#5 Reasons to Host Your WordPress Website With BlueHost in 2019

There are numerous hosting companies available in 2019, but why most of the bloggers, including us, recommending Bluehost over other hosting providers. You might have noticed the real fact that…

Updated on October 21, 2019

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There are numerous hosting companies available in 2019, but why most of the bloggers, including us, recommending Bluehost over other hosting providers. You might have noticed the real fact that 90% of top hosting companies belong to the same group, called Endurance International Group.

Endurance International Group Acquired many hosting companies, and they have grown big in recent years. The leading hosting providers, including Bluehost, Hostgator, I Page, and JustHost, have also belonged to the EIG group. But why they differ in performance and quality? Even while they belong to the same company, they run from different servers and locations. The hardware and software used to these Hosting are not the same.

bluehost review2017

Let’s come back to the question. Why were we recommending Bluehost in 2019? You must know the real facts behind this recommendation. Read the reasons we listed below. We recommend you to read our other hosting articles too.

Why do we Recommend Bluehost?

Contents Of This Review

When we are starting a website, we need to get a hosting which provides;

  • Maximum Uptime (100% or close to it)
  • Best Speed
  • Best Price and Plans
  • Security
  • Support
  • Extra Benefits

According to our experience, Bluehost offers what we are looking for in the best hosting package. Let’s look deeper into the topic.

Uptime is the biggest Advantage


Many hosting companies are offering an up-time of 99.99%. Do they provide that much? We have only one answer to this question, and that answer is a big “No.” Previously we have tried A Small Orange Hosting to host this website, but there is a hell lot of downtime happened while hosted with them. Bluehost is offering an up-time of 99.99%. According to the uptime test from January 2019 to March 2019, they are providing 99.98% uptime, which is very close to the up-time value they offered. That means only 0.01% deviations from the offered up time.
Since up-time is very crucial for every kind of website, Bluehost will be the right choice for people who want their website to stay online all the time.


Speed doesn’t kill always.

My mom always wanted me to ride slow. But how can I make a website that runs slow? Every website owners want their website load super-fast. According to a study done by Google, sites that taking time more than three seconds to load is less likely to attract customers. I have mentioned this before in my previous article too. So if you find this somewhere else in this blog, yes I am repeating: D

Bluehost provides the best service to its customers. While you host a website in Bluehost, you will get an assurance on page load speed. But don’t give all the responsibilities to your service provider itself. You should make sure that you are taking precautions to make it Google friendly. We have already explained about making a website run like a Bugatti.


Affordable Pricing

Bluehost has the best pricing for the best plans. Bluehost’s Shared hosting plans are best for making a medium-range website at an affordable price. You will get unlimited domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage space for just $5.95/month.

Bluehost 2017

NoteNothing is unlimited in web hosting. You will get a benefit that more than enough for your website, but not infinite. Did you ever hear about a physical storage device that can store unlimited data? Every physical storage device has a limit. So there is no unlimited storage exist. But Bluehost is trustworthy because they will provide enough space for your website data, even it is very high.

Nothing is Unlimited in Hosting

What about the risk of heavy traffic? You may have seen an unlimited bandwidth offer from most of the hosting providers. When they say unlimited, there is certainly a limit. A limit that your website is never going to exceed. 

There are 7.5 billion peoples in the world, and 3.5 billion peoples have an internet connection. Unless until you are giving an option to download every day free food through your website, you are never going to reach a 2 billion traffic per day :D, And if it happened, I could assure you, no hosting provider can save you from the crackdown. Enough of blah blah, let’s look into next.

Your website is secured from THREATS

You have to think about two kinds of security. You may have obtained your website, but what if a visitor visiting your website doesn’t feel secure. Bluehost is providing an SSL certificate at a low price along with their hosting plan. If you are picking a higher-end hosting plan, an SSL certificate will be given as an extra benefit by Bluehost.

Other than that, Bluehost servers are highly secured by their layered security system. You don’t need to worry much about website security once you hosted with Bluehost. If you are a WordPress user, you can enhance security by adding some plugins.

Bluehost is WordPress Friendly

Bluehost is a hosting that can fulfill all requirements of a WordPress website. Who said this? Not me, WordPress itself suggests Bluehost for better performance. You can see it in WordPress.org website. That makes Bluehost more trustable than other hosting providers. Bluehost is the most effective web hosting, which can achieve maximum benefits of search engine optimization and WordPress optimization by some simple steps. Now you may have confusion about which plan to choose. We prefer the “Plus” shared hosting plan for better performance of WordPress websites.

 There are some negatives too…

We will never say, Bluehost is perfect. Even when it is on the top ten lists, Bluehost also has a significant negative that putting a black mark on it. Bluehost is not good when it comes to customer support. They are not good at all. A much delayed, non-technical support is making its customers un-happy. Giving the best technical features are not enough for good Hosting. Bluehost should concentrate on its support to make it speedy and friendly.