DarazHost review 2018 – Can We Trust This Newbie ?

HOSTING REVIEW NOW – RATINGDarazHost Review 2018 – Can You Really Trust This Web Hosting CompContents Of This Review DarazHost Is a newbie hosting provider which introduced themselves to the…

Updated on April 7, 2018

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DarazHost Review 2018 – Can You Really Trust This Web Hosting Comp

Contents Of This Review

DarazHost Is a newbie hosting provider which introduced themselves to the web hosting world in 2014.  They have hosted only 9000 websites till now. But that is a good number while considering the duration after they started. Here is our complete DarazHost Review to know more about DarazHost and their quality. We hosted one of our test website with darazhost and what we have found was an average performance. They are cheaper while compared to many other hosts. Read our Darazhost review before buying it.

DarazHost Review

DarazHost – Plans and Pricing

DarazHost providing three types of hosting and they are C-Panel web host, Re-seller Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

C-panel web hosting plans starting with$1.95/month. Re-seller web hosting plans start at $20/month and Dedicated Hosting plans start at $70/Month.

DarzaHost Plans and Price

Most of our readers are looking for information about shared hosting plans. So we are mainly concentrating on the c panel hosting by DarazHost.

DarazHost has three categories of C-Panel hosting plans for very personal website users to business website users.

The plans are Starter, Business, and Premium. We have given more details about the three plans, in the table below.

Up-time Value seems to be OK

After using 4 Months, DarazHost is giving an up time that is considered good. We got 99.94% uptime that is exactly same to the required minimum average uptime of a hosting provider. But while we talked with their support team before buying their service, they assured us 99.99% uptime. We are affected by an average 3 Hours downtime in last month. it is also usual while compared to other hosting providers in the same category.

DarazHost – Load Time Performance

DarazHost Load Time

We have analyzed the load time performance of DarazHost for past four months and the performance was good. Even it took little more time to load during peak hours, the overall performance is good. You can check our load time performance Chart below.

Daraz Host – Support

Daraz Host Customer Support

Everything will have the worst part. Support is the worst part of DarazHost hosting. They are proudly talking about 24*7 Chat support, Call Support and E-Mail support, But the reality is, they are not providing any. There are peoples for customer support for sure, but they are not available 24×7. We have tried to connect to their Chat Support, we have messaged them and waited for 23 minutes to get a first reply from the support team. They have provided a phone number on top of their website. we have called on that number three times. no one is picking the call. It seems like a personal mobile number. Not looking like a corporate number.

If you want to get a sudden response from DarazHost, You might have to catch a flight and directly go to their head office. that will take less time while comparing to their chat support response time. 😀

DarazHost – Security

DarazHost Security

DarazHost offering a server level protection for your website in case of any difficulties happened. They also provide SSL certificates along with their plans. Even though DarazHost providing Security features for every plan, we didn’t feel this enough. Nowadays, hacking threats are increasing day by day and you cannot survive if you fully believe on the security features Darazhost providing. If you are a WordPress user, you can opt for additional security plugins to improve site security and thereby prevent spammers and hackers.

Do We Prefer DarazHost ?

The Quick answer is “No”. We don’t need to give you a bad choice while we having a lot of other good hosting providers around the world. If your budget is low, we can help you to choose best cheap hosting according to your need.

This Might be helpfull for You: 

DarazHost have many good features at the comparatively low price. But if you met with an issue and if you needed any help from their side, they might not be there while you need them. very irresponsible customer support making them less attractive. Their Security features also questionable since we were affected with many spam attacks. Most of the time someone is registering as admin on our website. Even after Darazhost support team removed it, it is repeating.

It will be better spending a little more and be getting a good web hosting for your website if you doing it for an income.