Contabo Review – Is It A Good German Based Hosting Company?

Welcome to my Contabo Review. In fact, Contabo Hosting Review. Like any other hosting company, Contabo too comes with some of the great plans. Visiting its site will help you…

Updated on June 9, 2018

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Welcome to my Contabo Review. In fact, Contabo Hosting Review. Like any other hosting company, Contabo too comes with some of the great plans. Visiting its site will help you with all the plans and pricing you want to know. However, to know whether the company actually meets the things it has mentioned on its website, you need to go through an honest review. 

Contabo Review – Is It Really A Trusted Web Hosting?

Contents Of This Review

Well, thus here we are with the true Contabo review that you are looking out for. All your doubts will be cleared now and you don’t have run out to look for other suggestions now.  This is probably the best Contabo hosting review 2018 that you can find in the market.

Contabo Hosting Review 2018

About Contabo Hosting Company

Contabo is being in this market for a hell lot of time. About around 15 years is being spent by this company to reach such great heights. At its beginning, it was just a small office which had only a single server located in Germany. However, if we compare the past with the present, there are multiple data centers and more machines than you can ever imagine.

Well, the company began back in 2003 by Michael Bolke and Michael Herpich which the 3 of the best principles, i.e., best of the customer support, discounted prices, and instant service. With these three principles and on time delivery of all of them, Contabo is surely the top ranking hosting provider in today’s time.

The company does come with one click installation programs and other beneficial features that attract customers like bees. However, while our Contabo review team look deep into the strategy, the company didn’t come with an unlimited storage plan for the users when we speak of the shared hosting plans yet space is found to be able to store a good amount of data. Apart from it, affordability, security and dubbed web space packages is what comes in when one goes with the shared hosting plans.

Contabo Web Server Locations

Server locations are the greatest factor in the hardware that affects the load time of your website. If the servers aren’t well spread around the globe that it becomes totally helpless to provide you the best of the service.

However, Contabo isn’t a problem if you are looking forward to it. Contabo has multiple data centers located all over the globe with thousands of machines in each.

Contabo has two data centers located in Germany itself which are good enough to hold around 4000 servers easily. The first data center was launched in 2009 in Munich, Germany which is even rewarded for “Green data center”. The second one was launched in 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany which is capable of holding 10000 dedicated servers easily. With such great investment, the company has nothing to look back at and will surely move high in the future.

Both the data centers have received the German Data Center Award, the Deutsche Rechenzentrumspreis in different years. The Nuremberg, Germany data center received it in 2017 while the Munich, Germany data center received it in 2018.

Contabo Uptime

Contabo Uptime

One of the three principles with which the company started on its path was the best of the customer support possible. With their words said, Contabo has always tried to provide the best of the services possible and along with it they come with a promising uptime of 99.99%. 

The strategy they follow is to fulfill the needs of their customer because getting the customers for a long term is the motto they want to rely on. Apart from it, with expert knowledge in the company, they are now ready to operate internationally and will be ruling the market from Germany.

According to Contabo user review, Contabo even provides regular training courses, internal training and staff development plans for the best of their employees. All the unprofessional employees need to go through all of these courses and plans if they are a part of Contabo.

Load Time of Contabo Hosting

Load time is what all bloggers and online system owners look for. Load time is simple words is the time that your site takes to load. Well, this totally depends on the hardware that the company is using and we all know that Contabo has received the Germany Data Center Award for the best of the services. Therefore, if we take all these factors into consideration, it can be said that the company does give a promising load time. Even when we compared it with some of the leading hosting companies, it gave them a tough competition and was better than many.

Contabo Features

  • Contabo was the first company to build an ultra-modern, energy-efficient house for 4000 servers and all its headquarters. This was built in Munich, Germany back in 2009. Later the company came up with a new data center which can provide enough space for 1000 server at a single time. This new data center of Contabo won the Germany Data Centre Award in 2014 when it was established in Nuremberg.
  • Well known for their investment in state-of-the-art hardware and technologies now the company does offer the best 10 Gbit/s connections to all its customer with 10-Core dedicated servers and Dual Xeon. Apart from it, each and every hardware is assembled by the employees of Contabo itself and all the hardware are bought from leading companies like Intel, Kingston, and Samsung.
  • When it comes to variation in domains portfolio, a total of 300 varieties are available here at Contabo. Varying from a wide range it is definitely one which provides value for producing material for everyone.

Contabo Customer Support

Contabo was started with the motto ‘Customers are the King’ that definitely shows where they want their customers to be. Customer support at Contabo is something that is never neglected and is always uplifted as much as possible. However, looking deep at it Contabo customer support is definitely the one that we can trust without any issue. From the past 15 years, customer support is one of the basic things with which the company has made it place in the world. Well, I believe if you are choosing Contabo then it would let you down at this part.

Contabo Plans and Pricing

Web Hosting
WebSpace M WebSpace L WebSpace XL WebSpace XXL
2.99 EUR 4.99 EUR 7.99 EUR 9.99 EUR
50GB Storage 100GB Storage 250GB Storage 500GB Storage
Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic
1 Free Domain 1 Free Domain 2 Free Domain 3 Free Domain
1000 Email Addresses 2000 Email Addresses 5000 Email Addresses Unlimited Email Addresses
20 MySQL databases 50 MySQL databases 100 MySQL databases Unlimited MySQL databases
Dedicated Servers
Core i7 6 Core X Dual-Xeon 10-Core
Intel Core i7(4 x 2.66 GHz) Intel Core i7 (6 x 3,20 GHz) Intel Core i7 3930K or 4930K(6 x 3,20 GHz) 2 x Intel Xeon E5 2620v2 or v3 2 x (6 x 2.10 GHz) 1-2 x Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 1-2 x (10 x 2.20 GHz)
49.99 EUR/Mo 59.99 EUR/Mo 79.99 EUR/Mo 99.99 EUR/Mo 109.99 EUR/Mo
2000GB HDD 80GB SSD, 2000 GB HDD 256GB SSD, 3000GB HDD any combination of SSD/HDDs available any combination of SSD/HDDs available
Linux and Windows (2012/2016) Linux and Windows (2012/2016) Linux and Windows (2012/2016) Linux and Windows (2012/2016) Linux and Windows (2012/2016)
6.99 EUR/Mo 11.99 EUR/Mo 19.99 EUR/Mo 8.99 EUR/Mo 14.99 EUR/Mo 26.99 EUR/Mo
2 Core CPU 4 Core CPU 6 Core CPU 4 Core CPU 6 Core CPU 10 Core CPU
500GB SSD – boosted 1000GB SSD-boosted 2000GB SSD-boosted 300GB -100% SSD 600GB- 100% SSD 1200GB- 100% SSD
Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic
Linus/Windows Server 2012 Linus/Windows Server 2012 Linus/Windows Server 2012 Linus/Windows Server 2012+2016 Linus/Windows Server 2012+2016 Linus/Windows Server 2012+2016

The company basically provides the above three services, i.e., VPS, Dedicated servers and web hosting. Apart from it, it does have plans to buy domains too. The price varies for the domain portfolio itself. You can buy the domain for a minimum of 12 months at the best price. Contabo web servers are good enough and can thus be trusted upon.

Contabo Shared Hosting Review

You can find the option for shared hosting under the web hosting menu. Choosing the shared hosting provided by Contabo can be a good choice because there are hundreds of applications that can be installed on your package with just a single click. Apart from the security that you get regarding your website is something that’s well needed for a blogger or a professional website owner. You get a domain free with any of the web hosting plan you choose from the list provided above.

However, the disk space is not made unlimited so it might be difficult to run on it for a long-term basis but the space provided is good enough to provide ample amount space for your data. Still, if you face any problem regarding the disk space, you can contact Contabo directly and ask them for a way out. Even the amount of traffic visiting your site isn’t being restricted by them and along with it, you get SSL certificates for free. Well, if you are worried about the price that to make it clear to you, it is completed under your budget, so there is nothing to worry about it.

Contabo VPS Hosting Review

Speaking of the Contabo VPS hosting, this is the perfect value for product stuff and is indeed rated as the best selling product of the company. There are two varied plans under the VPS hosting sector and you can choose the one preferable for you. Varied level of hard disk space and SSD is available. However, the windows available will be the same for all of the above. A total of 6 different plans are being brought up by the company. While 3 comes under the SSD boosted package, the other 3 comes under the normal package with windows and Linux of both 2012 and 2016 available.

If we look deeper into the matter, the SSD configuration gives away few hundred gigabytes but adding more CPU cores to it helps the user to get the best of the performance possible. In fact, different groups of people go for the boosted packages more offend. However, you completely have the right to make the best of the choice for yourself. Just make sure, there is no coming back once you have paid for the product. The amazing part of choosing Contabo over its alternatives is that it has no restriction on the traffic visiting your site.

Contabo Dedicated Server Review

To be honest, we haven’t tested the Contabo Dedicated Server yet. However, after going through the feedback the company has received in the past few years, it can be said that here too the customers get a variety of options to choose from. A wide variety of operating system with different control panels are available that will give a boost to your plan. Although we have found places where Contabo has lacked in web hosting, where it has played great and have handled things greatly at the forefront.

Apart from it, opting for higher price packages can open up a system of your own choice. All the available things would be made available to you, just make the combination that you feel the best about. Other necessary updates will be made once the testing is completed.

Contabo Review

Contabo Review – Conclusion

Concluding the topic, we can say that Contabo is one of the best hosting providers you can find in the market. It has made its position very clear after winning the awards and if you are looking for a german based web hosting, choosing for Contabo alternative would be a waste of time. In fact, Contabo login is way too easier when compared to others. But I won’t prefer Contabo hosting for users located in Europe or Asian countries. You can check our list of best web hosting companies in 2018 to get relevant informations

In case, you need any help regarding any other hosting sites, feel free to share it in the comment section below.