FastComet vs Accuweb Comparison – Who Wins The Game?

Welcome to my FastComet vs Accuweb comparison. Every individual wants the best for their website and when it comes to hosting service, no one wants to take it casually. There…

Updated on May 31, 2018

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Welcome to my FastComet vs Accuweb comparison. Every individual wants the best for their website and when it comes to hosting service, no one wants to take it casually. There are many hosting service provider but choosing the best is what the difficult part you have to deal with is. However, with our help, it is surely possible for you to get the true review of the thing you are looking out.

FastComet vs Accuweb Comparison – Check Who Wins!

Contents Of This Review

FastComet and Accuweb both are the best of the hosting service provider in today’s era. Thus, choosing the one between the two is sometimes a bit disturbing and time taking.

FastComet vs Accuweb hosting

About FastComet and Accuweb

Speaking of the companies, FastComet is a hosting company well famous for its brilliant customer service and high-speed connection. It was formed back in 2010 but the true existence of the site was acknowledged by the people in 2014 once it came out in the market. In the recent time, the company did accept the venture to set up their office in Europe. Well, we can’t just neglect this face because this shows how large the company is aiming to achieve.

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Whereas, when we speak about AccuWeb Hosting we need to move back to the 20s. This company was launched in 2003 with its main department settled in New Jersey. The time for which the company is providing the hosting service is indeed something we can rely on. It aims to provide world-class hosting services to every other community existing on the planet. While FastComet is famous for its performance and customer services, we find AccuWeb hosting to be reliable and persistent with its existent for so long. Well, both the companies have received a huge amount of customer reviews proving they did something exceptional and are the one anyone can trust easily.

But before choosing one among the two, there is much more than you need to know about the companies and their service plans for the customer.

Accuweb vs FastComet Server Locations

When it comes to server location, none of the company is left behind to provide enough data centers for the best of the services. Both AccuWeb and FastComet have their data centers in some of the top countries that everyone is aware of. Well, AccuWeb Hosting has their server located in the following places.

  • Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada
  • Gravelines, France
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Singapore
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

While when we speak of FastComet Hosting, it has its server located in the following areas.

  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • London, UK, Europe
  • Frankfurt, DE, Europe
  • Amsterdam, NL, Europe
  • Tokyo, JP, Asia
  • Singapore, SG, Asia-Pacific
  • Newark, NJ, USA

If we compare the server locations, then we can say AccuWeb has looked forward to capturing the market worldwide, whereas FastComet has picked some of the greatest continents to deal with.

FastComet vs AccuWeb Plans

This is the most awaited topic that you have come across. We did receive so many requests to make it happen this time. So, we just did.

Below are the WordPress Plans provided by both of the companies with some of the necessary information regarding it.

AccuWeb Hosting Plans
The WordPress Personal WordPress Business WordPress Enterprise
$3.49/mo $5.58/mo $9.99/mo
Host Unlimited WordPress Websites Unlimited WordPress Websites Unlimited WordPress Websites
10GB SSD Storage 30GB SSD Storage 50GB SSD Storage
30000 Monthly Visitors 75,000 Monthly Visitors 200,000 Monthly Visitors
60 GB Monthly Bandwidth 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth 200 GB Monthly Bandwidth
FastComet Hosting Plans
StartSmart ScaleRight SpeedUp
$2.95/mo $5.95/mo $9.95/mo
Single WordPress Websites WordPress Websites- Unlimited Unlimited WordPress Websites
15GB SSD Storage 25GB SSD Storage 35GB SSD Storage
Unmetered Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unmetered Traffic
AccuWeb Hosting FastComet Hosting
Uptime 99.98% 99.99%
Customer Support 24/7 Support for the best of the customers Same goes for FastComet Hosting Customer Support
Backup Daily Backup Daily/Weekly Backup as per the plan you choose
Server Locations 7 Different Locations 8 Different Locations
Money-back Guarantee Yes Yes
boast-on Reliability and Persistence Customer Service and Performance

Above are some of the features, we thought you must be well aware of about AccuWeb hosting and FastComet Hosting.

FastComet vs Accuweb Uptime Compared!

Whenever you choose one of the hosting providers, the first thing to look out for is the uptime that the company does provide. A site needs to be fast enough such that its viewer doesn’t have wait long to see the content. After a brief study of both the companies, we found that FastComet to have an uptime of 99.99% while on the other hand, AccuWeb Hosting has an uptime of 99.98%.

Load time Comparison of FastComet vs Accuweb

Well, this is the field FastComet loves to boast about. FastComet comes with a promising fast load time when compared to others. FastComet hosting plans come with a fast of 395 ms which is definitely faster than every other hosting service providers. But when compared closely AccuWeb Hosting gave a tight competition. However, wasn’t good enough to beat FastComet down.

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FastComet vs Accuweb Customer Support Comparison

After sale service is something that is most for all type of companies. Whether it be a product selling one or information providing, if you’re an after-sale support to the customers isn’t good, the company won’t last long. FastComet has always promised to provide the best of the customer support possible. With a wide variety of free stuff to taking the care of the customer, FastComet has never left any stone unturned. AccuWeb do promise the same but in the recent times, customers have reported a problem with the WordPress sites and to which the company didn’t come up with good to do help.

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Final Verdict

Concluding the Fastcomet vs Accuweb comparison review, we can say that both the companies are great and can capture the market globally in the near future. The choice to be made is always yours. Make your decision after comparing all the plans and data provided. However, if you ask our technicians they would say FastComet to be cheap and good for small sites but if you are planning for something bigger, you should go with AccuWeb.