HideMyAss Review: Is It A Reliable & Safe VPN? Facts Exposed!

In the digital era, we use mobile phones and laptops and carry them everywhere. Sometimes, we end up using public wifi connections by trusting it. Is our data secured while…

Updated on November 27, 2019

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In the digital era, we use mobile phones and laptops and carry them everywhere. Sometimes, we end up using public wifi connections by trusting it. Is our data secured while using the Data in and outside our home? There are lots of prying eyes around the world wide web to steal and misuse your data for illegal purposes. Business people and many travelers will require a secured connection for at least accessing their bank accounts. All these necessities designate the requirement of a VPN.

VPN is a Virtual Privacy Network, which uses the public network connecting a personnel system with virtual access. It connects your personnel gadget through an encrypted tunnel to the service provider. It hides the IP address of the user, and let the person access regionally restricted sites.

What is HideMyAss? – Everything You Need To Know

HideMyAss – VPN is an Internet security tool provider that provides various tools that promise Data security in the gadgets you are using. HideMyAss Review is not force-feeding you to buy the product. It aims to alert the readers to be careful about your data and an option available in the market to secure it. HideMyAss review is an eyeopener about the security issues while we access the data.

The Internet is as big as the world. There are many lurking around the corner to steal your credit card number while you are sipping a nice cup of coffee and using a Wifi in a coffee shop. There are many hackers around the world to access your location and steal your credentials to misuse your business data. You may plan to travel to many countries where there are geologically blocked sites that you use. For all these problems comes a single solution VPN Access.

Why To Choose HideMyAss VPN …

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Many companies allowing proxy within the organization allocates only VPN access to the employee to secure the company’s data. Many use Proxy servers instead of VPN access. Both the proxy and VPN provide IP masking and acts as another layer of security, but the differences are listed out as follows.

  • Proxy servers are used to restrict the sites or applications during specific times. Within an organization blocking a website, or parents who monitor the kid’s activity uses the Proxy server. It is widely used in the restaurant to authenticate the user. But VPN gives security from the Operating system level. It ensures to reroute your traffic to its network and then reach the server. It ensures anonymity.
  • The performance level is low when using Proxy for Data Security, while fast access possible using a VPN.
  • Proxy helps to restrict the anonymous accessing the system. VPNs do the encryption between the network and the device. It ensures hiding your internet activities from ISP, Government Surveillance, hackers and website tracking.
  • Setting up a Log for monitoring the activities is possible in Proxies. Leading VPNs do not set up any logs to ensure anonymity. Some of the VPN providers set up Logs to keep the user off from doing Illegal activities.
  • Proxies are free. VPN is a paid service. 

HideMyAss is a VPN based in the UK accessible over 190 countries and above 900 servers. HideMyAss is a VPN provider that has a separate network that masks your IP address and replaces it with its IP address. So it ensures, it hides the data and also the location of yours.

Features of HideMyAss VPN

Comparing the proxies, the VPN can help to secure several devices at a time. Some of the VPN has no suitable App, but the HideMyAss holds the best App feature for your phone. The HMA app is compatible and readily available for Windows, Mac, Ios, and Android devices.

The HideMyAss includes all the best features that a VPN could offer.