DreamHost Review 2021- Why WordPress Prefers DreamHost?

Introduction To DreamHost ReviewContents Of This Review Before going inside the DreamHost Review 2021, there are certain things you should aware of. Even it is not very important, but it…

Updated on May 27, 2019

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Introduction To DreamHost Review

Contents Of This Review

Before going inside the DreamHost Review 2021, there are certain things you should aware of. Even it is not very important, but it will be good to know some basics about your hosting provider.

  DreamHost is a well known and trusted name in Web Hosting Industry since 1997. Dreamhost started their operation in 1996 and they started to provide Hosting for their customers in late 1997.

  DreamHost is owned by New Dream Network, LLC. This is founded by four under graduate students. After they start to provide hosting for general peoples, they grown big and the company’s reputation touched the sky in between 2000 and 2010.

 DreamHost also providing Domain registration services, but they are famous for their incomparable hosting packages.

 DreamHost hosted more than 1.5 Million websites till now. They recently start to provide cloud services like Cloud Servers and Cloud storage.

 While more than 70% of whole hosting companies in the world belongs to same company called Endurance International Group, DreamHost stand unique by staying under one private ownership.

About DremHost Plans & Pricing 

DreamHost has four types of plans to satisfy every type of customers. They are providing, Managed WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. We will look One By One.

#1. WordPress Hosting   { $7.95 to $19.95 }

DreamHosts WordPress hosting starts at $7.95/month. This is little higher while compared to BlueHost and HostGator, who are providing same category of Hosting. It is only for small business owners, bloggers and personal website users. WordPress hosting is sub divided into plans, they are shared hosting and DreamPress.

WordPress – Shared Hosting Plans : 

You can Choose Payment duration from three types of plans, that is Monthly, Yearly and 3 Year Plan.

If you choose monthly payment option, you will have to pay $10.95/Month to continue their service.

1 Year Plan will cost you $9.95/Month

If you choose three year plan, you will get their shared hosting plan at $7.95/month

DreamPress Plan:


DreamPress was introduced by DreamHost in 2013. Dream Press also have two different price based on the payment duration you are choosing.

If you choose to pay monthly, it will cost you $19.95/month. This is an introductory price from dream host. You will get the same plan for just $16.95/month if you can pay for a full year in advance.

#2. Shared Hosting   { $7.5 to $10.5 }

DreamHost Shared Hosting packages is one of most used than their all other hosting plans. It starts from 7.95/Month, if you are ready to pay for three years in advance. By this way you can save 20% for full three years. Every Shared Hosting plan includes free domain for first one year, free SSL Certificate, Free Domain Privacy Protection and unlimited web hosting.

Let’s Have a Quick Comparison with its Competitors

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#3. VPS Hosting  $15 to $120 }

DreamHost Virtual Private Servers are ultra fast and they are using SSD drives for making the performance better. 


Main Benefits of VPS Hosting is, it’s Calculable RAM, Unlimited Bandwidth, SSD Storage and Unlimited hosted domains.

RAM will start from 1 GB but you can make it up to GB according to your requirements. SSD drives are starting from 30 GB and you can also get up to 240 GB storage.

#4. Dedicated Server Hosting {$149 to $399}

If your website is dealing with a huge traffic everyday, you might need a hosting that could bear the excess traffic situations. Dedicated server Hosting is the solution to handle heavy traffic on websites like e commerce websites.

Not Only E-Commerce websites needed dedicated servers. Celebrities, Media Websites, Tech Giants and any other type of websites which getting more than 10000 visitors per day, cannot survive without a dedicated server.

DreamHost Dedicated server plans starts from $149/Month and higher featured plan will cost $399/month.

Compare DreamHost Dedicated Server Benefits With Other Premium Hosts

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DreamHost Uptime Test

One of the major factor that helping DreamHost to stand unique is, their up time guarantee. While all other web hosts offering 99.99% Up-time, Dreamhost boldly announcing an up-time of 100%. Is that possible? Theoretically, 100% up time is possible, but it is not possible in practical cases. We feel this as a marketing blunder. After four months of usage, we have identified several downtime and few weeks back, our website went down for 37 minutes without any notification from dreamhost. According to our test results, DreamHost have an up time value of 99.97% it is a good value but we feel like, dreamhost under delivered their promise of 100% uptime.

Confused About Our Uptime Ratings? Here is how we do it

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”13″ class=”center-table-align”]

DreamHost Page Load Time Test

It was one our team members decision to test its speed limit by hosting a very heavy website which having a page size more than 4 MB. We use this website for testing performance of premium web hosts. For the first time our prediction went completely wrong. Our Web hosting experts expected an approximate 7 seconds to load the web page. But we stunned while watching the result. Pingdom shows a load time of “2.17 Seconds “. Which can be considered as blazing fast.

dreamhost review 2017

We have repeated the test many times and we got same result. We then changed locations and tried. Slowest load time occurred while tested from Melbourne, Australia. We got 5.07 seconds as the highest load time.

Control Panel

For making user experience more easy DreamHost came up with their own control panel. It is not same as the control panels that we see in BlueHost and HostGator, But it is little different. It will not be easy at first, but once you are familiar with this control panel, you will love it. You will have the ability to change plans, payment info updates,FTP access etc.

During our start with DreamHost, we found it is easy to customize new website. Since WordPress is installed instantly, you do not have to suffer much. Actually, if you know how to use this control panel, you will get more access than a usual c panel does.

DreamHost Customer Support

We consider dreamhost as a rare species of hosting provider which satisfying customers too much. 😀 DreamHost havee a variety of customer support methods including their support wiki. In 99% of time, you can find a solution from their extensive wiki service and FAQ page. You can find a detailed instruction list for most of the common problems.

DreamHost have a 24x7x365 Call support and they are also maintaining forums to answer customer queries with the help of technicians around the world.

If you want to directly contact to their customer support agent, it can also be done directly from the control panel. We tried their support several times and we have got some nice experience with them. Well educated persons are answering our calls and they understood the issue easily and started to ask some questions to understand the problem deeply.

Only once we got little irritated while the agent asked us to check their support FAQ for getting an answer for our query. Other than that instant, they provided a quality support.

Dreamhost v/s Security

In 2012, DreamHost faced a heavy attack from hackers and it gave up many accounts. Within few hours, dreamhost regained their servers back, but every users required to rest their username and password after that issue. Dreamhost understood the need of high security by this security breach and afterwards they implemented many security measures. Atmail is one of the example. DreamHost recently changed their web mail service to atmail, which is considered as one of the safest mail system.

Dreamhost provides free SSL certificates with their every plans, than means their every website are safer for visitors as well as website owners. They also giving many useful instruction to tighten the security of your website through their wiki page. Even though you are in a high security hosting plan, Dreamhost suggest you to make a routine check up through your website for identify Malware and unwanted files if any. Updating your theme, plugins and uploaded softwares is another best option for making your website more secure.

DreamHost Refund Policy

One of the most loved benefit of dreamhost hosting. It shows their confidence over their performance. While every other hosting providers are only giving a 30 days time period to stop their service and get refund, dreamhost boldly gave 97 days of time to make a final decision. If you call them to stop the service on the 97th day also, they seems to be very happy to give a refund.

But Company have set certain guidelines to get a full refund. You will get your money back by a single click, but the amount you have paid for the domain registration will not be refunded. You can use that domain for the next one year (or till your billing period exceeds). No refund will be given if your account was closed by dreamhost due to spamming or other illegal behavior.

Note: For Getting a refund, You have to pay using your Credit Card. Refund will not be given if you paid through PayPal.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”14″ class=””]

Dreamhost Review 2021 -Do We Prefer This Host ?

DreamHost is a good hosting provider while considering every features, support, up time and load time. The only factor that is pushing us back from suggesting it to our readers is their pricing. They have comparatively high price than BlueHost and Hostgator. Other than the higher price, dreamhost is a best option to host a website in 2021. While considering the duration they have survived in the hosting industry from 1996 to 2021, it is clear that they have satisfied their customers to compete with other premium hosting providers. While checking through other review websites and customer complaint forums, we have found very few negative reviews. They are giving 97 days to test their performance and you have the option to get refund if you wish to quit their hosting on the 97th day too.

These are the reasons we find to add dreamhost to our top preferred web hosting list of 2021. Hope You liked DreamHost review and hope it is helpful for you. We have added many tips and tricks, that will be useful for you. Take a look at our other blog posts too…

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