BlueHost India Review 2021 – Everything You Need To Know About Bluehos

Are you looking for a genuine BlueHost India Review? Then here is our comprehensive Review of Bluehost India. It will help you to get every bit of information that you needed before buying Bluehost India Server Web Hosting.

We already give you the difference between Bluehost Global and Bluehost India and you can check our comparison on our blog page. In this BlueHost India Review, we have only discussing about BlueHost India Shared hosting package only.

We will come up with Bluehost Linux hosting review soon. Now Read our legitimate review before making a purchase

BlueHost India Review 2021 - Is This Web Hosting Good For WordPress Websites ?

Contents Of This Review

You might have already used BlueHost US. They are very much popular for their cheap and best shared hosting plans. They are too good and that's why the website that you are using now is also running on a BlueHost server. While writing our first BlueHost review, we have analyzed everything about BlueHost Global and this time we are reviewing BlueHost India since many of our readers are asking about best web hosting companies in India. 

If you are living in India, you will be automatically redirected to the BlueHost India website and you can see their address as BlueHost cpanel hosting company is in web hosting field for past 10 years and they are one of the most successful web hosting company in 2021. It is owned by an International Giant called EIG. Endurance International Group owns many web hosting companies, including BlueHost and Hostgator.

BlueHost web hosting company started an Indian based server by understanding the growing potential of Indian Digital market. Most of the companies now understood the need for online marketing. That's why thousands of new websites are launching every day. Previously, BlueHost uk has servers located overseas and that causing a small delay for loading web pages. You might have already learned about the connection between server Geo-location and SEO of a website. If not, you can read our complete guide to know more about choosing an SEO friendly Web Hosting.

Bluehost India - Shared Hosting Plans

While BlueHost Global is suggested by WordPress itself, let's check the capabilities and performance of BlueHost India Hosting.

Bluehost India Plans

Including the Tax, You have to Pay Rupees 3588/- for buying a shared Basic plan with Indian Server Location for 1 year. And  if you are going for the Plus plan it will be Rupees 5508/- and the same for Choice Plus plan with advanced features (their promotional offer) and Rupees 13908/- for the Pro plan.

BlueHost India Web Hosting - Features

  • Well Structured Data Centers with Advanced Protection
  • Dual Quad Core Xeon Powered Servers
  • Servers are Scalable according to Customers Need
  • Battery back up for Every Servers
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Days Money back Guarantee
  • Free Domain for 1 Year
  • 1- Click WordPress Installation

BlueHost India Uptime and Reliability Reviewed

Uptime is most important for every web hosting. If your website went offline during a peak hour, you may lose an opportunity to earn a good money. BlueHost India is good in uptime. We got almost 100% uptime last month. It is exactly 99.98% and we are very happy with this value. Only one downtime in last thirty days, that is only lasted for 11 minutes. 

Server Speed Test - How Fast Is Bluehost India

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As you know severs are preforming pretty good and they are fast and this is same in the case of They managed to keep their servers loading fast, but its not the fastest shared hosting out there. There are much cheaper shared hosting services like ExonHost with SSD storage and LiteSpeed Cache severs. Coming to Bluehost India they are quick and recommended for small businesses and bloggers.

BlueHost India - Frequently Asked Questions

I am an Indian Blogger, Which server Location will suit for me? US or India?

It is according to your Targeted country. If you are getting more visitors from US, You can Host your website in US Server Location. For Indian websites, Choosing a server near to your Location will Improve website speed. 

What is the Difference between BlueHost India and BlueHost US?

There are many differences between BlueHost India and BlueHost US. The main difference is in Price. You can read Our comparison of BlueHost India vs Bluehost US to Know more about it.

Can I buy BlueHost US web Hosting from India?

Yes You can. You can host a server in US location and if you wish, you can even buy from But for that, make sure you have a credit card for payment.

How can I get a BlueHost India Coupon Code?

For getting a customized coupon code, You can contact us. We will provide a special coupon code according to the plan you are going to buy. You can also get BlueHost India Coupon codes from Our Deals Page.

BlueHost India Review 2021 -  Conclusion

Bluehost India

BlueHost India is good for Indian Bloggers. There are many payment options and that will be helpful for those who need to buy a bluehost Hosting without a credit card. BlueHost is always a trusted company, but we are keeping an eye on them all the time. We have already suggested BlueHost US to many of our readers and we cannot let them struggle if BlueHost lowered their quality and performance. Till Now BlueHost is perfect and their shared hosting plans are best for bloggers.

BlueHost India is little below while compared with BlueHost US. But that doesn't mean they are not good. Getting a Reliable web Hosting for this much cheap amount is a great thing. Hope We have done our part best and If you liked our BlueHost India Review, feel free to write a few words about your thoughts in the comment Box below. 


  1. Jestine Lujan says:

    Very good information. luckily I came across your blog by chance (StumbleUpon). I have saved as a favorite for later!

  2. Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  3. Romain Goulon says:

    A good provider for WordPress hosting. BlueHost India definitely stood for their brand name. Its not quite often that we see a hosting provider with such a strong forte in a particular domain / field of hosting.

    Their support is really good and they truly care about your queries. Free SSL and domain for starter plans is how i began and then in a space of two years scaled the VPS plan i was using. Thank you for this lovely experience BlueHost India!

  4. Insane how BlueHost India’s support and tech team manages to respond quickly and resolve issues so soon. I must admit, I am in awe of such an awesome brand that has expertise in WordPress.

  5. Leon Barthez says:

    Have had a superior experience with their e-commerce hosting services. Thanks for the support team’s guidance wherever necessary. On the whole i rete them 4/5.

  6. A really sturdy hosting provider for WordPress..You get a WordPress hosting plan for an affordable price if you sign up with Bluehost India..Free domain and SSL. Try combining them with woo-commerce when running an e-commerce setup. I had a wonderful experience with them .. The support is helpful and responds on time, so as a customer, you really feel that these guys are there whenever you need help.

  7. Not dissatisfied but okay from a hosting point of view for standard VPS. But with WordPress, I think they are awesome. Really smooth and quick.

  8. Janhavi P says:

    Excellent for ecommerce hosting and woocommerce.. really good to host blogs and showcase products. Support is kind and helpful.

  9. Pramod Satam says:

    One of the advantages of bluehost is that there are more options for blogs and product websites
    (since it’s on WordPress) and it looks like all sites are good too. I think this is a step forward from me if anyone wants to get wordpress hosting I suggest you to get them from from BlueHost India

  10. Namit Patankar says:

    As an e-commerce platform with third-party hosting, we’ve run into issues and too often have permanent downtime. After setting up at least 7 hosting platforms, we landed on Bluehost India with their free domain offering and have been with them ever since. Best in class for WordPress hosting. A good hosting service provider in general with constant availability and support around the clock.

  11. A few weeks ago I switched from my old web host to BlueHost India based on strong positive feedback from a friend, the fact that it is one of the web hosts offered by WordPress and also offers support for the same. Additionally, they also assist in implementation from their Customer Service team, which is great.

    I have some amount of technical knowledge to know that I do not know everything. This is why I relied on BlueHost’s team to deliver and they did not disappoint. So far, whenever I have had doubts, their team has helped me out and ensured that there are no loose ends as such. Which is why I am glad I chose BlueHost India in the first place.

  12. Enjoying the eCommerce experience for my first website..I wanted to build a website where I can showcase fine art and artist descriptions to the corporate real estate market. For which I needed a website that was aesthetic and had enough performance firepower to sustain through time because the files were heavy and also videos were many.

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