  • Linux VPS 2

The Price of this plan has been increased from $80 to $ 100 recently. This plan will give you the benefits of 100 GB Pure SSD Disk storage, 4 GB RAM, 2 Usable IP and 15 TB Monthly Bandwidth Limit.

  • Linux VPS 3

This plan have a benefit of two v CPU, 140 GB SSD Disk Storage, 8 GB RAM, Latest CentOS and many other benefits like a fully functional C-Panel. This Plan will cost you $150/Month and this is purely for Business websites.

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HostDime Managed Windows VPS Plans

HostDime Review

HostDime Windows VPS Plans are a bit costly while compared to its Linux VPS plans and it is quite common in Every VPS Hosting. There are three plans and we will see more about each plan below.

  • W VPS.1

This is a starter plan of HostDime Windows VPS Plans. It costs $95/Month and Customer will get a benefit of 1v CPU, 60 GB SSD Disk storage, 2 GB RAM and 15 TB Bandwidth with 45 Mbps speed. This Plan also gives the benefits of,

  • Windows Server 2012 Standard
  • Two Usable IPs
  • Plesk Control
  • KVM Virtualization
  • W VPS.2

The Windows VPS 2 plan (W VPS.2) costs $120/Month. This plan will give you the powers of 1 Virtual CPU along with 100 GB Usable SSD Disk storage and a 4 GB RAM. Its adequate to run a Business website without running into a bandwidth issue, since it has 15 TB Monthly bandwidth limit.

  • W VPS.3

It is the costliest plan in the HostDime Windows VPS category. The plan costs $170/Month and the benefits are more than we expected. Two Virtual CPUs will provide capacity to run even a huge website and the Bandwidth limit is same for all the plans. The additional perk of the WVPS.3 Plan is the 8 GB RAM and 140 GB Usable Disk Space.

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VPS Web Hosting by HostDime

Host Dime Uptime and Reliability

HostDime promises to give us 99.99% Uptime or else they will give you 10% off on the fee. Unluckily, we never got any deduction from our monthly fee, since they always delivered 99.99% uptime. I remember there was one down time occurred few months ago due to some maintenance. HostDime already emailed me about the Maintenance down time and after that incident, I never went through any down time.

  • If your Total Uptime falls below 99.99%, You will get 10% Off on your Total Fee
  • If there are many down times and you got an uptime below 94%, then you are eligible for 25% off.
  • In case, if you got uptime below 90%, you will earn a month’s free usage.

Most peoples never met with any down time issue and we don’t know anyone who ever got their service for free for a month.

HostDime Customer Support Review

A company’s success is related to how they are treating their customers. HostDime is a little irresponsible when it comes to Customer support. Even after paying a huge amount for their service, we never get a respect from their agents. Most of the agents are being rude and they are not at all worried about our problems. The average time delay for getting a support was more than one hour (Exactly, 1 Hour and 23 Minutes).

Before writing this HostDime Review, we have tested all their support features to check their quality and we are not so happy with their customer support. HostDime support agents are technically skilled, but they need to be trained to be polite to its customers.

HostDime Payment Methods

HostDime web hosting company worked very hard to bring all possible payment methods to help their customer to pay for their support. You can pay via Credit or debit (Visa and Master card) cards, PayPal, Western Union and even using Bitcoins through Bit Pay. Customers can also use Bank wire transfer or they can transfer money via American Express.

HostDime Money Back Policy

HostDime didn’t mention a money back policy in their website, but they do have a money back policy for 90 days. It is actually a bit complicated. Customer should provide a valid reason and HostDime team will verify it and if you are lucky to pass the verification, you will get your money back.

HostDime Review: Final Verdict

Most of the HostDime hosting plans are aiming only the top class website owners having a lots of website traffic. They are one of the biggest web hosting company in the World and we can see their features are more than enough to run a business website. The variety of plans and packages are enough to satisfy every type of its customers. 

HostDime always keep their promise to maintain the uptime above 99.99%. But there are some negatives too. HostDime is very poor when it comes to their customer support. If they could Improve the customer service, HostDime have the ability to rule the web hosting Industry. ​

Hope you liked our HostDime hosting review, If you have anything to discuss or express about this HostDime review, You can make use of our Comment box below.