Best PBN Hosting Services { Guide To Bulk Website Hosting In 2021 }

How can you buy a PBN hosting? Where to  Bulk Buy Hostings In 2021? these are the question asked by many bloggers and affiliate marketers and the question is less…

Updated on June 21, 2021

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How can you buy a PBN hosting? Where to  Bulk Buy Hostings In 2021? these are the question asked by many bloggers and affiliate marketers and the question is less answered or not well answered on google yet.

Here is our complete guide to buying PBN hosting or bulk web hosting for your websites.

Who will need a PBN hosting? There are many affiliate marketers using blogging as their main medium to interact with peoples and sell their products.

They might need many websites to build a network for promoting their products and for that reason, they might need a Web Hosting provider which can host multiple domains with different IP addresses.

Why PBN Hosting?

Contents Of This Review

There is no exact definition for PBN Hosting. If you need to host multiple domains, for example, You have registered 10 domain names and you need to start 10 websites. 

Selecting different web hosting provider will be a critical task and remembering their usernames and passwords, maintaining server information will not be easy.

In that case, you will need a web hosting provider which can fulfil your needs.


People will usually look for a cheap web hosting provider for hosting a number of websites, but they will not check their server locations and IP addresses. It will not be good for SEO if you hosted many websites in the same IP address. You can refer to our guide on choosing an seo hosting here.

There are many things to be taking care of before buying a Bulk web hosting.

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Here is our complete guide which will tell you where to buy and how to buy a Bulk web Hosting and which are the cheap Bulk hosting providers.

Need a Bulk Domain Provider Before Bulk Web Hosting?

Before guiding you to PBN hosting tips, you might need to buy bulk domains. There is no point if I tell you about web hosting before helping you to buy a domain. If you already bought Bulk Domains, This part is not for you and you can skip to next heading.

Unlimited Domains

So, you wish to continue with this paragraph? Then you are looking for a solution to buy bulk domains. Don’t worry, we will help you to make an easy decision. GoDaddy is doing domain registration process very well for many recent years. Even though we criticise GoDaddy for their worst shared hosting performance, we love them for providing us cheap domain names. But there are many other bulk domain providers other than GoDaddy. Let’s have a look on them.

Best Domain Registrars To Buy Bulk Domains

There are many domain registrars, but what is the best domain registrar for purchasing the pbn domains? There is a few domain registrar which are best for bulk domain registration. Other than GoDaddy, NameSilo and Namecheap are other best bulk domain, providers. You might get a discount while purchasing in bulk and you will get domain whois privacy for free for the first year.

One of the other best bulk domain registrars is, (, Which provides bulk domains at a very cheap price. You can even make use of their flash sale to get a huge discount. Here is a list of the best Bulk domain registrar.

  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • NameSilo
  • DomainMonster

Hosting Multiple Domains In The Same Hosting

Hosting multiple domains to single hosting account is quite common for bloggers. I know many bloggers who maintaining more than two and three websites in a single web hosting without buying different packages. If you are not familiar with this task, You can take a look at the steps I have given below. Follow that instruction to Host multiple domains in the same hosting.

Step 1: Finding a Suitable Hosting Plan

Unlimited Domain

To Host multiple websites in a single Hosting, you need to buy a Hosting package that allows unlimited add-on or unlimited sub domains. Most of the basic web hosting plans allow you to add one or two or up to maximum five domains. But if you are ready to buy a medium package, you will get the benefit of the unlimited add-on. We are currently using BlueHost Plus plan, which is their shared hosting plan costs only $5.95 per month. We have 7 easy blog networks running on the same hosting. I will recommend BlueHost for multiple domains hosting purpose since we are getting a very good value for the money we spend.

Step 2: Sign up to Web Hosting Account to add Domains

Adding Domain

You need to sign in to your Web hosting dashboard to add a domain. After login to your web hosting account, You need to log in to your Domain registry. Then Change the Domain Name servers according to your web hosts new DNS.

Step 3: The Final Step


Once you change the Name servers in the Domain registry, go to your Web hosting dashboard. Select add-on feature. From here you can point additional sub domain names. Then your web host will direct incoming HTTP request to appropriate folders.

Which Is The Best PBN Hosting Provider?

I am going to tell you a secret that I never told anyone before. Before few years, we have started to design many websites and within one year, we have developed more than seventy websites. That was the starting of my SEO journey. We have access to all web sites we have made and with permission from its owners, we have placed many backlinks to our money sites. It started improving our backlink profile and helps to rank higher and higher.

But it didn’t last longer. Google has identified my spammy trick and the website went to the dark world of internet. How they find it? I have created every pbn site by hosting it in three different shared hosting packages. In each plan, I have added 25 sub domains and google easily find out that, every website linking to my website have similarities in IP address.

If you are trying to build many numbers of websites to make a network, don’t remember to host each website with multiple IPs. Here are some popular hosting companies which providing Bulk web hosting. I have only chosen pbn hosts with minimum price and maximum server locations. You can have a look at each and every PBN hosting provider.



The CloudWays was founded in 2011 and which offers fully managed cloud hosting solutions. Cloudways platform allows you to run as many servers as you want. If you don’t want to maintain many servers, you can scale up one server to maintain a large number of websites. Cloudways offers a nice customer support which includes direct call, email, live chat and a ticket system. Each support options are available 24×7. The main features of CloudWays Hosting have been given below.

  • Multiple Cloud Infrastructure
  • Multiple Data centers
  • SSD Storage
  • Each Cloud Server have Dedicated IP, Storage, RAM, CPU
  • Full control to customers to create app
  • 1-Click Backup and Restore
  • Staging Area for Testing new features and changes on your website without publishing it on the main website.
  • 1 Click Scaling option to handle High traffic situations without any trouble
  •  Platform level Firewalls to protect your website from threats

CloudWays Plans and Pricing

Cloudways plans start from $7 per month, Which includes 512MB RAM, 1 Core Processor and 20GB storage with 1TB bandwidth. There are other 8 plans for every type of websites. their highest priced plan cost $715/month. But since we are looking for bulk web hosting, first two plans will be economical. Check their plans below.

Cloudways Plans

NameCheap Hosting


NameCheap web hosting is a popular hosting service that currently serving more than one million customers worldwide. The company is founded by Mr Richard Krikendal in 2000. Their aim is to provide an opportunity to average peoples to host their website without spending too much money. NmaeCheap offers many premium hostings features and some of them are listed below.

  • Very Cheap Hosting
  • Offering 100% uptime
  • Latest Server Technology – (Dell Server Technology)
  • C-panel for ease of use
  • 24×7 Customer support
  • Hardware and Software Security
  • Ensure Backup
  • The Namecheap offers 24×7 Live chat support which also gives you a ticket system to make a better customer support experience.

NameCheap Hosting Plans

Namecheap Plans

NameCheap is the best option to host Indian websites. They are very cheap while comparing to many other web hosting in India. It is a trusted company and providing almost 100% uptime and the best server speed. I have recently written a complete NameCheap Hosting Review. You can check more about NameCheap web hosting from our NameCheap Review.

Dewlance Web Hosting

Dewlance Hosting

If you need to purchase many Hosting from a same Hosting provider, you should choose a Hosting provider which having multi-server locations. Dewlance web hosting has many server locations and that’s why I have hosted six different websites with Dewlance. Even if I hosted all websites with same shared hosting plan, each website has hosted with different servers.

Dewlance started in 2009 and till now they have hosted thousands of websites. The main attraction of Dewlance web host is their very cheap hosting plans and that’s why it is best for hosting bulk domains.

Dewlance Hosting Plans

Dewlance Unlimited Hosting

We have written a detailed review of Dewlance Web hosting. You can read it to know more about Dewlance Hosting Uptime, load time, support features.

If you are someone who is looking for an advanced hosting service with high end performance, you should consider choosing a VPS hosting plan. You can checkout ExonHost, cheap virtual privet servers with blazing fast servers, fastest customer support, 99.99% uptime and 8 different server locations. We already shared our experience with this web hosting on our ExonHost Review.

There are many privet blog networks hosting providers available, but these three are best while comparing to others. You can also check Ionos and Bluehost for getting a bulk hosting. They are too comparatively best while comparing to the features and performance.

Best PBN Hosting Providers – Conclusion

Hope this helps on choosing the best hosting for your pbn in 2021. If you are looking for anything more feel free to contact us. We are happy to guide you on choosing the best pbn hosts for your needs. We suggest you to read our detailed web hosting reviews on each of these services before purchase.