AbeloHost Review 2021 | Reality Behind Its Uptime, Load Time & Support!

Read our complete AbeloHost Review before purchasing this offshore hosting provider in 2021.Abelohost hosting Service came into existence in 2012 in the Netherlands. They provide excellent service to clients all…

Updated on June 11, 2021

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Read our complete AbeloHost Review before purchasing this offshore hosting provider in 2021.

Abelohost hosting Service came into existence in 2012 in the Netherlands. They provide excellent service to clients all over the world which includes data privacy and security with dedicated servers. They rely on the concept of Offshore hosting which can be explained as hosting your data in a different country other than your own, thereby clients are under privilege of legal security of data as per the foreign law and regulations.

What is offshore hosting? How clients can be benefitted by this? Let’s see in much more detail.

AbeloHost Review 2021 – Everything About This Offshore Hosting Provider

Contents Of This Review

As we all know websites need to be hosted. There are numerous options to do so. It’s up to the client whether they would like to use cloud hosting services, Virtual private servers or any dedicated hosting services. The complexity of the contents in the website is a prime factor which determines the type of hosting required for the same. Offshore hosting is one among the widely used hosting. As I said earlier offshore hosting allows the clients to host their site from a different country. Here are some of the benefits for the same.

AbeloHost Home
  • Minimal cost– Countries with high tax pay schemes can host their websites in other countries whose tax schemes are less complex and versatile than their own without compromising in quality.
  • Reliable when compared to Local servers – The probability of data loss is less since the backups will be safe and sound in the prime location even though their local area is shut down or immediate resources cannot be accessed due  to unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamities, fire accidents etc.
  • Freedom of expression – which is right of every Individual and sometimes questioned or treated as critical crimes if they are not in favor according to their own home country rules and regulations. Only power and money determines who has the right to express what they feel. This can be avoided.
  • Benefit of Identity preservance– can’t blame the countries for keeping us under surveillance even though it’s a breach of our Individual privacy due to the terror practices and current statistical conditions. However each of us prefers to remain anonymous just to avoid over attention, financial damage. In one way it helps to keep things confidential and free from worries.

Abelo Host Offshore Hosting Features


Even though  whichever product comes in market and liked by many users and getting positive feedbacks we always do check the features first to determine whether it satisfies our concerns and needs. After all that’s what matters the most. So let’s just have a glance over the features of Abelohost hosting service just to ensure is this really what we need.

Albelohost offers a convenient range of offshore shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server packages.

Individual clients are quite attracted towards their initial range as they offer quite a good package with excellent features at a reasonable price. Their basic plan ‘SSD Shared Pro V1’comes with a dedicated IP which includes SSL certificates which comes with a bandwidth of 50GB and 10 GB SSD hosted web space. All these can be achieved with a once click installation procedure with the help of a program called soft calculus. It’s quite easy to enable or adjust the Cpannel as per the specific user requirements. For your easy understanding just go through the below image which will give you a quick idea about their plans and cost.

Plans & Pricing

They do offer an excellent customer support via live chat, email and support ticket system. Staff is knowledgeable and goes to an extra mile to assist the users and resolve their concerns.

Website Migration Service

Effortless migration is another attraction of AbeloHost service. They do offer full migration for shared hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers.

Transparent Cancellation and Refund Policy

Return Policy : Abelohost offers a 30 days money back guarantee which applies for all shared hosting and VPS services. However refunds cannot be processed for payments made in bit coin.

Cancellation Policy : Client can cancel the order anytime by simple ticket cutting or email request procedure. All their contents will be immediately wiped out to ensure the privacy of the customer contents. So before cancelling the service clients need to copy all their required data.

AbeloHost Review – Offshore Hosting Pros & Cons


  • Pricing is quite affordable when compared to other offshore hosting services.
  • Assurance of Privacy and Security of data by foreign law and regulations.
  • Reliable and dedicated server support


  • Servers in distant locations may affect the load time and thereby the ranking and user acceptance.

Abelo Hosting Review – The Perfect Privet Hosting Provider ?


Albelohost offers wide range of different hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS solutions and dedicated servers. Their servers are located in Netherlands and they offer quality hosting and top notch security for their clients. Customers can choose from their affordable range of plans according to their requirements.

AbeloHost has 24×7 access to solve any technical issues. Privacy and data security is ensured by Dutch rules and regulations. However as their servers are located in Netherlands it may affect its load time and thereby their rankings also refunds can’t be initiated for purchases made by bit coins.

Users need to keep in mind about these points before moving forward with any subscriptions and also need to decide whether Albelohost will be suitable for their website and address all their needs. No doubt adult, gambling and movie websites are benefited by this type of hosting service.