FastComet vs HostGator- A Head to Head Comparison Between Two Hosting Companies

FastCometHostGatorA Small Brief FastComet web hosting is one of most used web hosting in the world. Its non compromising attitude to provide highest performance to its customers is the key…

Updated on January 27, 2018

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A Small Brief

FastComet web hosting is one of most used web hosting in the world. Its non compromising attitude to provide highest performance to its customers is the key factor that making them stronger in the web hosting market every year

HostGator Web Hosting company hosts over 8 million domains and it is one of the most popular web hosts in the industry. This web hosting company was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley

Founded Year



Data Centers

Chicago, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore and Tokyo

Provo, Utah, Houston and Texas

Regular Price



Plan Details

Free Domain, 15GB DDS Storage, Single Website

Free Domain, Unlimited Disk space, Single website

Control Panel






Free Domain



Supported OS


Linux, Windows/ASP.NET

FastComet vs HostGator- A Detailed Comparison

Welcome to our FastComet vs HostGator comparison in which I am going to give you every details about both fastcomet and hostgator web hosting companies. Since both web hosting companies having almost similar features, it was hard to write this Hostgator vs Fastcomet web hosting comparison.

Plans and Pricing Comparison- FastComet vs HostGator

Fastcomet web hosting plans starts from $2.95 per month and the plan is named as StartSmart Plan. While HostGator Hatchling Plan, which is the basic plan of HostGator will cost you $5.95 per month. If you are a budding blogger who is struggling to find an extra income, you can opt for FastComet StartSmart plan since the price is almost half of HostGator Hatchling Plan.

The StartSmart plan is offering a 15GB Disc space and ability to host one website; But Hostgator Hatchling plan will give you the benefit of unlimited disc space and ability to host unlimited websites.

FastComet Server vs Hostgator Server

FastComet Data centers are located in Chicago, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore and Tokyo While the HostGator web hosting has Datacenters in Provo, Utah, Houston and Texas.

The main difference comes while comparing the type of drives they are using for data storage.

FastComet is using most advanced SSD Storage and Hostgator is still trying to replace their old technology with new SSD Storage devices.

Uptime Comparison between FatComet and HostGator

Both fastcomet and Hostgator promises to give a 99.99% uptime for its users, but FastComet is way better than HostGator to keep that promise. HostGator gives only 99.93% uptime according to our uptime tests for last six months. But fastcomet uptime is appreciable. They have given us 99.99% uptime till now.  It is always better to choose a webhosting which gives you maximum uptime.

HostGator vs FastComet- Load Time Comparison
Hostgator and Fastcomet giving a tough competition while comparing them based on load speed. FastComet web hosting is using SSD drives and CDN Caching. These additional features are making them one of the fastest web hosting in the world. Fastcomet also offers more than eight data centers around the world and which helps users to choose a data center near to their location. As you know, choosing a data center near to you is important for making your website run faster.  Websites hosted with Hostagtor usually takes some more microseconds than fastcomet websites.

FastComet vs HostGator Server Security

When you host your website with HostGator, it is protected by customized firewall as a paid add-on. This feature can save your website from DDoS attacks and malware protection.

FastComet offers a free Malware removal tool and web appilication firewall to ensure security of hosted websites. While comparing both web hosting companies, hostgator has a bigger hand than fastcomet, But you have pay some extra dollars to enjoy that.

Customer Support Comparison- FastComet vs HostGator

Customer support is very important for both FastComet and HostGator. They are giving equal importance to their customers by providing all possible support options like email, live chat and direct phone call option.

HostGator live chat option will usually takes 5 to 10 minutes to respond and fastcomet chat support will reply in few seconds. All other customer support options are almost same and only place the fastcomet leading was the live chat option. You can read our FastComet Review and HostGator Review to know more about these web hosts and you can also get a coupon from fastcomet.