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Which is best Hosting for Indian bloggers to host a website in 2018? Can I go for instead of These questions are very much asked recently in google. You…

Updated on December 31, 2018

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Bluehost india vs bluehost us

Which is best Hosting for Indian bloggers to host a website in 2018? Can I go for instead of These questions are very much asked recently in google. You may have found many positive and negative reviews about both Bluehost hostings.

BlueHost India Vs BlueHost Global

Contents Of This Review

While having a lot of affiliate marketers in google, whose review you will trust? Read our Complete Honest review and comparison of Bluehost India vs before taking a decision.


  • Bluehost India Server-Overview
  • Bluehost India worth Money? Features of Bluehost India.
  • What is the Difference between Bluehost India &
    • SERVER
    • C-PANEL
  • Who wins the Game?- Our Verdict

Bluehost India a Quick overview

Bluehost is a very popular Hosting company that introduced new technologies like CPU Throttling technology in shared hosting Industry. Bluehost global is own by EIG group, a company who also owns many other hosting companies like Hostgator and A Small orange. A small orange recently closed their service by asking their customers to change their hosting to any other hosting company.

After knowing the web growth in India, EIG Group started a new Hosting company in India and named it as Bluehost India. But Bluehost India is entirely different from Bluehost US. EIG Group used the name “Bluehost” to just add a brand name to their new company. There are a lot of things you should know before choosing a hosting from Their servers are also not same as the Bluehost US.

If you are a confused Indian Blogger and you cannot decide from which you should buy hosting, here is our complete review and comparison of vs

Bluehost India Features- What they are Offering?

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Easy WordPress Installation
  • World’s Leading Hosting Control Panel
  • Advanced Optimization for Email & e-Commerce Hosting
  • Secure FTP Access
  • Programming Support for PHP 5.3x, 5.4x, Perl, Python, RoR, GD, cURL, CGI, mcrypt, Apache 2.2x, and MySQL 5
  • Dual Quad-Core Xeon Powered Servers
  • 24 GB RAM
  • Free DNS Management
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Difference between vs

I will never pay money for any product without confirming its quality. For buying a good shared hosting, you are going to spend around 7000 rupees or 100+$. Before spending that much money, read our complete comparison and review about and Now spend a few minutes to pay your money on a valuable hosting. Let’s now check the differences between and

1. What is the difference between Servers?

As I told you earlier, Bluehost is owned by EIG Group and the same EIG Group owns another well-known Hosting company known as “Reseller Club”. Reseller club is based in Mumbai, India and Bluehost India also using the same servers run by Reseller club.

We hosted one of our test website with Bluehost India and tested their quality for the past one month. We are not getting any super speed or Load time as the Bluehost India says. Actually, we are getting little less quality while comparing the load speed of the Indian Bluehost Server with server.

Bluehost India Server Location:                      Mumbai Data centre

Bluehost US Server Location:               Location 1. Provo, Utah: Main US Data Center

Location 2. Orem, Utah: Secondary US Data Center

  • Server Security The Bluehost US has high-end security features. Their security structure is a layered type and considered as the future enterprise level network security.
  • Server Security Bluehost.In: For Indian Bluehost server, security features are very less compared to US Servers and hence threat defending capacity may be less too.

2. Differences in Plan, Price & Payment.

Bluehost review 2017

This is the important aspect that Indian bloggers should differentiate with both hostings. Bluehost India has an entirely different Plans and Comparatively same pricing when compared to We made it simple through the below table. Go through it and compare it yourself.
·         Bluehost India has three different Shared hosting plans, they are Standard, Business and Pro.

·         Standard Plan cost 289 Rs/ Month that is 4.34 US$

·         Standard Plan allows Hosting of only One Domain

·         Business Plan allows Only 3 website Hosting

·         Allows Payment via Debit Cards, Net Banking, Offline payment options, Credit Cards

·         Our Plan, Pricing and Payment Rating 3/5

· has three Different Shared hosting plans, they are Basic, Plus and Prime.

·         Basic Plan cost $3.95 that is 264 Indian Rupees

·         Basic plan allows Hosting of only one Domain

·         Plus plan allows Unlimited Domain Hosting

·         Allows payment via PayPal & Credit card only

·         Our Plan, Pricing and Payment Rating 3.2/5

Bluehost review

3. Shall we compare the C-Panel Now?

Whatever hosting you buy, you need to make sure about its user friendliness. C-panel is the place from where we can control our entire website. have a simple- well organized C-panel which have easy to access options allocated on it.

Bluehost global

Bluehost India is a long way back to reach a better C-panel as has. Blue host India has a very common c-panel that is not looking nice and not as easy to access like we accessing on Bluehost global.



4. UP-Time & Load Time Matters

If you are going to a cheap hosting plan, you should have compromise on these factors. Uptime and load time should be the main factor that you should check before buying any hosting. Bluehost global have a very fair rating for both, but what about Bluehost India? Let’s check.


  • After checking the one month result of up time, Bluehost India has a Uptime average of 99.92% and that is below the Industry average of 99.94%. wins the game in uptime category since it has 99.94% uptime.
  • Maximum Down-Time duration occurred to us: 13 Minutes


  • The biggest problem of Bluehost India was its slow page load speed. We are not at all satisfied with Bluehost India page load time.
  • Our Load time test always shows a speed that is always higher than the average of 700ms

DEC-08-2016       :               1170MS

DEC-15-2016       :               1039MS

DEC-23-2016       :               906MS

DEC-28-2016       :               2532MS

JAN-04-2017       :               842MS

JAN-12-2017       :               925MS

JAN-20-2017       :               790MS

FEB-10-2017       :               1650MS


  • Average Page Load Time of Bluehost India: 1231MS, it is very much higher than the average of 700ms.
  • You can also read the Load Test & Speed Test of

Editor’s Note: What are 700ms means? Don’t get confused. Your one eye blinking will take 400ms. Now your calculation will become much easier.


Customer Service is not that Happy 🙁

The country may change, servers may change, but customer service response remains same as Both and has a very high customer response time. Earlier in the Bluehost global review, I have told you that I have waited more than one and half hour to solve a very silly issue.

We initiated a test by pushing the same issue to customer care of Bluehost India. They took two hours and twenty minutes to resolve our simple issue.

Only thing I felt happy with the Bluehost India customer service was, the girl I was talking to have a very sweet voice while Bluehost global never allow me to talk with a girl when calling to their customer service 😉

Can I get a Refund? – Bluehost India Refund Policy Review

One year back I got some issue with Bluehost site lock feature and I asked for the refund. Bluehost global did a fine job by refunding 90% of money back to my account and I was very happy about that since the issue happened by my mistake. Bluehost is very different from many other hosting companies and they are always ready to give the refund for reasonable issues.  Many of my friends have a good experience with Bluehost India also. Both Bluehost global and Bluehost India are loyal to their customer by their money back policy.

Who wins the Game? – Our Verdict

While considering every factors and feature we have checked so far, does the job better than Bluehost India. If you have an International payment option (Credit Card or PayPal Account), Bluehost global will be a better hosting option. But if you don’t have any International payment option, Bluehost India will not disappoint you.

Hope you liked this article, Do share your thoughts and comments below.