FastComet Coupon 2019 – 40% Off on FastComet Shared, VPS & Dedicated Plans!

Well!!! Are you looking for black friday fastcomet discount deals or any extra discount on Fastcomet hosting ? Do you actually want to know about Fastcomet to find the worth…

Updated on November 25, 2018

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Well!!! Are you looking for black friday fastcomet discount deals or any extra discount on Fastcomet hosting ? Do you actually want to know about Fastcomet to find the worth of spending your bucks?

In both the cases, we are here to help. First, know about the fastcomet web hosting provider and then utilize the Fastcomet  blackhosting discount offer if you become sure about Fast comet. The company started their Easter sales and, this is your time to get a minimum 30% fastcomet discount on every plans.

Note: This post is updated with  Fastcomet black friday discount coupon. All the coupon code mentioned here will go live by November 22 and valid till November 28.So make use of the fastcomet coupon code between these black friday and cyber monday season.

FastComet Black Friday Discount

Contents Of This Review

FastComet deals On Black Friday

Currently there are special offers on fastcomet black friday sale 2018 for both new and existing users.If you are planning buy fastcomet hosting then don’t miss this one time offer (only happens once in an year ).We are listing all the offers on different plans below you can click on the link and simply apply the discount or you can manually enter the discount code at checkout.So have a look at the black friday discount coupon below.

FastComet Black Friday Coupon

Use the fastcomet black friday coupon 2018 given below, to get a Flat 30% discount on every Fastcomet Shared hosting plans.


FastComet Black Friday Coupon

Use the fastcomet coupon given below, to get a Flat 30% discount on every fastcomet cloud VPS or Dedicated server plans.


Sale Offers For Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer yo can save around 20% when you upgrade a plan also when you are renewing your current hosting plan.All these offers are valid till November 28.The cyber monday deals are also covered below,don’t forget to make use of the special discount coupons.


A Few Facts About FastComet Hosting – Quick Look

​It is a web hosting company with its headquarters in San Francisco is a young & small hosting provider with a worldwide customer base of 4500+ customers across almost 83 countries. Comprised of a few dozen employees, but don’t take the size of the organisation in a negative sense. In fact, it is “little packet with huge blasts.” How the small size is good, that we will be explaining as you will read down?

Hosting services include:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Cloud VPS
  • Dedicated Hosting

​Worldwide huge customer base is supported by eight servers located in the cities like Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Tokyo. Such a wide range of server locations always guarantee performance. As when server is nearer to the customers trying to reach that particular website, speedy results are must.

Quick Features – FastComet Hosting

​Along with wide range of servers, Fastcomet has a wide range of features enlisted below:

  • STRONG UPTIME: Company offers an excellent uptime of 99.98%, which is best as per industry standards.
  • FAST & PERSONAL SUPPORT: As we have already narrated above that the company is equipped with only a few dozen employees that not only behave friendly when it comes to support but also reply within seconds. Also, you can see the list of employees on the company’s website. So, you will not be talking to any anonymous person. Whereas in big companies, one can never have an idea to whom one is talking to. In fact, Fastcomet is not a call center with huge employee base who are not technically sound, instead they people heavily pay their small & knowledgeable support staff.
  • 45- MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Fastcomet offers the longest seen money back guarantee of 45 days in the industry. So, if you are not happy with your previous host, join fastcomet or simply flip in a test website.
  • FREE-DAILY BACKUP: This daily backup feature is totally unheard on the cheap value plans, but is available as a standard on all Fast comet plans. Also, it safely backup your entire data for full 30 days. This is not all, one can also restore the older version of its website in just a single click.
  • FREE CLOUDFARE CDN: Fastcomet website hosting company also offers free CDN even on basic plans which is either not provided by other companies and if provided that is on expensive up sells only.
  • FREE MIGRATION: The company will actually provide what it is saying as they are not like other vendors who in the name of free migration simply provide a support document or a wizard tool to move the data. In fact, they have their own team of experts who will do all the migration work without any additional fees.

About The FastComet Free Domain

​Yes! Free domain for life is actually they offer once you sign up for domain name with them. Whereas, it is a general practice in the industry that company say – free domain but actually charge 4 to 5 times the initial price in the subsequent years because they know at that time no one will change domain name. What else can we say about such a transparent company!!!!! Bang-on choice for all business types….

The FastComet Web Hosting Plans


Start smart 15GB unlimited 1 $2.95 9.6
Scale right 25GB unlimited Unlimited $5.95 9.9
Speedup rocket booster 35GB unlimited unlimited $9.95 9.4


VPS cloud1 50GB 1*2.50GHZ 2GB $59.95 9.0
VPS cloud2 80GB 2*2.50GHZ 4GB $69.95 9.9
VPS cloud3 160GB 4*2.50GHZ 8GB $89.95 10
VPS cloud4 320 GB 6*2.50GHZ 16GB $139.95 9.6


cloud1 50GB 1*2.50GHZ 2GB $59.95 9.7 2TB
cloud2 80GB 2*2.50GHZ 4GB $69.95 10 4TB
cloud3 160GB 4*2.50GHZ 8GB $89.95 9.7 5TB
cloud4 320 GB 6*2.50GHZ 16GB $139.95 10 6TB

FastComet Black Friday Sale Coupon Code 2018

Thinking about the above mentioned prices???? Are they seeming high??? 100% sure about Fastcomet???

I have something into my surprise bag, a FastComet discount coupon that can let u get a discount of upto 40%. Use these fastcomet promo codes now: Go to the official site of fastcomet, and use these fastcomet coupons 2019 to gain 20-25% discount.

“Smart customers are Happy customers-HAPPY SHOPPING…”


Now is the time for my final verdict. To summarize with the feature list of fastcomet which is actually large includes- strong uptime of 99.98%, impressive support full of few but knowledgeable people, 45 days’ money back guarantee, free backups, free migration, free domain name and free CDN. The feature bag is yet not empty but also has a feature of transparent plans and pricing, where the company is giving back for every single penny you pay for.

FastComet coupon code 2018

As it is always said that, everything good is always covered with the shadow of bad and so do is fastcomet. The negative shadow includes- No traditional knowledge base, no 100% up time guarantee and setup fee for monthly paying customers. Fastcomet charge a monthly setup fee of $ 19.95, if you choose monthly paying cycle for every plan. To be unbiased, I thought it was my humble duty to make my readers aware about the bad also. But in my vision, these are the type of cons that can be ignored as good are weighing higher to cons. Hope you get a good deal using our Fastcomet blackfriday coupons. If you couldn’t apply these fastcomet coupons, Make use of the comment box below. We are always ready to help you.!