Top 10 Web Hostings in 2018Contents Of This Review If you are a newbie to the website world and thinking of buying the best web hosting for building your own…

Updated on August 16, 2018

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Top 10 Web Hostings in 2018

Contents Of This Review

If you are a newbie to the website world and thinking of buying the best web hosting for building your own website, this is the place you searched for. This article will help you greatly to find the BEST WEB HOSTINGS 2018. These web hosting providers which we have listed here are chosen by detailed reviewing with the support of web hosting experts.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies



1. SiteGround- The Handmade Web Hosting

SiteGround Web Hosting recently gained huge positive reviews and popularity among bloggers and web developers. Like we said in our previous article, we are using Siteground for past 18 Months and what we have got from them was an awesome result. Let’s look into the main points that made Siteground stand top in the top 10 web hosting 2018 list.

best hostings 2017

  • Unbelievably Highest Up-Time. Siteground Offered 99.99% UP-Time, but our test websites never went down after hosted with Siteground hosting. We got 100% Up Time.
  • Speed Test proves that Siteground stands in top 3 lists of Fastest hosting providers in the world. In the recent tests, we got an average of 387ms that is faster than an eye blink. The lowest speed occurred to us in 2016 October, which is 659ms.
  • Customer Support is very appreciable while compared with other Hosting companies. We tested the live chat feature and they responded within 20 seconds and that was awesome. It took less than 05 minutes for getting connected to their agent on phone.
  • They Provide Managed WordPress Hosting with all plans; MWH Include Random security check up, monthly back up, Accessibility to some wordpress premium plugins etc.

top hosting 2017

  • Siteground was an expensive hosting option earlier, but now they have plans starting at 3.95$/ month.
  • Storage Place is a little less compared to other hosting providers, but SiteGround will give you a clear view of the capacity of monthly visitors that you can manage with every hosting plan they have.

2. I Page- Hosting Since 1998

We have analyzed I page hosting services for more than three months and our experts confirmed that I page have all quality to stand in the second place of Top 10 best web hosting list-2018.

top 10 hostings 2017

  • I-Page is one of the favorite hostings among small business websites. They have proved their quality in uptime as well as load time. Within the three month study on I Page hosting, we got an Uptime value very near to 100%. Our test website went down once and within one-minute site came back online.
  • I-Page has a very good Load speed. We got an average of 421ms. It is a bit higher than the ideal page load value of 400ms, but getting close to the theoretical value is appreciable.
  • Customer support of i-Page is always ready to help and the responses were instant. But in the case of e-mail support, you have wait for a day sometimes.
  • One click WordPress Installation
  • Hosting packages of iPage is budget friendly. You can run a website with a very minimum amount (1.99$ per month).
  • I-Page has an awesome control panel that allows easy usage.

3. Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is one of the most analyzed and tested hosting provider by us. We have recently published a complete bluehost review 2018, and it gained a lot of good responses. Here are the quick points that made Bluehost on the 3rd place of Top 10 Hostings.

bluehost review2017

  • Bluehost has an average uptime value slightly lesser than 99.94%. But bluehost is very popular among bloggers and small business website builders due to the best features.
  • Bluehost has a very high load speed. They always keep an eye on the performance. It has a very impressive load time, which is lesser than 300ms. (One eye blink will take a time of 400ms).
  • Like most of the hosting providers, Bluehost also have a customer service center which is not that effective. They might take more than a day to reply to your e-mail.
  • Budget friendly hosting plans. Bluehost basic plan starts at 3.95$ per month. Most of the plans have Unlimited disk storage and unlimited domains.

Bluehost 2017

  • Bluehost has very powerful security features that prevent your website from threats.
  • Bluehost has a special hosting service for Indian customers and it is called Bluehost India.
  • Other than these points, bluehost has an established trust among web developers.

4. Hostgator

Hostgator has a monthly payment plan that most of the other hosting companies don’t have. Hostgator was a trusted name in Shared hosting as well as VPS and dedicated hosting. Here are some other facts that made a trust on Hostgator among the peoples.

  • hostingreviewnowHostgator is providing more than 4500 design templates and a free site builder. They also provide free transferring of websites to their hosting.
  • After we tested for last Three months, we got an Uptime average of 99.95%, which an above average uptime.
  • We have found that Hostgator has a load time average of 653ms.
  • Hostgator earned many positive reviews recently by providing the best service to their customers. Hostgator has 87% Positive reviews and 13% Negative reviews.
  • Hostgator comes with many Budget friendly basic plans as well as premium plans.

hostgator review


  • The other unknown fact about Hostgator that make the hosting company stand unique was their Environment considering hosting technology. Their Servers are powered by wind energy.

 5. Inmotion Hosting

Whether you are migrating from another hosting company or setting up a brand new website, there is very few websites hosting providers are out there who will give you enough utility than InMotion Hosting. InMotion claims to be number one in transfer and number two in supporting team. There is a lot more. Read it hosting 2017

InMotion provides a basic plan named “Launch” for small business and blogs. If you are selecting a hosting for two years, you can get the launch plan at $5.99/month. The launch plan includes;

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Transfers
  • Unlimited E-Mail storage
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Free Data Back-Up
  • Free Website Builder
  • 6 Parked Domain
  • 25 Sub Domains
  • 2 Website Supported

best hosting 2017

  • Our Test Website, proves that they have an average uptime of 99.93% after the six-month uptime tests.
  • As I told in the description, InMotion is known for their best customer support.
  • Load time average of Inmotion hosting is 842ms.
  • It has an easy to use control panel which is attractive by looks too.

6. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is basically giving a shared hosting with VPS speed. They have solid state drivers for fast response time. Read below to know more.

  1. A2Hosting has three different plans named, Lite, Swift, and Turbo.
  2. Lite plan is the basic plan which is starting with


  1. 1 Website
  2. 5 Database
  3.  Unlimited Storage
  4. Free SSD.
  5. Anytime Money Back Guarantee.
  • Swift plan costs $4.90 anf Turbo will cost 49.31 monthly.
  • A2 Hosting has an uptime of 99.98% it is the best uptime we got in the last six months.
  • Load time: 324ms, which is faster when compared to many premium hostings.
  • Average Customer support: It took 08 minutes to get back a reply from chat support while e-mail response took 17 hours.
  • Hack scan feature helps your site from hacking threats.

7. Justhost

JustHost belongs to the list of the world’s best hosting companies. It is trusted, cheapest web hosting company you can find on the internet. Most of the hosting providers a fake unlimited web hosting offer but, Justhost will give more than 25 domain hosting capability without any issues. You can read more about Justhost below

  • With almost 99.92% Uptime, justHost is giving an excellent quality in Uptime.
  • They don’t have much tech- knowledgeable persons in their support team and that makes a small negative mark on the JustHost. Some support agents have an issue of language and they struggle a lot to understand what they are said.
  • JustHost has a below average page load time, that is 893ms. But It is much better for small websites.
  • Justhost hosting plans start at 3.45$, which is the cheapest hosting plan price while comparing to other hosting’s which providing the same features to customers.
  • Weekly backups cannot be guaranteed but they will back up your website twice in a month.

 8. Hub hosting or Web Hosting Hub

Web hosting Hub is also a cheap but best option for hosting your wordpress websites. If you are careful to read more points about Web Hosting Hub then here are some important points that you might like to know.

  • Installation is easy and fasts that you can host your website by few clicks.
  • Reliability and Data security is the best part of webhosting Hub.
  • Web Hosting Hub basic plan provides;
  1. 1 Free domain registration
  2. Unlimited E-Mails
  3. 24*7 Call/E-Mail and Chat Support
  4. Security
  5. Data Back Up
  • As we tested it for the previous two months, we got an uptime average of 99.89%.
  • Web Hosting Hub provides three plans like any other hosting services and the plans are named, Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo.
  • Spark is the basic and very limited feature plan, but other two plans providing  Free domains, Unlimited Disk Storage, Unlimited parked and Sub domains etc.
  • You will get personal one on one support for setting up your website on Web Hosting Hub. We got very nice customer support for the past two months.
  • The load tome is not that impressive but it is good for small websites.
  • There are many negative reviews but we found Web Hosting Hub very good one.

9. Fat Cow Web Hosting

Fat-cow Endurance International is providing very cheap Hosting across the world. This is one of the best hosting plans for newbie bloggers and new small business websites.

best hostings 2017

  • Fat-Cow has all usual stuff any other web hosting providers have.
  • It has a very impressive File managing system
  • Automatic Back-up is very effective.
  • 1 Click Set up.
  • Very Good Customer support and quick responses.
  • We have tested fatcow hosting for last three months and what we got is 99.97% Uptime and 689ms page load time.
  • $100 Google Adwords coupons and Free Yellow page listings are something very useful.

 10. Green Geeks Hosting

Greengeeks and InMotion hosting have one common factor. They both use renewable energy source like wind energy to run their system. We have monitored their performance for past seven months. The below data based points will tell you more about Green Geeks Hostings.

best hostings 2017

  • We have bought this hosting after one of our blogger friends recommended this hosting by saying, He got 100% Uptime for three months of usage. But we never got 100% uptime in any month after bought this hosting.
  • The Uptime average we got for past six months is 99.94% and We got an average Load time of 868ms.
  • The very much impressed factor is their customer support. Since greenGeeks are maintaining very minimum customers, their support is fast and very friendly.

best web hostings 2017

  • They have supported us a lot to set up our first website on their hosting.
  • They are offering Daily Back Ups, but we cannot assure you about that. Last December, they back up our website only five times.


Why are peoples looking for paid hosting while there are many other free hostings are available? The only answer I have to this question is “Free means Nothing Good”. You cannot get an assurance about Uptime, Load time and security. Usually while selecting a free hosting, your site may host in some strange address, and you cannot trust its credibility.


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For Getting a Better or average performance and safety, we prefer only paid hostings. We have listed top 10 Hostings of 2018. We have tested till March 1, 2018, and given details are based on our test results. These data may change in Future and we will update the Top 10 web hosting in every month.

Hope the article is helpful for you if you have anything to comment on this article, feel free to write your comments in the comment box below. We are very happy to hear from you to enhance our web hosting reviews.