Big Rock Hosting Review 2019: Is This Web Hosting Good For WordPress Sites?

BigRock Review – Is This Web Hosting Company Best For You?Contents Of This Review Are you an Indian Blogger or businessman, running your business, earning your revenue through a website?…

Updated on February 14, 2019

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BigRock Review – Is This Web Hosting Company Best For You?

Contents Of This Review

Are you an Indian Blogger or businessman, running your business, earning your revenue through a website? Then this is the place to know about the strong basement of every website. We are talking about web hosting. You need to be more cunning to choose the best web hosting for your website that matches your requirements. Here comes the BigRock Hosting Review 2018. You will know more details about this Indian Web hosting company while finishing this article.bluehost review 2017

We insist you read it fully. Since we are Sherlock Holmes of hosting town, who will continuously investigate to find the best hosting company in 2018 by putting unhealthy hosting companies into the trash. BigRock Review will not take more than 2 minutes of your valuable time. Have a great read.

The Big Rock Hosting Types

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Specialized Hosting
    • WordPress Hosting
    • CMS Hosting
    • E-Commerce Hosting

BigRock Hosting Plans and Pricing – Shared Hosting

BigRock Hosting has different plans for different locations. You can choose between their Windows hosting and Linux Hosting. If you are in India, you will get their each hosting plans at a comparatively lower price than US, China or any other countries. Let’s look into one by one.

BigRock Hosting Plans for Indian Customers- Bigrock India Plans

As I said you earlier, BigRock has two different software hostings, Linux and Windows. Here is the BigRock India Plans and Pricing.

BigRock hosting review 201

BigRock India offers 4 different plans in their Linux web hosting category, they are 

BigRock India offering a starter hosting plan at a very low price of just 89Rs/Month. Will it be beneficial for you? Yes, only if you are paying for 10 Years. That means you have to pay 1068o Rupees+ Tax to get this offer. The below-given price table will tell you more about their pricing.

Plan Duration Price
1 Year Plan 199 Rs/Month
2 Year Plan 169 Rs/Month
3 Year Plan 149 RS/Month
5 Year Plan 149 Rs/Month
10 Year Plan

89 Rs/Month

BigRock Global Plans and Pricing

BigRock global and BigRock US has almost the same plans and pricing. But it is very different from BigRock India plans and Pricing.

BigRock Review 2017

BigRock Global also Providing Four types of hosting plans. They are,

bigrock review 2017

Plan Duration Price
1 Year Plan $2.39/Month
2 Year Plan $2.29 /Month
3 Year Plan $2.19/Month
5 Year Plan $1.99/Month
10 Year Plan $1.59/Month

BigRock Hosting Load Time Test- Latest Speed test in 2018

Does Bigrock provide a good page load time to the websites hosted on BigRock servers?

We have test websites hosted by both BigRock India and BigRock Global. It has been Four months since we hosted our test websites with BigRock. Our aim is to check their Load time, Uptime and quality of support features. We have closely monitored their load time and you can see our latest Load test result below.

Our test website homepage size is below 1.5 MB, Which is a medium page size to check the compatibility with medium size websites. We have got a load time of 20.2 Seconds. The average page load time we have got is 8.3 seconds. According to Google, you will lose almost 80% site traffic, if your page load time is above 3 seconds. If you are ready to play with the patience of your visitors, you can choose BigRock India for hosting your website.

What about BigRock Global servers?

Whether it is BigRock India or BigRock Global, The performance results are almost the same. Our website which hosted with BigRock global server has a page size of 735KB which is considered as normal page size, but the page load time remains same as BigRock India load time. Check out our result below.

BigRock Coupons- Get the Best Bigrock discount coupons

You can make use of our special coupons to get 20% discount on BigRock Hosting plans. Codes are given below

  • BR20HRN
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Does BigRock Web Hosting Worth Buy? – Our Verdict

Are you still confused about buying hosting from BigRock? Do they provide a hosting worth for the money you spend? BigRock actually provides a satisfactory hosting for its customers. But that doesn’t mean you will get like too. Everything is up to your requirements. You could never think of a word class performance and support from BigRock. You might not get an Uptime, or Load time as you getting from Bluehost or Hostgator.

If you are looking for a Reliable, cheap and best hosting, you can opt for HostGator. Hostgator India and Hostgator global, both were providing a high-class hosting service. They are providing lots of summer offers for their new customers and in addition to it, you can also get offers from our website. The only things you need to do are copy and paste the coupon codes we are providing.